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CPM July / Aug 2016
Equipment Planning & Purchasing Issue - WFX Review: Mixing Console Round-Up / Moving Light Technology / Personal Monitoring / Wireless Microphone Round-Up / Loudspeaker System Design
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What the Future Holds for Church Audio Consoles

This sampling of today’s top-tier consoles provides a glimpse of what's down the road for the masses

Moving Light Technology Update

The house-of-worship market is playing a pivotal role in driving new designs and feature sets in both high-end and entry-level moving lights. Here's what you can expect from moving fixtures currently and in the future.

The Truth About Personal Monitor Mixing

If the audio engineer retreats from assisting the musician with the PMM, then Sunday morning will suffer. So the mindset of set-and-forget is not going to cut it. CPM outlines some practical considerations for how musicians and sound engineers can work together.

“Wi-Fi” Wireless Mics: Safe or Sorry?

An audio expert breaks down the best options and scenarios to consider

Evolving Worship

Tabernacle of Praise International in McDonough, Ga., just outside Atlanta, began in a living room in 2005. In 2013, the church moved into its own building—an existing church structure it has spent the past three years working to renovate and transform.

Review: Point Source Audio Embrace Earset Microphone

"The mic can withstand very high sound pressure levels without overloading, with a maximum SPL of 148 dB."

Review: Earthworks DK25L Drum Mic Kit

The microphones are very high quality and accurate, and the addition of the KickPad helps you to quickly achieve a usable kick drum sound with one of the mics.

Review: Vectorworks 2016 Software

"Vectorworks is a cross platform Computer Aided Drafting or CAD program that allows you to design in both the 2D and 3D environments."

Get Great Gear! Review: Mega-Lite Drama LED W50 with DMX Controller

Considering its petite size and light weight—only 14.5 inches long and less than five pounds—we were blown away by the light output of this little guy.

Stereo or Mono? Sound Systems for Worship

Should the sound system in your church be designed to support stereophonic or monophonic sound? Ask a layperson and they will likely tell you that stereo is better. Ask a professional audio designer though, and you might get a different answer.

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