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Is There Ageism in Church Tech Arts?

Partnering young and old is key for any church tech team. That way, ministries get the benefit of high-energy and flexibility along with the invaluable ingredients of wisdom and maturity. Where does this foresight need to start? At the very top.

Shooting Daggers

"My super power is the ability to shoot daggers out of my eyes. All it takes is a glance." In a tech team environment, some super powers simply aren't called for. Here's how one veteran techie tames his powers and lets God take over.

Why ChurchTechArts?

Then an amazing thing happened: A community developed.

Right-Sizing the Ego: Serving as a Response to God

As individuals on a team serve out of their love for Jesus, then "excellence" doesn't need to be preached any longer.

Why We Do What We Do

Does God have you where he wants you? Working in the church is the hardest thing I have ever done. It’s also the most rewarding and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

For the Greater Good

Are you using your gift because you love production stuff and your church is a good outlet for that? Or are you maxing out your gift at your church because you know that God has chosen to need it for the greater good of his body functioning properly?

Tapping Your Team’s Success Wiring

Some individuals require more attention to manage, direct, encourage, work around and train .... in other words, they're high maintenance.



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