Does God Need Me to Serve?
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Does God Need Me to Serve?

By Matthew Josey
August 26, 2010 2:45 pm EST

Topics: The Gospel in a Technological World

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On my way to the Sunday services this morning I was reflecting on theAwesomeness of God. I had had very little sleepthe night before and was verytired. Driving down the road with my eyes barely open, I thought about whetheror notGod needs me to serve.

OnSundays my “job” is to manage the production needs of the service. Why do Iserve on Sunday? God can work in each of our hearts regardless of what order theannouncements are in, how many songs the band plays, or how long the servicegoes. Only God knows if the service “falling apart” (having the wrong slidedisplaying, or being in the wrong lighting cue) is actually according to Hisplan.

The Sunday service is only an outpouring of the worship that I should be livingevery day. Keeping it in perspective, the tasks I do are important for theservice, and important for the serviceonly.The work that God cares about more is deep heart change, humble repentance ofsin, and the resulting fruit in our lives that magnifies His glory.

No, God doesn’t need us, but hechoosestowork through us and what we do. So what’s the point of pulling all the detailstogether so the Sunday service runs smoothly or doing that last minute troubleshooting? Is it so God can say “Well done good and faithful servant. I neededthat detail ironed out or things wouldn’t have gone according to my plan?” Is itto justify myself by giving me a sense of “belonging” with a place to serve?

"Church" is the community of all believers; it’s not abuilding or a service.

The Sunday Service is merely a place where we can all gather to celebrateGod’s grace in our lives and learn more about Him. My role in that event is tofacilitate the time for others and allow them to focus on God and not thedetails. I do this as a part of my worship of God. He has gifted me with adetail-oriented mind that centers on production technology. It is my placewithin the body to help facilitate in this way.

God has given each of us gifts.

What are your gifts? Are you using them to glorify God? How are you giving backto God by serving with the gifts He’s given you? Are you pouring into the livesof the people around you?Are you asking yourself the tough questions:Whatis God doing? How is He calling me to be more like Him? What do I need to repentof?

As you ponder these questions, consider also the Grace that God has givenyou in your life to date. Think and pray each of these through and do what Godis telling you to do next.

How are you going to respond?


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