Elation Professional Platinum Spot 35 Pro Moving Head Fixture
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Elation Professional Platinum Spot 35 Pro Moving Head Fixture

Feature-packed new moving head spot fixture is designed for larger stages, amphitheaters, sports arenas, and major concert tours.

By CP Staff
July 10, 2013 8:01 pm EST

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Elation Professional says it’s taking advanced Philips MSR Platinum lamp technology to the next level of brawn and brightness with their new Platinum Spot 35 Pro, an 800-watt, feature-packed moving head spot fixture that’s designed for larger stages, amphitheaters, sports arenas, and major concert tours. Featuring the biggest, most powerful Platinum lamp source used by Elation to date -- the 55,000-lumen, 7,800-degree Kelvin MSR Platinum 35 – the Platinum Spot 35 Pro delivers up to 76,880 lux at five meters (at minimum eight-degree zoom). Yet, like all Elation Platinum Series fixtures, the company says it’s energy-efficient relative to its output and features a high quality optical system that provides the power and sharpness professional applications require.

Designed to illuminate the largest venues and events, Elation says its incredible palette of creative tools makes it a lighting pro’s dream to work with. The possibilities for designing stunning lightshows are unlimited with features that include: variable CMY and CTO color mixing; a static dichroic color wheel with eight interchangeable colors (including UV); two gobo wheels with total 12 interchangeable glass rotating/indexing gobos; three-facet rotating/indexing prism with 16 prism macros; frost filter; two-direction rainbow effect, and an animation wheel effect.

The Platinum Spot 35 PRO also offers 0-100% mechanical dimming, a high-speed mechanical shutter/strobe, and sweeping-motion 540-/630-degreepan and 245-degree tilt. Plus, with premium features such as an 8- to 50-degree motorized focus/zoom system; motorized iris (5%-100%); and 16-bit resolution on all motor functions, Elations says it truly lives up to its name as a “Pro” in handling a wide range of lighting demands with precision and accuracy. Next page




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