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Lighting for Video: Beyond the Basics

Lighting for video is a constant battle of what we can control versus what we can mitigate. The basic principles though are just that, basic, but rarely do they account for the intangibles of each unique circumstance or environment.

Next Steps in Lighting Design

Lighting is not about merely making sure a set is properly lit. It’s about intentionally setting a mood, an atmosphere, and transforming a space into something new and captivating.

A Cinematic Approach to Lighting: Enhancing the Story

Embracing a cinematic mindset can transform the experience and effectiveness of your services in a powerful way.

Video Console or Lighting Switcher?

Lines are blurring between video director, lighting director, worship leader and sound engineer. They’re all combining to form something new, different, and perhaps, better than the sum of the parts.

Lighting Tips for Easter

Easter is the second highest attended church service after Christmas, so it’s wise to be prepared. Once you have a basic plan, lock down a schedule and put out the word to your volunteers. Then it’s time to jump into checklist mode.

Keeping Your Moving Lights Moving

Regular preventative maintenance is an oft-overlooked but important aspect of your intelligent fixture investment.

Creative Fixture Selection and Placement for Staging Design

Stage lighting can help create multiple atmospheres, not just one. Here's how to use creative fixture selection and placement to maximize your looks.

White Paper: Church Lighting Systems: Bright Ideas

As with all things tech, before opening that checkbook you’ve got to ask: what are we trying to accomplish here? And, will our infrastructure support it?

What Your Congregation Wishes You Knew About Lighting

Humans like to be directed. Show us where to look, where to focus, and make it obvious. As the space grows larger, the need for directed focus becomes more critical.

Lighting Effects: Christmas and Then Some

Experts tell us old theatre tricks are getting lost in all the new technology out there. Here are low-tech ways of achieving new looks.

Creating Immersive Environments for Christmas

Obviously, projectors can be used to display words for songs and sermon notes. However, with a little imagination and some carefully selected content, they can create amazing environments including sets for dramas, or, believe it or not, just light.

(Not) Light Decisions

From selecting LED fixtures, lighting for video, determining service and maintenance costs, and navigating leasing opportunities, this report is designed to help church techs gain wisdom on lighting fixture options for production environments.

Selecting The Right Lighting Console

Due diligence is important. After being asked to write a formal proposal for senior leaders, a church lighting designer shares his findings on how to select the right console for your church.

Essentials of IMAG Lighting

By combining these three essentials of IMAG lighting, you will be able to make sure that the investment you made in projectors, screens, and cameras was worthwhile.

Lighting Intensity: How Bright Should It Be?

Lighting intensity alone will not create effective visibility. Designers must understand how to use the contrast and angle of light and shadow to create effective visibility.

Lighting Design: Big Designs on a Small Budget

Getting professional effects from your moving lights may not be a function of the lights at all. Having a professional-quality hazer is vital to the success of your moving light effects.

Controlled Choices: A Look at Lighting Consoles

You can’t choose the right lighting console until you determine your church’s needs. What are you trying to accomplish? Our team of experts lay out the questions you must ask yourself before you’re ready to buy.

How Do You Know When the Lighting is Bad?

The answer is simple: When the stage lighting distracts you from the message of the moment. Ask yourself, “Am I feeling this song, or am I looking at the lighting?”

The Basics of Power Distribution

The great benefit of electricity is that it can be manipulated through voltage and amperage trade-offs to accomplish almost anything that the system designer wants to achieve. And therein lies the potential danger.

Shocked! Advice for Church Techs on Electricity

Electricity can pose an unseen danger of our job. Here are a few steps to make sure you don’t end up injured, or worse.

There’s No Time Like Spring to Get Ready for Christmas

Avoid the Christmas rush by dealing with lighting maintenance and updates now.

Want Better Video? Improve Your Lighting

Our congregations are accustomed to seeing great lighting for TV. Why should they expect anything less from their church?

Lighting Your Live Stream

In the future, cameras may be accurate enough to see what your eyes see. But right now we still need to compensate for their short-comings. Lighting is vital.

Moving Lights: Good Things … in Small Packages

Higher overall efficiency has helped bring low-profile moving lights into the purview of small and portable churches. Before you buy though, find out what expert sources suggest church techs look for—and avoid.

What I Wish I Knew About Lighting…

Our field attracts those who love technology because of all the shiny knobs and buttons, but it’s the art that’s important.

Your First First-Impression

From a technology standpoint, what impacts people’s impression first?

Fueling Imagination: A Conversation on Lighting Design

Designers weigh in on the relationship between technology and art.

Video Through a Lighting Designer’s Eyes

How a veteran lighting designer incorporates video into his lighting designs.

White Paper: LED Lighting Technology Ushers in a New Age

From specialized to commonplace usage, the journey of LED continues to improve and evolve while remaining well within the grasp of budget-conscious specifiers and end users.

Projection Connection

A tech veteran writer supplies must-read tips for extending your onstage set to pull in and surround attendees at your Christmas production. Learn new ways to think about projectors as light agents—and gain fresh thinking on set design

Lighting Advice for Christmas Productions

Simple doesn't have to mean boring. Lighting support for a quiet service can often be more challenging than going all-out for a rock concert.

Meet the Most Powerful Weapon In Your Lighting Arsenal: YOU

Will your lighting choices elevate services to a new high—or take them down to a new low?

Selecting Lighting Fixtures in the Age of LED

The evolving technology behind the art of lighting design

Lighting Critique: Good, Bad or Exceptional

I can’t tell you how many times a critic has reviewed one of my productions and was entirely wrong about the intent of the lighting design.

Lighting Design and the Art of Problem Solving

If you don’t adjust well to change, you should consider another area of production that does not require more than one artist.

The Quest for Lighting Console Nirvana

You may be tempted to select a lighting console because it's the one used by your favorite band, or the mega-church down the street. Don't fall into the trap. The best lighting console is the one that helps you and your crew quickly and easily get the most out of your lighting system.

Eyeing LED

Examining LED lighting developments and ever-expanding capabilities

Trends in Moving Lights

Do you know which concert tour started it all in 1981? Also, learn which technologies are now shining brightest, and what's on the horizon.

Addressing Chromatic Shadows In LED Lighting

As LED technology has progressed over the past decade, manufacturers have come up with different solutions for dealing with chromatic shadows. Each of these solutions has its advantages and drawbacks, which means that there is no one alternative that’s best for every church.

Top 5 Rookie Mistakes Lighting Designers Make

The difference between the rookie and the professional is the professional knows recognize, survive and learn from mistakes.

Q&A: Lighting Design - A Conversation About Gear

CPM queries top lighting designers about the gear they rely on (Short Version)

Tutorial: A Techy’s Guide: Preparing for Easter

And helping senior leadership realize and embrace your vision.

Lighting Design: A Must-Read Conversation About Gear

CPM queries top lighting designers about the gear they rely on—and why

At The Juncture of Video and Lighting

Using immersive design does not mean that you turn your Sunday service into a rave. Remember, you are not creating the passion, but supporting it. The congregation will appreciate it, and it could help make your service a much more satisfying worship experience for all.

Tools for Creating a Dynamic Atmosphere

Theatrical lighting fixtures are the lighting designer’s paintbrushes.Learning what fixtures should be part of your lighting palette is an essential step in your development as a lighting designer.

Light the Show, Don’t Be the Show

6 Tips from Pros to Make Your Lighting Work this Christmas

LIghting: The Good, The Bad and The Necessary

Observations and advice on lighting in the local church

Top 50 Lighting Terms Defined

Lighting terms are often misunderstood due to double meanings and definitions that depend on context. We tackle the top 50+ terms for church technical artists.

How to Automate Your Services

Tired of glitches in your services? You know --- those missed cues. Here is a way to create consistent, seamless video and lighting transitions.

The Top Five Steps to a More Effective Lighting Design

While these tips may seem simple, putting them into practice takes a lot of hard work and dedication to the craft, but has big payoffs in the end.

Moving Light Programming

Getting set up and harnessing the power of the simple preset

Four Ways to Take Your Lighting to the Next Level

By understanding the relationship of color to emotion, you can better enhance the worship experience.

Tutorial: Under the Hood

Lighting fixture maintenance can help your lights shine for years to come...affordably

A Look at Industry Tools for Working with Color

A basic principle of lighting design is to use the controllable properties of light --- intensity, direction, movement, and color --- to help convey emotion. Of those properties, color is the cheapest and easiest to change.

Full Disclosure: What every church needs to know before investing in moving lights

… you need to realize that a moving light purchase is very much a “you get what you pay for” proposition.

White Paper: Lighting Design and Fixture Selection

Understanding the basic approach to lighting design and choosing the right fixtures requires that you can identify your church’s needs and apply the right tools to meet them. This FREE white paper helps you to do just that.

Tutorial: Do-it-Yourself A/V Installations: A Recipe for Success or Disaster?

As a church leader, would you rather have energized, fully-engaged and excited or tired, disengaged and aggravated staff? Sometimes it’s a smart call to let your highly qualified, fully capable tech staff leave at 5PM while someone else does the install.

Tutorial: Lighting Design

Lighting control literally changed the world. “Designers no longer had to compromise what they envisioned just because lighting board operators could not physically adjust the individual dimmer levels fast enough…. ” Here, an afficionado considers the next new wrinkle to impact churches.

Creating Continuity For Multisite Churches

The goal is to limit variables. Like with everything else in life, we can't over communicate.

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Video System

Your video is only as good as the weakest link. What’s yours?

Lighting Easter’s Promise

Allow the story to be told in an amazing setting without distracting from it.

Does Your Pastor Know Good Lighting from Bad?

Chances are, the answer is "No." This church-practical essay by lighting expert Greg Persinger screams, “Tech guys, use this article to help your senior leadership better understand your lighting requirements and equipment requests!”

Case-Study: Massive Venue, Intimate Experience: Louie Giglio’s Passion 2013 Conference in Atlanta

The college-aged audience of more than 60,000 at Atlanta's Georgia Dome was treated to a massive audio, video and lighting extravaganza. With just 16 hours from the start of load-in until doors opened, the event was a clinic in production management.

Case-Study: GrandMa2 Goes on a Mission to the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Urbana 12

“We used one giant rig with 280 moving heads, which was set up so they could use some or all of it as they bounced back and forth from stage to stage,” explains lighting programmer Jason Greene.

What Every Church Needs To Know About Lighting Systems Upgrades

New lighting systems are more versatile and offer a wider array of lighting designs. They also require maintenance and increased skill in programming. So the important question to ask your church is: “Do we have the personnel to operate and maintain this technology?”

Lassoing Lighting Fixtures

A round up of the latest LED fixtures with high promise for church applications

Lighting Console Developments

You will be spending a lot of time with this tool. Whether you are programming the lighting to playback looks at the touch of a button, running complex, multi-cued presentations, or running the lighting manually with faders, the choice of console can help or hinder your plans.

Philips Introduces Showline, a New Brand of LED-specific Lighting Fixtures

“When it comes to the complete family of Showline LED luminaires, no other manufacturer has thought out a range of LED products in this manner,” says Brad Schiller, Showline product marketing manager.

How To Guide: LED Lighting and Control Infrastructure for Houses of Worship

Today’s data-based lIghtIng plots can often run well on what would have been consIdered Inadequate power 10 years ago.

The Challenges of New Lighting Technology

Should you take the leap into high tech?

Review: Lighting Review: JB Lighting JBLED A7 Moving Head Light

"One of the first LED fixtures we have tested that could compete with the power of conventional stage lighting fixtures."


Bringing LEDs Into Focus

No doubt, LEDs are all the rage. With lower prices, higher power and improving quality, it’s tempting to consider them viable for every application. Yet trouble-shooting, maintenance and debate over color temperature can complicate matters. Our panel of experts weigh in with advice.

Lighting Review: ETC Gio Lighting Control Console

“We loved the Gio’s programming software. It is so simple to learn that most anyone with a little training could be programming the desk in no time.”

Automated Lighting: The Latest Developments

Church Production talks to seven leading manufacturers about the latest developments, and what the future may hold.

Tutorial: Lighting for Video: A Must-Read Q and A Conversation for the Church Tech

Our panel of experts discuss lighting for different camera angles, depth-of-field, color temperatures and simple design

First Look: Osram Kreios G1 LED Image Projector

The fact that you can print the gobos in-house means they can change weekly at very little cost.

Lighting Your Easter Production - On a Budget

Strategies that you can use to achieve powerful dramatic lighting effects with a small number of fixtures.

Lighting for the Creative Church: A Roundup of New Theatrical Lighting Fixtures

We survey the market place and provide a short list of innovative products for churches small and large.

Lighting Review: Avolites Tiger Touch Lighting Control Console

The Tiger Touch console could be ideal for churches that operate “on the fly” and don’t always follow a set order.

How-to Guide to Lighting Design and Fixture Selection

Having the right tools, and knowing how to use them are two different things. While most church lighting guys haven’t invested the seven years of university study required by the lighting design profession, you can learn the basics and the build your own style and method.

Getting a Grip on Lighting Consoles

Looking for an upgrade to your tired old lighting console? We take a look at consoles from eight leading lighting console manufacturers targeting the church market.


A Roundtable on Video and Theatrical Lighting

Finding that balance between the camera and the congregation...

Review: Lighting Review:  Chroma_Q Color Force LED Fixture

"The addition of the amber LED’s in the Color Force allow for great warm colors such as ambers, red ambers and yellows."

Lighting Review: Martin Professional M1 Lighting Console

"Solidly built, tour-worthy piece of equipment inspired confidence."


Lighting Review: Mega Systems Enlighten DMX Lighting Control Software and Control Wing

Clear your mind of preconceived notions and you see Enlighten's software design may be superior for the worship market.

Theatrical Lighting

Making the artistic aspects of the lighting design drive the technical aspects.

Theatrical Lighting: A Manufacturers’ Roundtable

New product trends offer new technologies, better quality and efficiency, as church market grows more knowledgeable.

Lighting Consoles: CPM Readers Speak Up

Ease of use is important, but what about reliability and cost of ownership? Recent survey reveals long-term trends.

How’d They Do That? Colonial Baptist Church, Cary, N.C.

Church improves its lighting by eliminating nearly half the fixtures.

New Lighting Technologies Roundup

A look at the flurry of new product launches including moving lights, LEDs and iPhone apps.

Lighting Review: Prism Reveal LED Wash Fixture

"Best Debuting Product" award at LDI's 2009 lighting trade show and an exciting entry into a fiercely competitive market

Lighting for the Portable Church

Options for portable are on the rise. Manufacturers respond with innovative new products to meet the rising demand.

Lighting Console Manufacturers’ Roundtable

Trends and innovations in lighting control technology. Several manufacturers provide insight on what churches need.

Lighting Design and Color Selection

Color is a powerful and effective communicator that is easy to change at a low cost.

The Past, Present and Future of Moving Lights

New technologies, improved efficiencies, higher output, better features and lower costs



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