Video Streaming 101
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Video Streaming 101

Important points to consider before jumping right in

By David Jordan
March 28, 2013 11:22 am EST

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What camera should you purchase? The camera can be a big factor in how your video looks.

With today’s technology it is easy for people to video stream their worship services. Most people that know anything about computers can stream video. But should you jump right in and start streaming video tomorrow with a cheap camera and little preparation? This all depends on how you want your church portrayed to the people who may watch online.

You can make your church look great, or you can make your church look bad. If you dive right in with little preparation, it will likely show in your video stream.

Keep in mind that this could be a person’s first impression of your church—watching your video stream online. The first impression you make could impact their decision on whether they watch again, whether they decide to come to your church or, most importantly, it could make or break their decision about the Lord.

So it is very important to put some thought into how you do your video stream. Here are some points to consider as you’re getting started:

1.) Is the lighting in our church conducive for video?

2.) What camera do you need?

3.) Who will run the camera or cameras?

4.) Do you want to stream live? Or should you record, edit and upload?

5.) Should you use a free video streaming site?

6.) Do you need a dedicated internet feed?

7.) Where will your audio feed come from?

8.) What other equipment do you need?

You need to think about all of the above before putting any video of your church online.

For your church to look great, you need to make sure the lighting you will be using when videotaping will achieve the quality/look you want. Are there places that are not lit up; are there shadows?

What camera should you purchase? The camera can be a big factor in how your video looks. Should you use a camera or cameras that will require a person to run? Or should you get a camera system where one person can run multiple cameras for one point? If you use a camera that is operated by a person, you will need a quality tripod so the camera moves smoothly. If you use multiple cameras, how will the operators communicate with each other? Next page




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