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New Harman HiQnet Audio Architect Version 1.1 to Control Dante-enabled Devices

Audio Architect is the software element of Harman’s Architectural Media Systems, and is a single control platform for all devices in a HiQnet sound system, from microphone to speaker.

By CP Staff
September 20, 2013 12:09 pm EST

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Harman Professional introduces its HiQnet Audio Architect version 1.1 professional audio configuration and control platform, an upgrade that the company says brings new functionality and features, including control of Audinate Dante-enabled devices, enhanced functionality for BSS Audio and Crown products, better on-screen control interfaces and other improvements.

Audio Architect is the software element of Harman’s Architectural Media Systems, and is a single control platform for all devices in a HiQnet sound system, from microphone to speaker. Harman Architectural Media Systems combines the processing power of BSS Audio and Crown Audio’s innovative amplifier technology with the configuration and control capabilities of HiQnet Audio Architect. This solution provides audio professionals with the most complete, versatile platform available for small to large-scale AV system design, with the single point accountability of one-stop comprehensive support and logistics, according to a company announcement. Architectural Media Systems provides networked audio connectivity via the designer’s choice of AVB, Harman’s proprietary BLU Link bus, Cirrus CobraNet or Audinate Dante.

To facilitate system setup, Audio Architect 1.1 utilizes graphical, diagrammatic representations of the installed or live sound venue, and the components and loudspeakers in the system. Harman says, devices in the system “understand” both their physical and logical placement – in racks, arrays and rooms – and the software “learns” how they are to be used in the real world, while offering extensive setup and configuration capabilities, now further enhanced with version 1.1.

Audio Architect 1.1 now supports the Audinate Dante-enabled BSS Audio Soundweb London BLU-806 signal processor and BLU-326 I/O expander devices. Version 1.1 also enables signal naming and signal following in the software’s BSS Soundweb London Route Audio Mode, giving users the ability to trace signals quickly and easily through the open architecture of a BSS Soundweb London device and between Soundweb London devices over the network.

“The release of Audio Architect 1.1 reflects Harman Professional’s continued commitment to offering universal networking solutions with multiple transport options – Harman’s own BLU link bus, Audinate Dante and CobraNet are all configurable in Audio Architect today. In a future version, AVB support will also be added, rounding out Audio Architect’s readiness for any networking application,” says Adam Holladay, market manager, Harman’s System Development and Integration Group.

Further incorporating London Architect functionality, Audio Architect version 1.1 offers Soundweb London devices both 96 kHz support and adds a FIR Filter Processing Object. In addition, Soundweb London Parameter presets and Device presets and can be dragged directly into controls in the Custom Panel Designer.

Version 1.1 now provides support for the Crown DCi 8-600N model of the DriveCore Install Network Series networkable amplifiers, which have BLU link connectivity and point-to-point audio networking compatibility with the Soundweb London family. Version 1.1 also supports the Crown USBX accessory that enables Crown XTi, CDi and DSi Series amplifiers with a USB port to be operated via an Apple iPad or iPhone.

Audio Architect 1.1’s Full Screen Mode has also been improved, according to the announcement, enabling it to more effectively run as a control application. Full Screen Mode is designed for the day-to-day operator and makes essential control panels and options readily available for each user, application and project.

Harman says its Architectural Media Systems is engineered to provide the best user experience for the designer right through to the operator. The systems are built upon a foundation of over 40 years of combined networking expertise, and provide category-leading scalability via distributed DSP architecture and the most transport-agnostic, flexible approach to audio network design.

Version 1.1 provides a number of additional enhancements and capabilities; more details are available at

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