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Ensemble Designs Introduces Next Generation of BrightEye Products With New Compact Router

The clean switch option allows clean video and audio switching of all sources including those that are asynchronous.

By CP Staff
April 24, 2013 1:05 pm EST

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Ensemble Designs introduced their new compact router at the recent National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas April 8-11, 2013. The new product line features cutting edge illuminated front panel buttons, interactive LCD display, BNC and SFP spigots for flexible I/O configuration, and an Ethernet port for control and configuration.

“This is the new look and feel of our BrightEye product line,” says David Wood, president and chief design rngineer at Ensemble Designs. “Its sophisticated design, LCD display, and cutting edge front panel buttons allow us to design easy-to-use, feature-rich products well into the future.”

The new BrightEye Compact Router has eleven BNC connectors that can be configured as either inputs or outputs. In addition, there are two SFP modules slots (small format pluggables), that may be populated for additional inputs or outputs – fiber optic or electrical. Embrionix powered SFPs, about the size of a stick of gum, let the customer choose the preferred type of input or output connectors, including mini BNC and optical. There is a Reference BNC for genlocking the unit to house sync. The unit can be controlled via the dedicated front panel buttons, or from a computer or iPad via the on-board web browser interface.

“This is what everyone is looking for in a compact router,” says Mondae Hott, director of sales for Ensemble Designs. “The front panel LCD displays real-time, full motion video or diagnostics of the source you have selected. The clean switch option allows clean video and audio switching of all sources including those that are asynchronous. The internal bars and black generator provide those signals without tying up router inputs. It’s genlockable and timeable. All of this in a compact package about the size of a CD box set.”

“I believe this is the worlds smallest router with this degree of functionality,” adds John Pichitino, technology evangelist for Ensemble Designs. “It’s smart, flexible, easy to configure and contains features not seen on even high-end routing solutions.”

The BrightEye Compact Router accepts 3G, HD and SD SDI signals. The outputs follow the inputs. The flexible I/O configuration allows on the fly changes to the number of router inputs and outputs providing flexibility the company says is unparalleled in any compact router.

“This is the perfect solution for small news gathering trucks and helicopters,” says Hott. “It provides clean switching from a variety of sources, and its compact size doesn’t take up valuable space inside the vehicle. It’s very rugged, and very easy to use. We are really looking forward to introducing this to the industry at NAB.”

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