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September 2014
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Get Great Gear! First Look: GLP Volkslicht Spot

The Volkslicht Spot features an RGB LED color-mixing engine that’s rated for 20,000 hours and can replace a 575-watt, arc-lamped moving head, but it performs well beyond pure economics.

Review: Avolites Tiger Touch II Lighting Control Desk

One of the most appealing features of this software is how you can create your own visual icons on the touch screen.

Review: Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Spot

It’s bright enough to be used in a larger room and will look spectacular in a smaller room.

Review: Movek MyMix Personal Monitor Mixer with Multi-track Recording

It’s much more than just a personal monitor mixing system.

Review: PreSonus StudioLive 315AI Active Integration Loudspeaker

Immediately, I was impressed with the clarity and smoothness of the sound.

Review: TOA AM-1 Real-Time Steering Array Microphone System

A viable option when considering solutions for applications that historically would require multiple mics or are in particularly challenging acoustic spaces.

Streaming Media

First Ask "Why?" Then Ask "How?"

Out-Of-Sight Sound

An exploration of headset and lavalier microphones.

A Canvas for Projected Light

Projection screen material may look like a fairly bland and static thing, but it’s actually not. Creating a brilliant image in our sanctuaries and auditoriums these days starts with having the right material to reflect the projected light.

Lighting Console Basics

An overview of features and options for small and traditional churches for under $5,000.

Case-Study: Team Effort Leads to Transformation

A traditional church in North Carolina converts a gym into a dynamic new space for contemporary worship.

Case-Study: Capturing Imagination, Expanding Impact

City Church of New Orleans keeps its cutting edge razor-sharp with a new LED video wall.

Sweet 16s

Mixer options for small churches and secondary rooms.

BackTalk: After the Disaster

Don’t let failure be the first serious conversation you have with your church leadership.

300+ Reasons to Attend WFX 2014

WFX is a national conference and expo for church leaders who are seeking education, services and products to help grow their ministries. The event will be Dallas this October 1-2.

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