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ETC Rigging Prodigy Exo Hoist

ETC says the new Prodigy Exo can be installed in almost any space, in almost any position.

By CP Staff
May 21, 2013 7:07 pm EST

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ETC says the new Prodigy Exo can be installed in almost any space, in almost any position. Working as a kind of ‘exoskeleton,’ this external structure allows the Prodigy Powerhead to be mounted upright (standing on top of the grid), underhung (suspended below the grid or roof structure), or vertically (attached to the side wall of the stage). Exo hoists may even be mixed in with counterweight tee guides on the side of the stage. This flexibility also allows denser placement of line sets so battens, drops, and set pieces can be located as close as eight inches on-center.

Gary Henley, ETC’s National Rigging Sales Manager says, “This new Exo version of our Prodigy hoists allows us to offer our customers all of the features available in the current ETC Rigging product line while providing them the ability to install the hoists in multiple configurations.” Prodigy Exo hoists are manufactured in a family of sizes and capacities -- from small-capacity fixed-speed hoists to complete systems that carry heavy loads at rapid speeds.

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