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CPM January-February 2015
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Microphones Defined

You use them everyday, but do you really understand how they work? Here’s a must-read prep course on mics for live production.

Get Great Gear! First Look: ADJ Flat Par TW12

The Flat Par gets its name from the shape of the fixture. Far different from a traditional Par can, this LED fixture is just 4.25 inches thick and weighs only 7.5 pounds, but it still manages to impress—in multiple uses.

Lighting Console Options: Latest Models Ripe for Church Use

Sometimes called the "musical instrument" of the visual artist, lighting consoles for churches are evolving. Here is a list of the latest offerings targeted towards houses of worship.

Loudspeakers: Takin’ it to the Street (or the Parking Lot)

A professional loudspeaker designer-turned-writer discloses what to look for in tools for small and portable churches, including all important cost/performance ratio.

The State of Video Projector Technology

Lamp technology is one area where significant advances have arrived. Resolution is getting extremely interesting, too. Check out our round up of products.

The Power of Simplicity: River of Life Church, Elk River, Minn.

Experts join a Minnesota church’s tech staff to overhaul technology with volunteers—and a workable budget—in mind.

Lessons in Collaboration, Communication and Culture

Multi-site The Crossing in St. Louis tackles an auditorium upgrade tailored for a pastor’s conversational preaching style.

Review: DPA d:fine Headset Microphones

Introduced at InfoComm 2014, the new DPA d:fine 66 omnidirectional and d:fine 88 directional headset mics are well-designed, top-shelf offerings from Danish Pro Audio. Are they worth the investment? Our expert reviewer analyzes the mics in live and studio environments.

Review: Mackie DL32R 32-channel Digital Live Sound Mixer with iPad Control

Far from being this reviewer’s first Mackie (he owns one that’s nearly 20 years old), after spending a week with the new DL32R, this newest Mackie mixer could wind up being the first fully wireless-controlled audio mixer he specifies for his church.

Review: Ricoh PJ X5371N Projection System

At just $1,600, the 5,000-lumen PJ X5371N from Ricoh undercuts the price of most other mid-sized projectors by enough to be able to get a back-up lamp. This could make it an ideal choice for a small house of worship trying to stretch a tight budget.

Easter Planning: Rising to the Occasion

What can you do now to prepare your team for Easter? As a veteran techie notes, "There is no need to bear the weight of the world on your shoulders."

BackTalk: Awkward Moments (What Church Techs Do to Make Guests Feel Unwelcome)

Panic mode will scare your guests if they spot it. This and other snafus to overcome—and keep your visitors coming back.

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