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Lighting Console Evolution

A look at the latest products in lighting control for mid-sized churches

By Jim Kumorek
September 11, 2013 11:58 am EST

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In technology, products and options are always evolving, and lighting is no exception. With the LDI and WFX shows just around the corner, we contacted the main players in lighting consoles to see what they’ve introduced over the past year that would be of interest to the house of worship market. Not every manufacturer took the time to respond to our request for information, but here are the highlights from those who did.

This is just a quick tour of what manufacturers are saying about their newest products; we can’t come close to hitting upon all the features and benefits of each. So make sure to visit the manufacturer’s website for more information, or visit their booth at LDI or WFX this fall to get up-close and personal with these products.

ChamSys MQ60 | MSRP: $8,300

The MQ60 is designed for controlling theatrical fixtures, intelligent fixtures, and LED fixtures, as well as video. It supports 12 Universes of DMX, is quick and easy to program, has a full-featured cue system, offers advanced media server support, fixture morphing and cloning, LED pixel mapping, a built-in media engine, a powerful PC show editor, and a built-in uninterruptable power supply to keep your console up and running through power glitches. - (866) 261-6955

ETC Eos Titanium | MSRP: contact your local ETC dealer

For larger scale venues, like production-oriented churches, ETC recently introduced the Eos Titanium (Eos Ti) console and Eos v2.0 software. Ti is now the flagship of the Eos line, with new hardware and features to make designing and programming even easier. Ti has integrated, articulating, multi-touch displays and backlit keys. Ti includes a larger multi-touch encoder display and dedicated pan and tilt encoders, plus four pageable encoders. The desk features 20 user-definable buttons, motorized faders, and multiple USB and video ports. Ti uses the common-sense Eos programming syntax familiar to so many church lighting techs. The command line is fully integrated with direct selects and new “magic sheets,” allowing seamless work from the keypad and the touchscreen controls. Magic sheets allow users to define customized interactive live/blind displays. - (800) 688-4116

Jands StageCL | MSRP: $1,995

The Jands StageCL was designed to control today’s LED-based lighting systems. Listening carefully to the market, it was clear that many houses of worship utilize LED lighting fixtures, yet only get a fraction of the flexibility LEDs offer.

The StageCL is equally suitable for LEDs and conventional lights. Each of the 12 channels provides discrete HSI control with an encoder for Hue, and Saturation paired with an Intensity fader making it easy to achieve the exact color you want. As you turn the Hue and Saturation encoders, an LED on each channel displays the color you’re creating. So intuitive, volunteers with no lighting experience grasp it quickly. - (416) 255-9494 (distributed in the United States by A.C. Lighting)

Lehigh Rendition Pro | MSRP: $7,999

The Rendition Pro console provides fully integrated control of conventional lights, LEDs and moving lights. With the addition of LCDs, four encoders, and direct selects, the Rendition Pro enhances the popular Rendition series consoles with increased hands-on control of moving lights. The console also features 24x10 pages of master faders with LCDs. Optional fader wings are available and can be combined to provide up to 240 master faders. Wings are available in either 2x12 or 2x24 configurations and connect via Ethernet for local or remote application. - (610) 395-3386 Next page