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Clean sight lines from every angle are a vital concern for contemporary worship environments. Photo courtesy of Northland, A Church Distributed in Longwood, Florida.Temporary staging is always an option, regardless of the church's architectural design. Photo of Trinity Lutheran Church in Owatonna, Minnesota, courtesy of Wenger Corporation.Many traditional worship spaces are designed for acoustical support of music, not speech. Photo of Grace United Methodist Church in Wilmington, Delaware courtesy of Community Professional Loudspeakers.

Tutorial: Staging Experts Speak

How to Ensure Your Stage Works for Worship

By Mark Johnson
April 22, 2013 4:48 pm EST

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On the surface, there’s physically not a lot of difference between many contemporary churches and a performing arts center. Sure, the purposes of the facilities are different, but the functionality is basically the same.

So while there are similarities, the differences are important enough that oftentimes hiring someone with skill and experience in designing and building houses for worship can make the difference between having a facility that helps to encourage the worship experience vs. a place that is merely a performance space where people “do church.”

CPM’s sister publication, Designer magazine, spoke with a diverse group of people on the topic of stage design and how to ensure that stages work best for AVL-heavy contemporary worship. Here, a remix of that article that speaks to the staging concerns of church technical directors.

Our group of contributors to this discussion includes: Janet Bartlett, business administrator with 20+ years of production service at Hilltop Community Church, Richmond, Calif., and Pastor Nehemiah Rogers, newly appointed creative communications director of Hilltop Community Church—both are creative arts team leaders at Hilltop Community Church; Gregg Nelson is a senior market manager with the Wenger Corp. of Owatonna, Minn.; John Loufik, senior applications engineer with Community Professional Loudspeakers; John Storyk, founding partner, Walters-Storyk Design Group, Highland, N.Y.; Tim Tracey, executive director of worship, Northland, A Church Distributed, Longwood, Fla. Next page




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