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CPM Jan/Feb 2016
Lighting Console Round-up / Loudspeakers for Small and Portable Churches / Video Projector / Vocal Microphones
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Christmas Production Work in January? Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

Christmas Production Work ... in January? Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

Get Great Gear! First Look: Radial Engineering J48 Stereo Phantom Powered Active Direct Box

About the same size as many monaural DIs, the J48 provides two channels, allowing a performer to route a pair of guitars (or a two-channel device) while completely isolating one from the other.

Capturing Vocals: A Guide to Vocal Mics

First things first, the audio signal chain begins with microphones. Here, CPM covers different microphone technologies, coverage patterns, and response characteristics—and gives tips on testing and choosing the best mics for your given application.

Sound Advice for Small Spaces

Our panel of experts discuss loudspeaker options for smaller-scale worship venues. A top take-away: Each situation is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Lighting Consoles: New Options for 2016

CPM queries major lighting console manufacturers about their latest lighting controllers for houses of worship. What did we find? New, more affordable options for expanded creativity.

A New Sound Rises Up in Tennessee

First Baptist Hendersonville takes an analytical approach to delivering great audio, empowering techs with the task of finding the best audio system.

Reaping the Harvest

Southern California’s Harvest Christian Fellowship breaks the mold with its sixth and newest satellite campus. New Orange County location incorporates technologies not found in the church’s other venues.

Review: Marshall Electronics CV500 HD-SDI POV Video Camera

Compared to the GoPro, this new POV camera from Marshall offers numerous advantages --- not the least of which is its size. It's a 1.5 inch cube.

Review: PRG ReNew Retrofit LED Light Assembly

CPM's reviewer finds the PRG ReNew a cost-effective way for houses of worship to convert their older ETC Source Four’s into power-saving, maintenance free fixtures.

First Impression: Da-Lite Wireline Advantage

With the current choice between a fixed and often empty projector screen or a motorized screen’s view-blocking black drop in high ceiling venues, Da-Lite delivers an alternative that makes screen technology unobtrusive.

BackTalk: The Necessity of Rest

Would you feel like a traitor saying “no” to next year’s Christmas production? If your work load reduced this past year’s Christmas celebration to a single day, perhaps it’s time to take pause and pray.

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