Que Audio DA12 Headworn Microphone
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Review: Que Audio DA12 Headworn Microphone

Reviewer: ...sounds good, very stable in use, appears to be durably built

By Gary Parks
June 4, 2013 10:48 am EST

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Que Audio released the latest version of its DA-12 omni headset mic (formerly branded Da-Cappo) in late 2012. This new version of the company’s most popular microphone incorporates changes to the earpiece for increased comfort and fit, improvements to the headset mic boom and cable to enhance durability for professional use, and new connector offerings to match a wider variety of wireless beltpacks.

Designed to fit securely over one ear, the mic is unobtrusive and quite stable with movement. Without the cable attached, this extremely lightweight headset tips the scale at a bit over 5 grams (1/5 ounce)—about the weight of a nickel coin. Let’s explore its features in greater detail.

Mic capsule pattern and response

The “European-designed,” 2.5-mm miniature electret condenser microphone capsule has an omnidirectional polar pattern, so it is equally sensitive to sound coming from all directions, and won’t tend to emphasize the lower frequencies of the voice when used very close to the mouth. Positioning the mic as near as possible will maximize gain before feedback. The water-resistant design will prevent failure in action from sweat and other sources of moisture.

Frequency response per the specifications is nominally 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and the response graph on the website shows a wide, approximately 3-dB boost centered at about 10 kHz—a presence peak designed to enhance intelligibility. Maximum SPL is 140 dB, so it should be able to take shouts without overloading. Sensitivity is -45 dB, although in practice the gain settings at your console are likely to be similar to what you would use with a standard handheld mic, given that the headset’s capsule is positioned to the corner of the mouth. Operating voltage is from 0.9 to 5 V. Next page




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