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Yamaha Updates CL Series Console Software

New features resemble those on the company's larger PM5D console

By CP Staff
November 12, 2013 8:52 am EST

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Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc. announces the December availability of Version 1.7 software upgrade for the Yamaha CL Series Digital Audio Console. The upgrade, available via free download, is based on significant end user input and will provide enhanced efficiency and versatility along with significant improvements that will be especially valuable for mixing engineers in festival and similar complex event setups. Several of the features implemented in V 1.7 will make the CL an even better console choice for festivals, since many of the new features are already familiar to PM5D users.

New CL V 1.7 features include Selective Load/Save for set up data such as

scene memory, libraries, etc., can now be individually loaded from or saved to USB memory providing an efficient way to load complex setup data. The HA Option for changing input patches now makes it possible to select whether the end user wants to use the HA settings from the patched port as is, or copy the channel HA settings to the patched port in order to quickly change input patches when mixing in a fast-paced environment without having to copy HA settings.

“As with all Yamaha Commercial Audio products, updates are implemented based on suggestions primarily from our end users,” states Marc Lopez, marketing manager, Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc. “Their input is quite essential, now, and for future generation of products.”

CL V 1.7 updates also include: in the Sends On Fader mode, the assignable encoders (Gain/Pan/Assign knobs) can now be used to adjust channel level and panning for sends to stereo buses. Custom Fader Bank setups can be stored to, and recalled from, individual scenes. At busy events that involve multiple engineers, this feature can make it easy to change custom fader bank settings without having to switch users. And, the sends from input channels to buses on which the send point is set to pre, can now be assigned to DCA groups for muting via a DCA Mute Option for pre sends.

Other new features in CL V 1.7 include improved Channel Name Display In the Sends On Fader mode where channel on/off status is now indicated in the channel name display. Additionally, a “black” ninth color has been added for the channel color bar. More points are available in the metering point field on the meter display with the addition of “Pre GC Meter” and “Post Digital Gain Meter”.

Also in CL V 1.7, the analog HA gain and digital HA gain indication have been improved and are both displayed in the selected channel view gain/patch field at all times. The HPF status of R Series and similar external HA units are shown in the gain/patch field as well. DCA/mute group and mute name display are now shown in the DCA/mute group assign mode pop-up display. Improved channel link display indicators in the CH link mode pop-up display will make it easy to see current link group settings.

In addition to the above new features, CL V 1.7 includes extended cue monitor adjustment range that extends from -30 dB to +20 dB. It is now possible to specify whether latched or unlatched external switches are connected to the GPI input ports. And, when mounting I/O devices on the Dante network, the device type can now be detected without the description in the device label, allowing for better customization of names.

For more information on Yamaha CL V 1.7, visit (visit link)

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