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Reaching New Heights with Elation at Sagebrush Community Church

An Albuquerque, N.M., church upgrades from static video projection to a dynamic high resolution LED video screen

By Elation
March 31, 2014 2:42 pm EST

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The installation includes 100 LED video panels from Elation’s Pro Video Series, 7.62mm pixel pitch EPV762 panels, that are currently flown upstage and configured as two 50-panel sections.

When Sagebrush Community Church of Albuquerque, N.M., built their new worship center, they decided to take visual presentation of their message to a new level with installation of a high resolution LED video screen by Elation Professional.

“Sagebrush had been using a large amount of video elements in the previous worship center but when they started the second phase project in building a new worship center, they wanted to improve upon that and chose the Elation EPV762 video panels,” states Stephen MacArthur, lighting systems designer and engineer at VAST Technologies Inc., the Albuquerque-based systems design and installation company that completed the install.

More flexible video

VAST Technologies got involved with the new 2,000-seat worship center based on their previous work at the ministry’s various campuses, which included the Albuquerque location’s original main worship center. “At the new worship center we wanted to expand the video elements and instead of projecting them in a static rectangle, we wanted to move those elements about the set and stage, envisioning new set designs,” MacArthur reports.

The installation includes 100 LED video panels from Elation’s Pro Video Series, 7.62mm pixel pitch EPV762 panels, that are currently flown upstage and configured as two 50-panel sections (each 5-feet high by 10-feet wide).

The current positioning was chosen so that the content could be viewed from a wide angle, as the house seating is shell-style, something the EPV762 panels’ 135-degree horizontal and 110-degree vertical viewing angle aids. MacArthur comments, “In the current configuration they are hung in two sets of 50 panels but have been hung as large as the entire width of the stage. The viewing angle in the facility is extremely wide, and because of that, the 100 panels give us enough space coverage at the back of the band performance area to be adequately seen from all seats in the congregation.”

Expanding creativity

The Elation LED panels have given the church the ability to expand creativity in the way they use video by using the video panels alone, using video as lighting, or using lighting and video combined. The panels allow the creative team to enhance church services and are incorporated in a special program called Living Free. They are also used for other special events. Video of the church services is captured, edited and rebroadcast at other Sagebrush campuses around the Southwest and podcasts are posted online for download.

Moses Almanza is lighting director at Sagebrush, part of an in-house creative team that also creates all of the content for the screens. “The Elation panels have made our job easier for the production team because as a light source they’re very brilliant and the colors are amazing,” he says. “Because we were new to LED panels we weren’t quite sure what to expect. When they first turned them on just the brilliance of the color and what we were able to do with them was amazing. They are powerful enough to overcome any of the lighting set-ups we put up and make it visually more aesthetic. It allows us to take our video productions to a whole other level.” Next page




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