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Audio Triage

When it’s crunch time, the role of the audio supervisor is to make critical decisions about what ‘must be done’ versus what ‘might be nice.’

Eliminating The Ball and Chain

Today’s digital audio mixers provide access to most features from tablets and smart phones—letting you be wherever you need to be—instead of at your console.

White Paper: 10 Questions on WIreless for the Next 10 Years

Advice from this all-star panel of wireless experts will help you steer a course through troubled waters.

Slow Mixing is Good Mixing

The best sets seem to take the least amount of effort to actually mix. It seems the slower that my hands moved the better the mix sounds.

Mic’ing Easter Productions (Audio Out of the Comfort Zone)

It’s easy to get complacent with mic selection because we get used to using a particular microphone for a particular application. Read CPM’s tips on how to change that up—and create results you can hear.

Loudspeakers: Takin’ it to the Street (or the Parking Lot)

A professional loudspeaker designer-turned-writer discloses what to look for in tools for small and portable churches, including all important cost/performance ratio.

Microphones Defined

You use them everyday, but do you really understand how they work? Here’s a must-read prep course on mics for live production.

Improving Sound for Your Live Stream

Don’t let poor audio get in the way of building your online audience.

The Importance of Clean Wiring

What you don't know could hurt you, your workflow and your signal quality.

Top 5 Steps to Better Personal Monitor Mixes

More than half of musicians using personal monitors are unhappy with the results. Even worse, they're likely to remain quiet and not tell you about it.

Four Simple Steps to a More Stress Free Christmas Season

A few ideas to reduce stress for churches of all sizes

Making Audio Better for Christmas Productions

Mic’ing techniques and wireless strategies for improving the sound of your Christmas productions.

Top 4 Steps to a Stress-free Soundcheck

Maintaining a stress-free sound check does not simply mean that everything is working technically. It's also about keeping a professional, clean and relaxing environment.

In the Pursuit of Good Video, Audio is King

With a little practice and some attention to detail, your videos can improve in quality by simply paying attention to the audio side of your video shoot and post-production work.

The Tale of the Territorial Soundman

Ever run into a soundman who doesn’t really know what he’s doing, but refuses to allow anyone else to touch his rig?

The Humble DI: Part of the Musician’s Signature Sound or Meaningless Black Box?

The musician's gear usually ends at the stomp box, or the speaker cabinet. But the choice of DI, or whether to use one at all, can have a significant role in shaping the sound.

Tutorial: Achieving Uniform Coverage

How to realize consistent, predictable audio results through proper loudspeaker system design

Wireless Systems 2014: Prepare Ye for the Crunch!

You might want to start reviewing your options, including planning for investment in new falling-sky-resistant wireless systems.

How to Think Like a Sound Engineer

It starts with preparation. The guitar player isn't going to show up for service without having practiced. Neither should you.

The Secret to Effective Troubleshooting

The guys who immediately go into into panic mode are usually volunteers who have never set up a rig.

Mixing with Backing Tracks

Incorporating tracks into Sunday morning is a mix of music and technology. To pull it off well requires the coordination of the music team and tech team.

How to Mix and Record Church Services—and More

Important frequently asked questions and answers to help your worship team accomplish its goals.

30 Day Worship Sound Tools Videos

Worship M.D. audio expert Doug Gould's collection of 30 instructional videos presented by PreSonus

How to Become a Better Sound Engineer

Anyone who’s been mixing for more than a few minutes knows the band never plays the same during sound check as they do during a performance.

Powered Loudspeakers: Pros and Cons

A clear-cut guide for tech leaders considering a self-powered loudspeaker system for worship or portable events.

Practical Tips for Ideal Mic Selection

Application helps church techs determine microphone choice. But hand-in-hand with application goes experimentation. To know what works best in your space, you have to try it out and listen. Just make sure to experiment outside an actual service or live production.

Digital vs Analog: Which Best Serves Your Church?

While flexibility will always be greater in a digital console, it carries a steeper learning curve and a generally higher price tag than analog.

The Essentials of Monitor Mixing

"Can I get more me in my monitor?" Don't be too eager to grant such a request by turning them up. Here are three ways to avoid the vicious cycle of keeping musicians happy.

How to Develop a Successful Audio Team

If I could hand them the most annoying and monotonous jobs, the least visible positions and the menial, tedious stuff and they showed back up next week, I knew I had a winner.

Building the Perfect Mix: The Sum of the Parts

Years ago, I could never figure out why I was having to make so many frantic mix adjustments during the first song of the set. How could things have changed so drastically in just a few hours? Quite by accident, I figured it out.

Loudspeaker Selection: Beyond the Basics

A CPM must-read from an expert panel of your peers

Tech Director Torture: The Engineer in the Audience

Don't judge me. You do it, too. Admit it. You no longer just hear the song, all you focus on that ringing snare or the acoustic guitar that's ready to feed back. Two things happened that changed my attitude when sitting in the audience.

Mic’ing Easter Productions

How to do it with some preplanned rhyme and reason

Is There a Wrong Way to Build a Mix?

Do you start with vocals or drums? It may not matter if you follow this five-step method to building consistently successful mixes.

Tutorial: How to Select an Audio Console

Three important steps for the church tech, plus common sense considerations

Tutorial: A Techy’s Guide: Preparing for Easter

And helping senior leadership realize and embrace your vision.

The View From Monitor Beach

While the glorious A1 tech was basking in the glow of a screaming crowd mixing FOH, I was back on monitor beach becoming part of the band.

How to Mix Vocals For Live Events

Vocals are the crown jewel of the song. You can only do so much by riding the fader. For excellence and professionalism, your mix requires more preparation, knowledge and skill.

Five Things New Sound Guys Need to Understand

Most of you work with museum-grade equipment, gymnasium-grade acoustics and MacGyver-grade survival skills. Still, I have encountered hundreds of techs who don't understand the basics. They are getting by, but only barely. Here are a few critical issues every sound tech needs to understand.

The Key to Clarity in Your Audio Mix

Mix clarity comes from volume differentiation, effects usage, but most of all, mix clarity comes from frequency ownership.

Mixing Live Sound for Christmas

Tried-and-true tips from a technical veteran

Top 3 Keys to a Successful Tech Rehearsal

Our’s is a work of translation. Our mission is to take whatever is in the pastor, worship leader or director’s imagination and make it real. We take whatever they are envisioning and give life to it. We have to make their vision jump off the stage and into the audience. That’s your challenge. That’s the skill. That’s where you find excellence.

Wireless: Top 5 Tips For Your Christmas Production

The more wireless systems you have, the more headaches you can generally expect. Here are a few life saving tips out to make your life easier during the most wonderful time of the year.

It All Starts With Drums

Getting a great drum mix isn’t always up to the audio guy. It starts at the source.

Improving Your Mix, One Channel at a Time

A four-step plan to improving clarity, location, blend and contrast in your mix

How to Configure Your Church PA System

Configuring a church PA system, including dealing with room acoustics, proper loudspeaker placement, and much more.

Free Live Sound Training for Churches

Free three-part video series featuring David Wills who has mixed thousands of church events, as well as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, and Diana Ross and many others.

How to Compress Bass Guitar

Compression is rarely a “set it and forget it” situation. So don’t approach compression on bass as a one size fits all solution

How to Choose an Audio Console

Four no-nonsense points for careful consideration

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Tackling the challenges of mic'ing your Christmas production.

The Benefits of Cutting Before Boosting

In a world obsessed with getting more of what you want, why not boost first? The answer could be found in your next order of French fries.

Could You Mix in Another Room?

EEK! What's that!?! Is that a bass amp on the stage? You've heard about those. What are you going to do? You're depth of knowledge makes the difference between “the nightmare situation” and “just another part of the job.”

Mixing With Volume Restrictions

Time to change your mixing process. And it starts with the lead vocalist.

Constant Curvature Arrays: A Flexible Hybrid

CPM takes a look at a popular new-generation alternative

Concepts in Audio Console Set-Up

The advantage of a consistent layout means you can mix almost any band on any console without looking where the faders are. In contrast, I’ve watched other guys mix and spend half their time searching the board for the guitar fader, only to miss the solo.

What Guitarists Wish Production People Knew About Guitar Set-ups

“Dude you just don’t understand, my amp has to be that loud.”

A Small Church’s Guide to Working With Wireless

Many of today's most basic wireless systems have the features required to work properly in an increasingly crowded wireless environment. So the solutions to smaller church’s wireless reliability problems may already be right at their fingertips.

How to Compress Vocals

Since most church vocalists are not trained professionals, we can improve the level and blend of the vocals in our audio mix by adding compression to each vocal channel. But compressors take time and energy to learn. They can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Mixer Madness

A Best-of-Breed Round-up of Mixing Consoles

Wireless Mics for Worship

An exclusive CPM report designed to help church tech leaders answer this important question: Are you ready for digital wireless?

Loudspeaker Development: History in a 10-Minute Read

As speakers have become powered (or not), networked and steered— what does that mean for modern worship tech teams?

Upgrading Mixing Consoles: The Volunteer Factor

Digital consoles can offer sensory overload for many a volunteer. When the curve is too steep, you could be upgrading to a better console but ultimately be getting a worse result because the console is "too much board" for your volunteers.

Making Your Low-End Work

Creating great-sounding low-end may be more than half the battle of producing a phenomenal mix. These four steps will help create that clean, distinct low-end we all pursue.

Making Guitars Sound Great

Making guitars sound great is more than throwing a mic in front of it and twisting a few knobs. It takes time to understand the individual sounds the players are going for. Mixing this way will create a mutual respect for you and your players and it will also make your mix sound better.

Modular Mixers: The Future of Audio Mixing?

If this trend takes hold, the one-piece audio mixing console – analog or digital – may be headed for extinction as the market shifts to modular, network-connected digital mixing systems.

Tutorial: Four Steps to Making Vocals Pop

Try giving background vocalists a different type of mic than your lead vocalist. If the lead vocal has a very different microphone in tonality then the volumes can stay about the same and he or she should pop through very well.

Taming the Beast: 5 Ways To Overcome Drum Volume

While you can tune your snare down, you can’t tune your cymbals. A drum shield is usually the "go-to" solution, but options exist for managing your worship band's loudest instrument.

Tutorial: Smart Boxes

The New Era of Networked and DSP-enabled Loudspeakers

The Effect of Effects

Employing an effect can be more than throwing reverb on an input. It’s finding a voice that remains transparent while enhancing and accompanying an input source. Easier said than done.

Tutorial: Do-it-Yourself A/V Installations: A Recipe for Success or Disaster?

As a church leader, would you rather have energized, fully-engaged and excited or tired, disengaged and aggravated staff? Sometimes it’s a smart call to let your highly qualified, fully capable tech staff leave at 5PM while someone else does the install.

Tutorial: Mic’ing Pastors

When a mic sounds good, you look good. But there are a myriad of mic types available, and sometimes pastors can be finicky. While headset mics are our reviewer’s favored option, we offer up a range of product types to cover a host of scenarios and needs.

Tapping into the Minds of Experts

Buying and Installing Loudspeaker Systems

An Audio Confession: I Ran The Mix Too Loud

When things aren’t sounding “right,” the go-to solution is often more volume. Volume can overwhelm poor acoustics and volume can push through dense rooms. But at the end of the day volume is not fixing the problems.

Creating Continuity For Multisite Churches

The goal is to limit variables. Like with everything else in life, we can't over communicate.

What To Do Before You Mix

Getting to the point where I’m truly happy with an audio mix can be quite a process. Over the years a strategy of sorts has shown itself that not only helps me delete unknown variables prior to mixing but gives me a great platform to build a truly consistent mix.

Microphone Techniques

Helping solve the church tech's common dilemmas

Mixed Up

CPM helps sort out the digital mixing console conundrum


Review: First Look: Shure KSM9HS Handheld Vocal Microphone

"...brings a pair of more unusual but quite useful polar patterns—hypercardioid and subcardioid."

Review: Mackie DL806 Digital Mixer: First Impressions of a Promising Small-Format Newcomer

Mackie is creating an impressive line of digital mixers, and when they release a 24- or 32-channel version, I think the church market will react very strongly.

Review: First Impressions: Waves Audio eMotion LV1 Digital Mixer for SoundGrid

Waves Audio has created a mixer software (no easy task) and made it compatible with third-party user interfaces, and the result is impressive. It’s all part of the new paradigm, where different functions are put into different boxes and then connected into one big, happy, low-latency networked family. Could this be the—pardon—Wave(s) of the future?

First Impressions: Aviom A360 Personal Mixer

Navigation on the new A360 will be very familiar to anyone who has mixer on one of the company’s nearly ubiquitous, blue A16II mixers. Yet, just one glance at the new A360 mixer and you’ll realize there’s a whoe lot more going on.

Case-Study: Massive Venue, Intimate Experience: Louie Giglio’s Passion 2013 Conference in Atlanta

The college-aged audience of more than 60,000 at Atlanta's Georgia Dome was treated to a massive audio, video and lighting extravaganza. With just 16 hours from the start of load-in until doors opened, the event was a clinic in production management.

First Impression: Behringer’s iQ Series Portable (and Affordable) Networked Loudspeakers

A number of other powered portable loudspeakers already accept networked multichannel audio, but most are designed for permanent installation and are priced in the $3,000-plus category. At Winter NAMM 2013, Behringer broke the price/performance barrier by offering multi-channel networked audio in a line of powered loudspeakers with prices that start at just over $500.

Case-Study: Bayside Church,Roseville, California Installs New Nexo Geo S12 Line Array

Possibly best known as Lincoln Brewster's home church, the Northern California church operates four locations with total of over 12,000 members

Review: First Impression: Sony DWZ Series Digital Wireless Systems

Sony recently launched the DWZ Series of affordably priced digital wireless systems, well built, with all the necessary features for the typical user, and just enough "coolness" to catch the attention of your friends.

Audio Review: Behringer X32 Digital Console

What throws this console into another category is the implementation of Midas programmable preamps on each input channel

Portable Loudspeaker Systems: Multipurpose Utility

Portable loudspeaker systems can be an extremely valuable piece of equipment for just about any church.

Review: First Look: Digico UB MADI Audio Interface

"...a fast, easy and solid way to record up to 48 channels of audio..."

Case-Study: St. Michael’s Upgrades to MyMix Control

“They just could not believe the difference between the analog and the digital systems,” recalls Rick Martin, director of production ministry at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Bloomington, Minnesota

Review: Audio Review: Shure ULX-D Digital Wireless Microphone System

"...virtually identical to using the wired version of the mic."

Review: Audio Review: Mackie DL1608 16-Channel Digital Live Sound Mixer with iPad Control

Its seems that Mackie has taken a page out of Apple’s book and started a unique user experience.

How-to Guide: Choosing a Mixing Console

Sometimes you need to sweat the small stuff.

Is a Good Mic Hard to Find?

What to consider in the selection and placement of drum and instrument mics in worship

First Impression: Roland M200i Live Mixing Console

With 32 channels of audio, iPad control, and a street price of just $3,495, Roland's newest V-Mixer squarely targets the church market

First Impressions: Audio-Technica System 10 Digital Wireless Microphones

This fully digital wireless unit operates in the license-free 2.4 GHz band, and offers 24-bit / 48 kHz audio – resulting in audio reproduction free of companding and interference effects possible with analog wireless transmission. The simple system appearance conceals a sophisticated RF transmission scheme, consisting of a mix of frequency, time, and space diversity.

Mic’ing for Christmas Productions: A Focus on Close-Mic’ing Actors

A CPM guide to help you make sure your Christmas productions shine--audibly.

Audio Review: Mackie DL1608 16-Channel Digital Live Sound Mixer with iPad Control (Web Version)

Mixing on the DL1608 is, in a word, fun. It offers features you’d only expect from a larger-format cons

Plugging In

"Few of us are using our console's, outboard, internal effects and plug-ins to their fullest."

Case-Study: Echo Controlled at Massachusetts Church

The church's sound system had evolved in piecemeal fashion over several years, and included a distributed system along that created more problems than it fixed.



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