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Engagement vs. Entertainment

Ask a number of people across the church world and many will point to over-produced services which they feel are, in essence, a rock concert showing off gratuitous amounts of production and gregarious lead singers. Is this entertaining? No doubt. Is it engaging? It certainly can be to the right crowd.

At WFX 2015, a Behind-the-Scenes Role Takes Center Stage

A look at the Tech Directors Essentials Learning Module at WFX 2015 coming to Nashville's Music City Center

Top 5 Ways to Encourage Online Community

The more intentional you are about engagement, the more "real" your online community will become. Here are five ways to encourage engagement in your streaming ministry.

The Medium for the Message

Missionary filmmaker strives to proclaim, advocate, and recruit with film

Church Tech: Money Pit?

Don't allow this perception to handcuff the ministry God has called you to. Use it as a launching pad into a new way of doing ministry.

Equipment Purchasing: 3 Key Action Steps

If you are using technology to help spread the Gospel at your church, staying up to date and investing wisely can prove challenging. Here’s how to effectively plan to make that happen.

Gimme Some Air! A Church Tech’s Guide to Handheld Condenser Mics

Why go condenser, and what’s available at different price points? CPM lays out an abundance of options right for any sized church’s needs and budget.

Five Reasons You Should be at InfoComm 2015

InfoComm is more church-specific than ever and it’s coming to Orlando this June. Here are five reasons church techs need to attend.

Expectations vs Reality: Why Techs Get Grumpy

Techs are often labeled “dream killers” because we always say no to our pastor’s ideas. No wonder there is an undercurrent of distrust between the tech team and the rest of the staff.

Are You Letting Your Gear Define Who You Are?

Being jealous of the church up the street doesn’t help your situation. And you, church up the street, why not offer help to the church that’s a fraction your size.

What We Learned from Christmas 2014

Instead of Christmas being the exception, maybe it should be the proof that we are in the habit of doing things right.

Philippians 4, and the A/V Tech’s Guide to…Plumbing?

Phiippians 4:5 says “Let your reasonableness be known to everyone.”

WFX 2014: “Go Ahead, Touch the Gear”

While the WFX expo is much smaller than NAB or InfoComm, the room completely caters to the church and its needs.

WFX 2014 Pre-Conference: Tech Leaders Retreat

I came into the Tech Leaders Retreat at WFX thinking I had real "issues" at my church. God began to show me that we all have “issues” and that’s why Church Technical Leaders is so important.

Top 3 Reasons TD’s Don’t Ask for Help

It takes a big dose of humility for most techies to admit that they don't know something. Leaders should always be learning. And good leaders should always be demonstrating humility.

Defining a Successful Church Service

The success of a service isn't defined by the quality of the technical production. If it was, then we'd be at church for all the wrong reasons.

The Balance Between Excellence and Excess

There's nothing wrong with a big show production in the church. Just don't get caught up in production for production's sake only.

A Successful Plan “A” Needs a Plan “B”

Plan A can only take care of the things we can plan for. What about the unplanned for things? Plan B.

Starting a Multisite? Get advice!

Learn from Multisite Experts with LeadLab Multisite in St. Louis, June 10th

How to Implement Change in Your Tech Team

Change will always be difficult for some people. Here are three crucial steps to help assure changes go smoothly.

When Should You Start Planning for Your Next Special Event?

Here are eight questions you need to answer while planning your next live production event.

Top 9 Steps for Preventing The Easter Pageant Nightmare

Experienced producers and directors know it’s easier to change an existing plan than create one from scratch at the last minute. Sos start planning early.

Top 3 Ways to Simplify Your Tech Department

Sometimes you may sacrifice a little bit of control for ease of use. But keep in mind, one of the biggest reasons people drop out of technology ministries is because they simply couldn't understand it.

Tech Director Torture: The Engineer in the Audience

Don't judge me. You do it, too. Admit it. You no longer just hear the song, all you focus on that ringing snare or the acoustic guitar that's ready to feed back. Two things happened that changed my attitude when sitting in the audience.

Recruiting the Right Volunteers

While every AV guy wishes he or she had more help, for the most part we end up avoiding the recruiting process. If you do decide to go looking for volunteers,

Christmas Production Work…in January?

Come next holiday season, you don't want to hear yourself say, "oh yeah, we had this same problem last year." Be pro-active, have a plan, and enjoy the next Christmas season.

Lessons in the Art of Communication

Communicating with A/V civilians can be difficult. But we can be our own greatest obstacle--especially when we are irritated or stressed.

Critiquing Your Services: The Good and the Bad

Your service isn't filled with one type of personality, so your critique meeting shouldn't be either. A creative will have a much different take away from the service than say a more analytical thinker. Before the meeting, each person in attendance is charged with answering three questions.

Christmas Planning…Before You Have The Plan

Even if I don’t have anything else figured out, establishing a preliminary schedule gets me in the right headspace to operate to my strengths.

Gearing Up for Worship: The Ten-Year Rule

Nothing in my Technical Director’s Handbook says I should use the church resources to create a personal gear playground.

Critiquing Your Services

Northview's post-service meeting includes the entire worship and production team, and some pastors. It's essential to point out what worked and what didn’t, what engaged the congregation or stood out like a sore thumb.

Cultivating The Spiritual Side

It’s easy for technical artists to focus on developing technical and artistic skills. We have a drive to get better. But how much time do we spend cultivating the spiritual side of what we do?

First Impression: PeerAir Pico Broadcaster

A digital signage solution for churches

Five Reasons You Should be at NAB

This year's show addresses areas houses of worship need to be informed about.


Bridging the Gap Between Performers and Tech Crew

For years, I thought I had the wrong idea on this, until I started working in professional AV and witnessed the results of unity between the performers and crew.

Top 5 Love Languages For Techies

You've heard of the Five Languages of Love. Those are for normal people. For techies, a different approach is required.

Top 5 Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Church’s Sound System

Sometimes small improvements add up to a big improvement and eliminate the need for a big spend.

Night of Worship Caps Day One of the Winter NAMM Show

While the audio and lighting were world-class and concert-quality, what stood out were the massive side screens. This was IMAG on steriods.

Just Because You’re Productive, Doesn’t Mean You’re Creative

When it comes to creative work, productivity is far less important. Creativity is about blocking off times where you can think, read, and wander.

First Impression: Vue Audiotechnik al-4 Subcompact Line Array Loudspeaker System

The subcompact line array market is heating up, and while not the right choice for every application, there are plenty of situations where they are just right. The new al-4 system has some very interesting features that look—on paper at least—like a great solution for portable churches or smaller venues on a campus.

First Impression: Audio Artistry CBT36 Loudspeaker System

Having heard an early version of the company's CBT design leads me to believe the audio in this video could be real.

New Year Reset

We love what we do, yet the grind can rob us of joy and strip away our ability to love others well.

Review: Audio Review: Heil Sound HDK-7 Drum Mic Kit

"These mics sound very natural, and respond to EQ and compression very well."

Review: Audio Review: Clear-Com CC-300 Intercom Headset

"There are a lot of little features that make the design on this headset really smart."

Investment in Youth

Harbor Light Church pours into the next generation of AVL techs

Divining the Right Vocal Microphone

Practical and church-specific selection, technique, and processing insight can help take out the guesswork

Easter Planning: A Church Tech’s Insight

Getting out of the concept stage and into action, on time

Review: Audio Review: Allen & Heath GLD-80 Digital Mixing Console

"Straight out of the box, this board looks like something that makes sense without even turning it on."

A/V Technology Aids in Sandy Relief

New York area churches host Thanksgiving dinners and parade broadcast

A Tech Director’s Guide to 2013 (With a Few Unexpected Questions About 2012)

What if in planning for 2013, you ignored the usual questions about "improvement" and instead used joy as a litmus test for discovering your strengths?

‘Twas the Week After Christmas….

Top 5 suggestions to refresh and regroup after a long and demanding Christmas season.

Case-Study: Tithing on a Tech Director’s Income

"I unashamedly carried on thinking that God didn’t need 10% of my meager ministry paycheck."

Church Tech Leaders Praying for Christmas Productions

Sync: Christmas 2012 is a call to prayer on December 4th for everyone involved in this year's Christmas services and productions.


Audio Review – Behringer X32 Digital Mixing Console (Web Version)

Right out of the box, this didn’t resemble a console boasting an MSRP of just $2,899.99.

Back Talk: Rehearsals

Rehearsals are not a time for the us and them thing.

Review: Audio Review: Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Mixing Console

With new LCD channel labels, fresh buttons and an updated fader “feel,” the CL5 responds in a very detailed manner that feels solid.

Review: Audio Review: RF GURU Wireless Frequency Coordination Program

“...this powerful product is a worthy and cost-effective means to relieve the headache of interference.”

Review: Video Review: NEC NP-PH1000U Professional Installation Projector

"It’s a top shelf projector all the way with two air-cooled lamps (and) an 11,000-lumen brightness rating...."



The Volunteers’ Bodyguard

Shortly after I became technical director at my church, I made a decision. I would be my volunteers’ bodyguard. I had experienced all the unsolicited opinions and criticisms myself, and I vowed that wouldn’t happen to my volunteers under my watch.

Live from WFX 2012: Wednesday Highlights

WFX Atlanta, Day One, started bright an early, but it didn’t take long for attendees to be reminded of why they were here.

WFX Announces 2012 Award Winners

Solomon Awards, New Product Technology Awards and New Product Facility Awards recognized at annual conference in Atlanta

Live from WFX 2012: Highlights of the Tech Leaders Retreat, Day One

Preshow events are rarely highlights at a tradeshow, yet the Tech Leaders Retreat at WFX, which began Tuesday, September 18, 2012 has grown into one of the most anticipated and important aspects of the WFX event.


The Mic Stand Reinvented: Galaxy Audio Introduces the Standformer

The Standformer MST-C series mic stand folds down with the boom arm neatly concealed within the center of the stand itself so the unit is ultra-compact to carry and store.

Relationship and Influence: Worship Leaders and Technical Directors

The tech director's role is one that relies much more on interaction with finite electronic systems. It’s the moments when it’s “man and machine” that the tech director often feels the most freedom and contribution to the worship service. The worship leader? Well the two positions couldn't be much more different.

Case-Study: CTS Audio Specs New Yamaha CL Consoles on Women of Faith Tour

“The console is the best sounding console that Yamaha has put out so far in the digital market," says Mike Taylor, VP,


Panasonic Aims to Redefine Entry-Level, Professional Video Camera Market WIth New AC90

Aimed at the worship, corporate and sports markets, the new unit features 3MOS sensor, HD and SD image capture, manual controls and a list price of just $2250.

Back Talk: Extreme Church Tech Makeover

How cool is it that a bunch of churches are coming together to help another church—led not by the outreach departments or executive pastors, but by the tech teams?

Five Warning Signs You May Have the Wrong Integrator or Consultant?

Your church just realized it's made a huge mistake. You signed a contract with the wrong contractor. While this situation is truly heartbreaking, it is possible to prevent it. Here are some signs that you should think twice before hiring a specific company to work with your church.

Case-Study: More Than One Way to Worship

A multi-purpose facility with customized AVL helps a Louisiana church add flavor to its mix

How iReview: Preparation IS the Event

One simple fact remains after every event we do. You can’t change the outcome of an event afterward, but you can change the way you prepare for the next one.

Enhancing Production Communications at Hope Community Church

In addition to the four weekly services—two on Saturday and two on Sunday—Hope Community Church also hosts kids-oriented sitcom productions every month.

On Leading and Being Led: Communication and the Art of Transparency

Communications can be difficult for tech people. Most of us would be more comfortable trouble shooting a sound system than working on an inter-personal work relationship.

Mistakes Small Churches Make: Bad Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is essentially an experiment to determine which part of your system is malfunctioning. If you just start anywhere, you will likely get confused and lose track of what you know.

Do Copyright Laws Stifle Creativity?

Sometimes, in an effort to get “it” done on time, we are tempted to take the easy way out.

Review: First Look: Earthworks SR40V High Definition Vocal Microphone

“I’ve auditioned a lot of microphones in my life, and this is one impressive mic.”

Gurus of Tech 2012

The idea of Gurus started 10 plus years ago, as a way for church production people to get together and share ideas.

Back Talk: Great Expectations - Bridging the Communications Divide

Unreasonable timelines, unrealistic expectations. The solution? Create a culture of do unto others.

Review: Video Review: Adobe After Effects CS5.5 Software

"It’s mind-boggling what you can do with this application."

Review: Product Review: iPower Corp. Rechargeable 9V Li-Polymer Batteries

"We tested the iPower units during the Christmas season, undoubtedly one of our busiest times of the year."

Audio Review: Audio-Technica ATM510 Cardioid Dynamic Handheld Microphone

"...why not try something new that has been designed in this century for live vocals?"

Case-Study: Transparent Technology

Now, volunteers more easily contribute as the media ministry grows at Calvary Spokane in Washington State

Case-Study: Contemporary Sound for a Growing Traditional Ministry

First Baptist Church of Decatur, Ala., gears up for a contemporary future, respecting a traditional worship environment.

How To Guide to Image Magnification (IMAG)

The common consensus is that it is better not to do IMAG than to do it poorly.

Review: Video Review: Matrox MXO2 LE MAX Video Accelerator

"I love the fact that rendering was accelerated greatly and timeline playback was smoother."

Review: First Look: Mogan | Elite Earset Microphone

"This well-conceived microphone, weighing in at less than half an ounce, proves to be a worthy contender."

New Monitor Mixing Solution Improves Musician Performances at Alabama Church

Willowbrook Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama Chooses myMix for their monitor/mixing needs.

New Audio System Supports Traditional and Semi-Contemporary Services

10,000-member church congregation invest in technology as part of $5 million renovation and expansion.

CS6 Products Anchor New Adobe Creative Cloud Offering

Upgrades to Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, In Design, Premiere, Audition create "the ultimate toolkit" for design, Web and video professionals

NAB Show 2012—The Place for Live Event Production Professionals This Spring

Preshow Report - For the press, NAB starts at least a day earlier than most attendees. This year, the preshow press conferences revealed a host of new products for churches from Ross Video, Panasonic, Sony and Snell.

Countryman Associates Introduces H6 Headset Microphone

Designed for a more secure fit, and enhanced durability, the new headset is compatible with nearly all wireless systems

Back Talk: The Temptation to Copy

My exhortation is that we don’t lose the identity of our own congregation to become like another.

Review: Audio Review: Alto TMX 200 20-channel Powered Mixer

This flexible powered mixer with on-board effects offers a significant amount of versatility

Review: Video Review: GoPro HD Hero Camera

An impressive spec list, including 1080p video recording in a H.264 MPEG-4 codec

Review: Video Review: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 Non-Linear Video Editing Software

Adobe Premiere’s tight integration with other Adobe products, including Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator



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