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The Most Important Resolution

Resolutions are important, especially when they involve growing closer to God. But the only way we are going to grow spiritually is with the Word of God. The Bible must be read in context in order to really understand it. The best way to keep it in context is to read it systematically.

How to Start a Church Tech Internship Program

An internship program will bring new, young, innovative ideas into your church’s culture and, in return, the church can offer everything they need to be better stewards of their God-given talents.

The Church Tech Fail that Inspired “Silent Night”

The song would not be known today if it weren’t for an 1800's-era epic technical failure. God answered the prayer of this struggling church tech with a song that has inspired souls for centuries.

How to Keep New Recruits Beyond Christmas

Many of us add new volunteers for Christmas productions, but make it such a stressful environment that they never want to come back.

Wise Men (or Wise Guys) in the Tech Booth?

The three Wise Men brought gifts that were fit for a king. What gifts are you bringing?

Time for a Holiday Sabbath?

In the midst of all this busyness there is a little voice in your head that asks, “Is this what Christmas is really all about?”

BackTalk: Church Tech Reality Check

There seems to be a prevailing sentiment among Christians that if you put God first you should never fail, never make a bad decision, and never experience a serious setback. Yet, even the Disciples didn’t get an easy ride, so why should we?

The Intersection of Ego and Under-Appreciation

If a job well done means the technology works seamlessly with no distractions, why do we get so frustrated when our efforts aren’t acknowledged?

The Digital App that Can Prove If You Really Need More Staff

The e-mail conversation with Bryan Bailey started out talking about efficiency. Specifically, how DO you get things done at a really large church with a mostly volunteer staff? As it turns out, there is an app for that...

Are You Fighting the Wrong Battle?

Do conflicts heat up under the added stress of preparing for Christmas productions? These are not David and Goliath battles. It’s time that we shift our perspective and see the real battlefield.

Called to Put Family First

We read blogs and listen to podcasts about how we can grow in our technical or leadership skill. But how often do we put that same amount of effort into growing as a parent or spouse?

Why Tech Directors Should Reconsider Purchasing the iPhone 7

There is nothing wrong with having the latest and greatest gadgets. It's more of an issue of what priority does this have in your life?

Mirror, Manager or Leader?

Leaders understand that a team of one is a team of none, which means you must believe in multiple people to accomplish your task.

BackTalk: A Barometer for How Well You’re Leading Your Team

Typically, technical team members are behind-the- scenes people. They may naturally want to stay in the background, pushing faders or turning knobs. But part of your job is to bring them out of their shells, into life, where there is greater connection and purpose.

What Paul Teaches about Garbage-in Garbage-out

Your gear needs the right input, why do you think you are any different?

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