Ashly Audio Licenses Audinate’s Dante Digital Networking
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Ashly Audio Licenses Audinate’s Dante Digital Networking

Ashly says Dante has become the leading solution of choice for a variety of professional applications as it demystifies audio networking.

By CP Staff
April 17, 2013 9:19 am EST

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Ashly Audio, maker of powerful, high-performance, cost-effective signal processors and amplifiers, have licensed Dante digital media networking solution from Audinate. With low latency, robust synchronization, I/O scalability, and simplicity of installation via standard IT technology, Dante will significantly enhance the power and value of Ashly’s range of signal processors and amplifiers.

Dante is built on IT standards, and is a complete media networking solution. Dante delivers a low-latency, tightly synchronized, sample-accurate playback, while simplifying installation and configuration of A/V networks. Ashly says Dante has become the leading solution of choice for a variety of professional applications as it demystifies audio networking.

“Ashly Audio is known in the industry as a leader in networked power amplification and signal processing, addressing multiple professional audio applications,” says Director of Sales at Audinate, Dave Anderson. “We are pleased that Ashly has recognized Dante as the most interoperable networking solution available, and look forward to a range of products as they come to market.”

Ashly Audio's President, Mark Wentling says, "Ashly is excited to be able to offer our customers yet another option in digital connectivity for our DSP processors and DSP enabled power amplifiers. Dante from Audinate currently brings the best in flexible, yet robust digital audio transport, to the pro-audio and commercial-sound installation markets."

According to Ashly, Audinate revolutionizes the way that A/V systems are connected, by transporting high-quality media over standard IT networks. Dante is robust proven solution which is widely deployed in hotels, transportation centers, shopping centers, public address systems, live sound reinforcement, theaters, concert halls, stadiums, athletic venues, corporate boardrooms, universities, broadcast facilities, recording facilities, houses of worship, government facilities, and courtrooms.

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