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CPM April 2016
NAB SHOW ISSUE: Streaming Solutions / Loudspeaker Selection Guide / Video Camera Round-up / Moving Lights / LED Video Walls
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First Impression: Arri Skypanel LED Soft Light

The Arri SkyPanel certainly got our attention when we saw the new introduced last year.

Get Great Gear! KRK Systems Rokit4 Self-powered Nearfield Monitors

KRK’s Rokit series is affordable enough for even the most modest of buyers, with the smallest speakers in the line costing less than $300 per pair. That “baby” of the line—the four-inch Rokit4—is the focus of this review.

Laudable Loudspeaker Selection

CPM picks the brains of three church production professionals from well-known churches around the country— and provides advice on moving beyond mere brand-blindness to well thought out decisions about choosing loudspeakers.

Catching Rays: A Moving Light Selection Guide

With an ever-growing feature set and falling prices, it’s a great time to add flexibility to your worship environment with moving lights. Find out what’s new in LED, hybrids, and compact moving head fixtures.

LED Panels – Are They Right for Your Church?

Price, brightness and flexibility are three key areas to consider when selecting LED panels for your church. But before signing the PO, consider the structural and content creation aspects. And don't forget the on/off switch. They're usually not standard.

Bending Ground Rules

Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in Carrollton, Texas, chose an out-of-this-world approach to disseminating the Word. They send an encoded digital signal some 22,300 miles to Intelsat’s Galaxy 16 broadcast satellite and back to reach worshippers in a multi-site location just 15 miles away.

Technological Transformation

A central North Carolina church carves a 1,700-seat sanctuary out of a nearly destroyed industrial facility. The new room features all the bells and whistles to deliver a modern ministry experience meant to capture the moment, the worship event, and its energy.

Review: Digico S21 Digital Audio Mixing Console

It was surprising to find features on this desk such as gain tracking, digital tube emulation, and touch-sensitive controls.

Review: Mackie Reach All-in-One PA System

Built into the side of the cabinet IS Mackie’s EarShot personal monitoring system—Separate speakers on each side allow independent or dual control monitoring.

Review: SONY PXW-X180 XDCAM XAVC HD422 Camcorder

The PXW-X180 is a workhorse device that growing video or tech ministries could depend on week in and week out for a number of years. In my book, that’s the definition of a solid investment.

BackTalk: Don’t Delegate the Spiritual

Am I regularly seeking God’s presence and supernatural provision, or am I content to rely on my own understanding and talent? As a tech team manager, it’s up to me to model an example of reverence and humility for my team.

Cinema Camera Round Up

CPM profiles top cameras for filmmaking, storytelling and content creation using three important criteria: large sensors, professional audio features, and total cost under $10k.

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