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CPM April 2015
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Get Great Gear! First Look: Shure PG Alta Microphones

The new PG Alta line of microphones relies on the company’s time-tested technology with a heavy-duty, industrial-looking design targeted for the budget-conscious customer.

Streaming Solutions: Is Your Church Settling for “Good Enough”?

While the standards aren’t yet set in stone, UHD looks like it’s going to be the next step in the growth of television. And it presents an opportunity for churches to position themselves as early adopters.

Choosing Speakers – Is There Such a Thing as a “Church” Speaker?

Line array or point-source designs … what’s best for your church’s set up? Experts weigh in and provide tips and know-how in this must-read article.

Moving Lights: Good Things … in Small Packages

Higher overall efficiency has helped bring low-profile moving lights into the purview of small and portable churches. Before you buy though, find out what expert sources suggest church techs look for—and avoid.

Freedom in the Mix

Shepherd Church in the Los Angeles area cuts the cord, opting for an iPad-based Mackie DL32R wireless mixer. Tech staff reports that wireless mixing via tablet is not without its challenges, though.

Technology for Inclusion

Ward Church in Northville, Mich., has a new multi-purpose sanctuary and a boatload of AVL to support its four distinct types of services. Its tech director also has wisdom to share with churches of any size.

Review: Arkaos Stage Server with Media Master Pro Software

Media servers not only let you control the video being sent to your screens; they also can be controlled from lighting consoles, which allows for very tight integration between lighting changes and video changes.

Review: Canon REALis WUX400ST Pro Projector

Up close, Canon’s REALis WUX400ST can not only put up a large, bright image, but is one of the easiest projectors to hide.

BackTalk: When the Path Changes

A veteran tech director is called to resign and start a new church. His words of wisdom on whatever God may call you toward: "Count on the fact that it will take faith to leave your comfort [zone]…. "

IMAG and Video Production Cameras Take Center Stage

4K was “so 2013.” So what’s new for 2015?

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