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Church Production offers a variety of feeds to suit your interests: News, advice, opinion, blogs and tutorials are all at your fingertips and ready for republishing on your site or viewing via your PC or mobile device.

Our current offerings are below, but we’re adding more all the time.

Church Production News Feed

Get the latest news and technology updates from Press releases, product announcements, tour updates and general industry buzz that impact the HOW production community.
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Gear Feed

This feed is a collection of the latest news, announcements, reviews and items directly related to the technology side of house of worship production. Stay up to date on the latest devices, techniques and vendor news.
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Projects Feed

Follow the progress and view the results of some on the most compelling A/V/L installations and renovations across the country (and world!). The ideal place to search for case studies and best practices that may relate to your next installation.
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Team Feed

In-depth advice and insight into house of worship production team building, leadership, stewardship, and ministry. Ideal for anyone on the production team.
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Education Feed

If you’re looking for How-to advice and hands-on experience for your next installation or training session, this is the feed for you. Featuring real-world examples and advice from industry leaders and more...
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Blog: Observations from the Fast Lane - Brian Blackmore

Church Production Magazine Publisher Brian Blackmore offers his take on events and offerings that affect the current state of the House of Worship production market.
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Blog: Church in the Digital Word - Cathy Hutchison

Explore tech advice and gain insight into production techniques that will maximize your production with Cathy Hutchison
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Blog: Notes from the Editor - Carol Padgett

Worship Facilities’ Magazine Editor Carol Padgett shares her industry insight with the Church Production audience
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