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The Trap of Pride and Arrogance

Being great in God's Kingdom doesn't have much to do with what we do, it has more to do with how we do it.

By Judah Thomas
July 21, 2014 11:34 am EST

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We all are well aware that tech directors tend to do most of their work when they are behind the scenes. Because of this, it can be easy for us to develop an inferiority complex. Sure, we realize that our job is important, but it probably isn't as important as someone that is up on the stage. We might not be as “theological” as the pastor and maybe we don't look as cool as the worship director. This doesn't have to mean that we are less important to the cause of Christ.

Matthew 20:26 NLT "...whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant."

Being great in God's Kingdom doesn't have much to do with what we do, it has more to do with how we do it. If you want to be great, you must learn how to be a better servant. This is a big problem though. Why? Because our human nature wants to be served and not to serve.

The reason that most of us go out to eat is because we like the feeling of being served. It's nice to be able to go to a restaurant where someone will make food for us, deliver it to us on a nice plate, refill our drinks, and finally clean up our mess. If we could live every day like this we probably would.

Jesus taught us that our primary job is to be a servant. This is contrary to what we want. We want to be served. Jesus wants us to do the serving. We just don't like it very much.

Even though technical ministries seems to be servant-based in nature, because we are making the stage-dwellers look good, we can certainly make it all about us. It is easy to fall into the trap of pride and arrogance and begin doing our job in a way that serves ourselves more than it serves others. We can even become critical of others and begin to think that people are inferior if they are not as tech-savvy as we are.

Instead of letting our ministry be self-serving, evaluate how you can serve others better. How can you serve the needs of the pastor better? How can you serve the worship leader and their team more effectively? How can you serve the needs of the congregation better?

If we let servanthood drive the decisions that we make in this ministry we will find that we are ultimately more effective in what we do. It is easy to make a product purchase decision based on what a manufacturer says rather than on what our congregation really needs. God says that we are “great” when we put the needs of others before our own needs.

As you go throughout your duties this coming week what ways can you make sure that you are serving those that are around you?


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Well Said!!!!!!!!

By Derek D. Robertson | July 27, 2015

it's hard sometimes to stay low - but it's the best position to be in. one of my favorite views of servant leadership is when Jesus Christ knelt before His disciples and washed their dusty feet. the Almighty King of Kings of all creation got so low and did it with humility, love and care. He was concerned about their well-being to be prepared for what's coming then what's going on - i hope i can be a better servant and get dirty

By Poet Noble | July 29, 2014

This is a great topic that needs to be shared with all Worship Leaders! We are all guilty at some point in time allowing humanity and wrong spirit to motivate and drive abilities and ministry, but don't think in my 30 plus years of heavy involvement in the church worship ministry have I ever seen such arrogance, attitude, pride, and competition among music leaders and musicians. There are many that want on the schedule and show for the big things -- but I guarantee you can't find them any where to play on a Wed night Bible Study, smaller, or less significant service. Sadly this is our future!

By Allen | July 28, 2014



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