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Diffusion Techniques for Improved Lighting

When you go outside and look around, what do you see? God’s design is one great light and a ton of diffusion. Our goal in church lighting should be to imitate what God has done.

Pride: The Best Reason Your Tech Team Needs a Training Program

No one should be able to say, “I’m the only who can do this.” If you don't have a training program for your church tech team, the Apostle Paul offers you a blueprint.

Free USITT Stage Expo Pass for Church Production Readers

United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc. (USITT) Stage Expo is March 9-11, 2017

How to Create a Guest-friendly Experience

Tip #1: The opening worship set is a make-or-break experience. Consistency it important too. Regular attendees should feel confident bringing a guest any week. If we lose sight of the visitor's perspective, church techs can unintentionally help create an environment that can seem distant and exclusive, not inviting and engaging.

The Great Debate: Mic Cable Storage Techniques

When it comes to winding mic cables, there is the right way, the wrong way and my way.

How to Start a Church Tech Internship Program

An internship program will bring new, young, innovative ideas into your church’s culture and, in return, the church can offer everything they need to be better stewards of their God-given talents.

Essentials of IMAG Lighting

By combining these three essentials of IMAG lighting, you will be able to make sure that the investment you made in projectors, screens, and cameras was worthwhile.

When Volunteers Struggle

Tips for dealing with those tense, awkward moments when a “newbie” needs help.

Sound Productions Gives Back to Dallas Kids

Hosts annual theatre training 101 to high schools in DFW

Church Tech Torture: Praying in Silence

Being in tech ministry, having kids and carrying a smartphone make it tough to have quiet times in prayer. Here's why we should learn to stop and listen.

Are You Monitoring Your Rigging Loads?

Monitoring of suspended loads will soon become part of an internationally recognized safety standard for all large venues.

Church Techs Share Insights at LA’s Mosaic for Second Church Production LIVE! Showcase Event

Hollywood's Mosaic shared its worship space, 4K upgrade intelligence, and production know-how with an intimate guest list of church technical directors and artists in early November.

The Intersection of Ego and Under-Appreciation

If a job well done means the technology works seamlessly with no distractions, why do we get so frustrated when our efforts aren’t acknowledged?

Sponsors Line Up for Church Production LIVE! at Mosaic

Church Production Magazine announces manufacturers participating in immersive educational event at Hollywood's Mosaic

Are “Consoles” Obsolete?

We now have access to the full range of mixing functions on a wireless tablet from anywhere in the auditorium. But is that what we really want to do?

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