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Second Patent Awarded for Movek’s myMix Personal Monitor Mixer

By CP Staff
March 12, 2013 11:16 am EST

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Mathias von Heydekampf, owner of Movek LLC based in Edina, Minn., was awarded his second patent for the myMix personal monitor mixer. The U.S. Patent Office issued the patent February 26, 2013. The patent covers the decentralized functionality and recording capability of the myMix system.

The patent recognizes the unique qualities of the personal monitor mixer in that it does not require a main hub or central unit to operate. Each device is equally capable on its own as it is on the network with many myMix units, Movek reports. The instant recording feature that is part of the patent allows musicians to capture, at the touch of a button, all of their music, rehearsals and riffs in multi-track wave files that they can later play back.

The first patent awarded for the myMix covers the intuitive GUI (graphical user interface) interface that allows users to name their channels however they choose, thereby simplifying the management of multiple channels.

The myMix product has been a key player in establishing a more dynamic market of personal monitor mixers, according to the company. Since its launch in 2010 at the NAMM show, Movek has continued to develop myMix by keeping its focus on musicians’ needs while ensuring that there is high-quality technology under its hood for the sound engineers to value it as an important tool. Von Heydekampf remarks, “The patent has been long overdue, but the wait was worth it. It is another confirmation that there simply is nothing out there that can do what myMix does—which our customers confirm over and over again and now, so does the patent. We are very excited about this.”

Photo caption: Mathias Von Heydekampf, president of MOVEK, Inc., with the second patent awarded on the company’s myMix personal monitor mixer.

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