Hitachi Debuts New Z-HD6000 CMOS HDTV Studio Camera
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Hitachi Debuts New Z-HD6000 CMOS HDTV Studio Camera

Hitachi says the new Z-HD6000 improves operational and cost efficiency within studio and live production environments by offering built-in features not typically found in cameras of its class.

By CP Staff
April 11, 2013 9:39 pm EST

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Hitachi Kokusai Electric America introduces the Z-HD6000 CMOS HDTV studio camera, featuring a new 2/3-inch CMOS camera processor. With its 2.6 million pixel, 2/3-inch, 1,920x1,080 raster MOS RGB sensors, Hitachi says the new Z-HD6000 improves operational and cost efficiency within studio and live production environments because its camera head provides extra power, communication channels, and other built-in features not typically found in cameras of its class.

“We’ve designed the Z-HD6000 camera with integrated features that enhance the studio production workflow, while saving our customers money,” says Sean Moran, vice president of sales, Broadcast & Professional Division at Hitachi Kokusai Electric America. “By incorporating useful operational features in the camera system, we’ve eliminated the need for external hardware and extra wiring; making our system simpler to use, integrate, and deploy.”

Having built-in access points for extra power means that studio personnel can run a teleprompter in addition to a floor or studio monitor from the camera head without the need for external power sources. Joe Tymecki, chief technical officer of Vermont Public Television, owns four Hitachi SK-HD1000 digital HDTV studio cameras, which also have this feature. “Because the camera head provides a high amount of power for the teleprompter, it made integrating our system a lot easier,” Tymecki says. “It saved us the expense of the extra integration time and of having to acquire external power.”

With built-in access to multiple communication channels, the Z-HD6000 also provides: two IFB channels for listen only, two aux feeds that can send video to the operator, two video feeds that can go to talent and studio monitors, a second intercom channel for the floor manager or spotter, and a tally viewable in the talent prompter, among other features. “Occasionally we need a floor director or additional production talent who do not have access to wireless headsets,” Tymecki explains. “It’s nice when these extra production people can just plug into a camera head in the studio without impacting the camera operators.”

The Hitachi Z-HD6000 also offers new features and functions including: ‘no vertical smear’, F12 standard sensitivity with over 60 dB of signal-to-noise ratio, and an RLAC real-time lens aberration correction function. However, the company says the Z-HD6000 also retains all the popular features and functionality inherent in the existing Hitachi HDTV camera line, such as: fiber or digital triax cable operation, external auto-setup, advanced color correction, and improved skin tone detail.

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