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Student Life Ministry’s “Be Last Conference” To Feature PixelFlex LED Curtain Video Walls

Flexible LED screens provide staging options to touring ministry

By CP Staff
April 15, 2013 4:37 pm EST

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Student Life, an inter-denominational ministry offering gospel-centered, high-energy summer camps and youth conferences, has taken PixelFlex’s ultra-flexible and lightweight LED curtain video wall on the road during its “Be Last Conference” celebrating Mark 9:35: If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.

On the tour, Student Life uses 16 PixelFlex panels across the stage as an accent to the production’s main 17-foot projection screen. The PixelFlex panels run a variety of content throughout the show, including a series of flags from various countries, to provide different looks and feels on stage. For organizers of Student Life’s “Be Last Conference,” ease-of-use and set-up are the primary benefits to using the PixelFlex solution.

“They are extremely easy to use,” says Jake Brantley, producer for Student Life. “Being able to change the look and feel of our stage at the drop of a hat is invaluable. When we have more of an upbeat sound on stage, we can use fast moving graphics and bright colors to add energy. If we’re trying to create a more serious tone, we can add darker blues and slower motion graphics without having to change the backdrops. All of this can be done simply with a click of a button.”

According to a company announcement, the PixelFlex LED Curtains are flexible in all directions and are able to bend and shape around structures for a more creative display effect. The units can be stored in a single road case to simplify shipping. This flexibility is critical to Brantley and his team during the “Be Last Conference” – both during and after the performance.

“With the way we’re using the LED panels on stage, having the ability to shape the panels as we need to is crucial – in one or two places we use them to create a nice arch or 90-degree bend around a corner,” Brantley says. “On top of that, it only takes two people to load the panels in and out before and after the show, which means we can be done with set up and tear down more quickly. Finally, the fact that you can fold and store the panels in travel cases is a tremendous cost saver for a small tour like ours.”

Videos and images can be sent to PixelFlex’s screens using a computer with a DVI-D connection. Each typical screen panel is approximately eight by four feet, but modifications can be made easily to meet specific needs of the consumer, the company says, and panels can be attached together with PixelFlex’s proprietary quicklock system.

“PixelFlex’s panels give us a ton of versatility with regard to the custom content we’re able to incorporate into the tour,” Brantley remarked. “We have an unlimited amount of options as to what our stage can look like and that is cool.”

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