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CPM October 2016
SHOW ISSUE | Christmas Planning - Lighting & Staging: Staging & Set Design / Digital Mixing Consoles / Drum & Instrument Mics / Projection Systems for Small & Portable Churches / Lighting Fixture Selection
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Get Great Gear! Review: TelVue GoToAir IP Video Production System

Any time a manufacturer takes advantage of this "resolution loophole" I pay attention. A non-technical end user can be brought up to speed quickly and with relative ease.

Are “Consoles” Obsolete?

We now have access to the full range of mixing functions on a wireless tablet from anywhere in the auditorium. But is that what we really want to do?

Maximizing Projection System ROI

A six-point checklist to help fine-tune and protect your church's projection system

Custom Mic’ing: A Look at Drum and Instrument Mics

Adaptability is key. If you can’t mix without an X microphone you need to rethink your approach. Oftentimes the most difficult mixing situations can end up being the very moments that make us better.

Considerations for Choosing Theatrical Lighting Fixtures

To get the best overall lighting system for a new space or renovation, church end users have to think about more than simply selecting lighting fixtures. Power and data distribution over stage and seating areas are a crucial part of the equation.

Review: ADJ Ikon Profile Fixture

The Ikon Profile has an impressive amount of brightness for such a small fixture, CPM’s reviewer finds. And with no gobo or filter in place, it puts out an impactful beam of white light.

Review: Canon LX-MU800Z Projector

Underneath the conventional looking black LX-MU800Z lies a radical rethinking of how projectors operate. It’s practical, too, running on either 110- or 220-volt power—and you can install it at any angle.

BackTalk: A Barometer for How Well You’re Leading Your Team

Typically, technical team members are behind-the- scenes people. They may naturally want to stay in the background, pushing faders or turning knobs. But part of your job is to bring them out of their shells, into life, where there is greater connection and purpose.

Mosaic Moves

4K gives more creative freedom to this Hollywood-based church, but ultimately provides the tools for reaching more people via the internet.

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