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J. R. Clancy Expands SceneControl 5000 Rigging Controller

Capabilities include password-protected access levels keep unauthorized users out of the system, and remote diagnostic access.

By CP Staff
November 17, 2013 10:38 pm EST

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At the LDI show in Las Vegas, J. R. Clancy, Inc., presents the latest additions to its SceneControl 5000 rigging control console series, expanding the line to address the entire range of performance venues.

The family of SceneControl 5000 controllers now has a console for performance spaces of every size, from the most complex performing arts center, sporting complex or Broadway show to the high school, church and college stage.

The new addition is the SceneControl 5200 console, which provides programming capability for an unlimited number of cues, including the ability to control other stage machinery like turntables, wagons, chain motors, and even performer flying hoists. Small enough for venues with confined backstage space, the SceneControl 5200 console controls up to 24 axes, suitable for stages including high schools, colleges, and small to mid-sized theatres.

“The SceneControl 5200 console brings theatres the right capabilities for Broadway-style shows, music concerts, dance performances, and many other kinds of productions,” says Matthew M. Mullen, J. R. Clancy domestic sales manager. “Venues using the SceneControl 5200 console will enjoy greater flexibility, expanding their ability to incorporate different kinds of equipment for exciting effects. If the venue’s needs change, we can scale up the system as required, because the SceneControl family has one across-the-board, flexible, fully compatible control system architecture. Upgrading or adding additional consoles becomes plug-and-play.”

The family of consoles includes three controllers for larger venues, offering unrestrained functionality and the flexibility to grow with the changing needs of any venue:

• SceneControl 5600 is the top of the line, with dual 24-inch 1920 x 1080 screens, redundant parallel processing, and a 15.6-inch helm capacitive touch screen on the desktop. The greater video real estate means the operator can see more of what is going on within the system at any given time, with 3D wireframe views that display the performer space and all of its axes. The redundant parallel processor ensures that a hardware failure does not stop the show, and 3D programming makes it possible to fly performers or scenery on X, Y and Z axes, adding effects like wave or circular patterns to a performer’s movement onstage.

• SceneControl 5500 provides many of the same powerful features. A 10.1-inch master helm touch screen and 24-inch monitor screen allow the operator to use the 3D wireframe view to see all the equipment in motion. This controller also features 3D programming capability for exciting performer flying effects. Redundant processing provides the confidence venues need that the show will go on even in the event of a hardware failure.

• SceneControl 5300 is a compact, mid-level operator console that can serve as the main operator interface as well as a localized backstage console. The 15.6-inch touch screen provides an intuitive, easy to use interface.

“As new productions and touring shows reach greater levels of complexity, performing arts centers will be able to integrate the same production values seen in New York or Las Vegas into their in-house rigging control system,” says Mullen.

The SceneControl 5000 series’ administrative capabilities include password-protected access levels keep unauthorized users out of the system, while offsite secure access allows Clancy to perform remote diagnostics. Optional centralized servers offer the ability to provide automated backups and file sharing for easier system management. Error checks are continuously performed and alarms, actions, and faults are logically recorded and stored in log files for diagnostics.

J. R. Clancy will demonstrate its SceneControl family of controllers in booth 835 at LDI, November 22-24. The company’s new Performer Series Aerial Performance Hoist System also will be available at the LDI show. More information about J. R. Clancy is available at (visit link) or by calling 800-836-1885.

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