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Top Five Essentials for Church TD’s

The benefit of these five essential items is that they’re attainable. They can be collected without any type of budget, planning meeting, or approval.

By Andrew Stone
July 16, 2013 10:53 pm EST

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What could be better? All of us can do this with a simple strategy and some hard work.

I sat down to start putting together a magnificent list of top five gear essentials every church TD should have and realized that perhaps five physical items weren’t necessarily what we need. Of course we all have the various bits of gear that are convenient to what we do and make our lives easier but can we still get the job done without them? Absolutely. I have vivid memories of touring with a legal pad, a pen, and an AT&T calling card. Oh how I could’ve used our current technology back then!

Here’s what’s interesting, even with the cool technological advances that have been made in the production arena through the years, the following list holds true regardless of your particular technical area, background, or size of church. I propose that the essentials we need aren’t literal gear at all—read on for my top five essentials:

The God Factor

Call it a no-brainer BUT the most essential item I need to make things happen is my relationship with Christ. Most of us have heard and read countless times about how important it is to keep God first and foremost in our lives. How odd is it that our jobs facilitating that message to the masses is the same thing that can zap our time and hinder us from keeping God #1 on the priority list. It’s absolutely essential to make sure our identity is quantified by who we are in Christ, not by who we are as a TD. Next page




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