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July-August 2014
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Review: dbx DriveRack PA2 Loudspeaker Management

The DriveRack PA2 picks up where DriveRack PA+ left off.

Review: High End Systems Hedgehog 4 Lighting Control Console

We found the console to be ideal for building up a large number of scenes or cue lists, and combining them to get a variety of looks that can be used dynamically throughout a concert or service. It feels very logical.

Going High-Tech in a Traditional Environment

How digital infrastructure and technology are helping grow a 100-year-old Pennsylvania church—all the while reinforcing longstanding tradition.

Hope Endures

Hope Community Church moves a satellite campus into a permanent post in North Carolina.

Get Great Gear! First Look: Sony PCM-D100 Portable High-Resolution Audio Recorder

The sound quality is excellent. An acoustic guitar recorded at the highest resolution is incredibly detailed and accurate.

What’s New for WFX 2014

This year, WFX will offer a more guided approach to the way attendees learn

Top 7 Ways to make Better Equipment Purchases

Upgrades are about solving the problems. If you don't identify the problems, how can you fix them?

Wireless Systems 2014

Prepare Ye for the Crunch!

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