Chauvet Professional Introduces Rogue, a Full-Featured, Affordable Line of Moving Head Lights
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Chauvet Professional Introduces Rogue, a Full-Featured, Affordable Line of Moving Head Lights

New line designed to liberate the imagination from the tyranny of tight budgets, company says.

By CP Staff
April 6, 2014 8:41 pm EST

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We got our first look at the new Rogue series of moving heads from Chauvet Professional at the recent USITT Show in Fort Worth. This new series of smaller, more affordable fixtures appears to be an intriguing new option in the industry race to produce increasingly full-featured, lower-cost lighting fixtures.

Chauvet Professional says the new Rogue line of fixtures are “weapons of mass creation” designed to “liberate the imagination from the tyranny of tight budgets.” The company says Rogue goes outside the box to offer features like LED gobo morphing, variable speed scrolling and multi-prism rotation --- features they say defy the conventional wisdom about expectations for products in its price range.

“One of the things that makes Rogue unique is that it offers such outstanding performance and so many features for its price,” says Mike Graham, product manager at Chauvet Professional. “Rogue will allow even designers on a limited budget to create some very intense, high-impact designs with crisp beams, bright colors, aerial effects and split colors that may have been out of reach to them in the past because the budget wasn’t there.”

Extremely quiet and fast, Chauvet Professional says the Rogue fixtures will be right at home in a wide variety of applications. Their rugged construction, light weight and durability will make them a cost-efficient addition to any lighting rig or rental inventory; while their vivid colors, rapid movements and intense beams ensure that they will stand out with audiences and clients, according to a company announcement.

Chauvet Professional has introduced four fixtures as part of the rollout of the Rogue series:

Rogue R1 Spot, powered by a 140W LED that produces a very even flat field and has a 16-degree beam angle, making it ideal for gobo projection. Other features include an eight-color wheel, as well as two gobo wheels. A three-facet prism allows this compact fixture to produce some impressive aerial effects, while its motorized iris and focus contribute to easy beam shaping.

Rogue R1 Beam, a powerful beam effect that uses an Osram Sirius 132W HRI lamp to produce 78,700 lux at 15 meters, and offers the ability to layer both prisms simultaneously for professional-grade effects. This fixture’s steel gobo wheel has 17 slots plus open and allows aerial gobos plus a mix of apertures for tightly collimated beam locks.

Rogue R2 Spot, an intense 240W LED automated spot featuring two continuously and variably scrolling color wheels that place a world of color splitting options at every user’s fingertips. Other features include gobo morphing between wheels, a 16.5-degree beam angle with motorized iris, frost and three-facet prism and 16-bit LED dimming for excellent fade control.

Rogue R2 Beam, a brawny beam effect that produces 133,200 lux at 15 meters using an Osram Sirius 230W HRI lamp, and features an eight-facet rotating prism that can be used to create an endless array of dynamic looks. This powerful light cannon also features a tight one-degree beam angle with crisp aerial effects and a color wheel with 14 colors.

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