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CPM June 2016
INFOCOMM Show Issue: Microphone Selection Guide / Projection Round-Up / Lighting Consoles / Audio Console Technology Update / Microphone Round-up
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Get Great Gear! Review: Shure KSM8 Dualdyne Handheld Dynamic Microphone

Shure releases a fresh approach to dynamic microphone design that incorporates two diaphragms instead of just one. Reduced proximity effect, handling noise and susceptibility to feedback are just a few of the benefits.

Microphones for Instruments

For small- and mid-sized churches, fully stocking a mic locker can challenge the budget. So how do you prioritize purchases to make sure you can cover all the bases at a price you can afford? Reading this guide is your start..

The Future of Projection 2016

Advances in solid-state illuminator (SSI) technology at the high end have opened the door for a variety of laser- and LED-based solutions that offer benefits for more common applications, such as church. A look at laser projectors, hybrid laser projectors, and more.

Lighting Console Selection: In Control

A look at lighting control through the lens of history, as well as questions to help you understand your church’s lighting control needs. And finally—a crucial suggested first step before you purchase.

Audio Consolation: Real-world Advice on Console Selection

An audio console is one of the church technical world’s most prized pieces of gear. CPM makes your job of selecting one easier: we asked church techs across the country about their processes in selecting a new console.

Permanence & Purpose

Southeastern Michigan’s Woodside Bible Church takes a major leap from a middle school cafetorium to a fabulous repurposed retail space. CPM looks at the technology moves that happened in the process.

Review: Arri SkyPanel S60-C LED Soft Light

"A good analogy might be to think of the SkyPanel as the Swiss Army knife of lighting…."

Review: Martin Audio CDD12 Coaxial Differential Dispersion Loudspeaker

We heard instruments we’d never noticed before. The low end was solid and didn’t interfere with the reproduction of the mids and highs.

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