Mega-Lite Target Q190 Color-Changing LED Fixture
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Mega-Lite Target Q190 Color-Changing LED Fixture

New unit has three rings of control creating a bulls-eye effect, and 19 ten-watt RGBW quad-chip LED's.

By CP Staff
May 20, 2013 5:49 pm EST

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Mega-Lite launches the Target Q190, a new color-changing LED wash fixture with three rings of control creating a bulls-eye effect. Mega-Lite calls it a robust fixture with 19 ten-watt RGBW quad chip LEDs and a 25-degree beam angle.

The unit has multiple modes of operation controlled via DMX512. Each ring of LEDs is controlled using RGB or RGBW color mixing to creating a target effect. The light features dimmer, strobe and macro channels. And, varying white color temperatures can be achieved by utilizing the fixture’s CTO channel.

Operating the fixture in standalone mode is simple with the unit’s digital display. The Target Q190 has a double mounting yoke so it can to be set upon the floor or hang from a structure. It has both three-pin and five-pin XLR connection inputs and outputs.

The company says the new Target Q190 has creative effects and is powerful wash, making it a must have light for entertainment oriented installations and productions.

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