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CPM September 2015
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Handheld, Lavalier, Or Headset?

A report designed to help church techs pick presenter microphones.

Scalable Lighting Control Solutions

A lineup of low-cost software-based lighting control solutions for every need in your facility.

Projection Screen Technology: Are You Sending a Clear Message?

Recent innovations in screen technology are producing better-than-ever results. This CPM report delivers projection screen intelligence specifically geared toward the church end-user.

Making Your Live Stream Surge

Tips for streaming live— and seeing unmistakable results.

LED Sets the Stage

Advanced LED lighting technology joins audio and video to deliver a new level of excitement at a Rocklin, Calif., worship center and youth program.

Audio Consoles for Small- to Medium-Sized Churches

12 targeted questions to help you buy the right console for your church

Moving Past The Learning Curve

California's Bonita Valley Community Church Embraces New AVL Technology— Taking Worship to the Next Level

Review: Allen & Heath Qu-Pac Ultra Compact Digital Mixer with Touch Screen Control

Qu-Pac is a serious, pro-quality mixer sitting behind a small touch screen and peculiar shape. Sound, flexibility, power—it’s all there.

Review: Waves Tracks Live

Tracks Live is easy to use, reliable, and without the complexity found in many of today’s software-based tracking solutions.

Review: Yamaha TF Series Digital Mixing Consoles

Yamaha got the balance of simplicity vs. usability just right.

BackTalk: What We Are Here For

At the end of our lives, bowing low before our Savior, I have a strong, compelling conviction that Jesus will not be as concerned as we were regarding how dialed in our mixes were, how in focus our cameras were, how on time the lyrics were, or how robust our infrastructures were.

Get Great Gear! Review: Mackie FreePlay Personal PA System

FreePlay combines a three-input mixer, power amp section and two-way speaker in a very unconventional looking compact plastic enclosure designed for "grab-and-go" convenience.

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