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Roland VC-1 Series Video Converters are built to provide high-quality, loss-less video and audio conversion for live/post production environments, including church installations.

Roland Systems Group Announces New Lineup of VC-1 Series Video Converters

New video converters are designed to provide high-quality, loss-less video and audio conversion for live/post production as well as installed systems, including churches.

By CP Staff
April 1, 2013 9:54 pm EST

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Roland Systems Group is unveiling a new portable video converter line-up, VC-1 Series, at the NAB show in Las Vegas April 8 – 11th NAB Booth #C7140. These new video converters are designed to address the demand for high-quality, loss-less video and audio converters for live/post production as well as installed systems. They include the Roland VC-1-HS (HDMI to SDI), VC-1-SH (SDI to HDMI), and VC-1-DL (Bi-directional SDI/HDMI with audio/video delay and frame sync).

Roland says the VC-1 Video Converter series are built to provide uncompromising picture quality by maintaining the video characteristics of the original signal with rich-blacks and super-whites. There are no interlacing artifacts or other conversion or signal errors sometimes found with other video converters, according to the company. The VC-1 series features an on-board re-clocker to compensate for attenuation of SDI signals carried over long distances. The VC-1 series also supports both level A and B 3G-SDI, letting you connect a variety of higher quality SDI sources.

The VC-1 series is built to be HDCP compliant allowing users to convert or pass-through HDCP signals with the exception of any SDI output. The VC-1-DL additionally enables the HDCP signal to be delayed. Selectable audio embedding and de-embedding lets users route different audio sources to or from video devices. Digital AES/EBU input and output signals are supporting ensuring high-quality audio signals can be maintained through the signal flow.

Roland says video devices with uncompressed signals such as SDI and HDMI have become more common in live production, and as a result, the need for video conversion is growing. Video converters are especially needed when audio and video signals are combined in a multi-device integrated system installation. Each different video component could add delay and therefore latency adjustments are required to sync audio and video signals. Roland Systems Group developed these single-function convertors building from the technology developed for the powerful VC series that includes the VC-300HD, VC-50HD, and VC-30HD.

Video Converter Summary

Roland VC-1-HS- Increasingly HDMI video cameras are being used for live production. The VC-1-HS converts, extends and embeds audio from HDMI to SDI. This converter is especially complimentary to the Roland V-1600HD and V-800HD multi-format video mixers when you want to use SDI signals for camera inputs on the mixer.

Roland VC-1-SH – The cost of SDI monitoring sometimes can be prohibitive for certain applications. The VC-1-SH converter allows you to convert an SDI signal to HDMI, providing a more cost effective monitoring solution. This converter is also complimentary to the Roland V-40HD multi-format video mixer when you want to use an SDI camera as an input to the mixer.

Roland VC-1-DL –As users add more video components to a signal flow in a live production situtaion, latency is introduced. The VC-1-DL converter is designed to allows bidirectional conversion of SDI/HDMI and provides frame sync and delay adjustment of up to nine fields (4.5 frames) for audio and video independently. Roland says this is helpful when keeping various types of cameras in sync as well as ensuring a projector stays in sync with an LED wall.

Roland says these new “mini” converters, coupled with the current lineup of existing video converters establish the company’s strong position as a leading video convertor supplier for live and post production applications.

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Sounds like just what i need for A/V Church work that i do.Please keep me informed and updated.

By Bob Davis | April 18, 2013



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