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CPM Dec 2016
Christmas Issue: Wireless Microphone Selection Guide / Streaming Technology Update / Video Cameras & Lens Selection / Lighting Fixtures for Small & Portable Churches
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Get Great Gear! First Look: Audio-Technica ATH-E70 Professional In-Ear Monitors

We found the ATH-E70 ideal for singers, guitar players, or even drummers. And the build quality should mean they deliver many productive years for your ministry.

5 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying Wireless Systems

Start with the skillset of the team as your main consideration, not the overall cost. From there, a wireless mic can be purchased for under $100 or for several thousand dollars per channel. Our checklist helps you cut through the decision-making clutter.

Camera Quest: A Guide to Video Camera and Lens Selection

"Which camera should we buy?" The answer can be complicated, as there is never a straight make-and-model answer. We examine the pros and cons of various camera types and the lenses that differentiate them.

A Look Back at Streaming in 2016 (and a Look Ahead)

With more affordable and scalable avenues for distribution available, high-quality video streams are no longer solely the province of tech-savvy churches with IT departments. This trend—as well as other promising developments—will continue into 2017.

Tech the Halls

Denver-area Flatirons Community Church discloses its Christmas Eve 2016 production game plan—and how it relies on bleeding-edge technology to reach 25,000 in the city and surrounding area.

Review: PreSonus ULT-Series Loudspeakers

Designed for ultra-long throws, the new ULT-Series loudspeakers were developed by WorxAudio, the commercial loudspeaker division of PreSonus. No matter what we threw at these new speakers, they sounded great.

Review: Optoma WU515T DLP WUXGA Professional Projector

This affordable projector sells for what a single NEC, Epson or Barco lens can go for. It could be the deal of the year for all but the largest houses of worship.

Lighting on the Move

Lighting for small and portable churches must allow staff to remain nimble. Here, CPM takes a look at what you need to know, from fixture selection to hang positions and control, to get the most from your lights.

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