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CPM March 2015
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A Simple Primer on A Visual Technology Mainstay

Do you know your way around a video switcher? Here’s your start.

Fueling Imagination: A Conversation on Lighting Design

Designers weigh in on the relationship between technology and art.

Mic’ing Easter Productions (Audio Out of the Comfort Zone)

It’s easy to get complacent with mic selection because we get used to using a particular microphone for a particular application. Read CPM’s tips on how to change that up—and create results you can hear.

Stream of God Consciousness

A church plant transforms an old Texas movie theater, creating a live HD streaming hub and a new home for spreading the Word.

Risking Everything to be the Church

How staff faithfulness, rapid growth, and smart AVL decisions led to greater community outreach in North Carolina.

Review: Blackmagic Design Studio Camera

The new Studio Camera from Blackmagic Design lists for just under $2,000. A 4K version is available for only $1,000 more.

Review: Digigram Aqilim *Fit/LE Encoder/Decoder

While it may not be the most affordable option for getting your church streaming ministry up and running, there’s much to love about the Digigram Aquilm *Fit/LE. In practice, cheap is rarely the best investment for churches anyway.

Review: Jands Stage CL Lighting Console

The Jands Stage CL is a self-contained console designed to operate up to 24 fixture groups (512 channels) of LED lighting. Offers an attractive form factor: large enough so that the controls aren’t packed in too tightly, but small enough to not take up a lot of precious tech booth real estate.

Get Great Gear! First Look: Galaxy Audio AS-1800 Any Spot Wireless Personal Monitor

The unit offers 640 selectable frequencies in 32 selectable channels, reducing the potential for overcrowding and interference. Another plus: it’s church-affordable.

BackTalk: Forgiving the Artist

I’m learning to allow my internal artist the freedom to create, to learn, and to fail, without allowing my internal engineer to pronounce judgment.

Eliminating The Ball and Chain

Today’s digital audio mixers provide access to most features from tablets and smart phones—letting you be wherever you need to be—instead of at your console.

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