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Are You Listening? Why Feedback is Critical

When’s the last time you asked for an opinion? Sometimes it takes a gut-check to get past the ego and search for much needed perspective.

Incorporating Change: The Path of Least Resistance

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. Choose to embrace both.

Creating a Master A/V Equipment Plan

Most financial planners recommend having a personal “emergency fund” -- money set aside in the event something unexpected happens, such as a car repair. The same works for any church production department.

Collaboration: The Secret To Great Tech

Our culture seems to spur us on toward individual achievement, and yet, real innovation, creativity and growth multiply with a collaborative approach.

Women in Church Tech

"Encouragers" at heart, here are just a few of the many women working behind the cameras and consoles, in front of the production staff and volunteers.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Keys to “The Worship Leader, Audio Engineer Relationship. Unlocking the secret to collaboration happens when we leverage the talents and insights of each person, allowing shared ideas to flow effortlessly.

2016: Establishing a New Year’s Plan

How can you make this year better than last? If you don't have a plan, it's just wishful thinking. Resolutions tend to deal with surface issues. My challenge is to take things a bit deeper.

What Your Church Board Should Understand About Sound

Committees are uncomfortable spending money on something they don’t understand. When it comes to audio, sell the benefits rather than the features.

What Will You STOP Doing in 2016?

Sometimes the best resolution you can make is about subtraction rather than addition.

The Christmas Eve Hypocrite

I know we’re all busy. We’re tech people; we go, go, go. But I have to warn you. Do not become cynical about the miracles of Christmas. They still happen today. Here's proof.

Sweat The Small Stuff

Improving your cues and transitions will single handedly transform the way your service operates. Be sure to clarify and practice all your transitions, entrances, lighting cues, camera shots --- every potential moment where elements are changing.

A 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Church Techs

Have a church technical professional for whom you just can't find a gift? We've got you covered.

Preparing Your Team for Christmas

To think you can operate in a business-as-usual fashion for the upcoming Christmas season is not only misguided, but fails to take advantage of potential training, delegation, and growth --- growth not only from your team, but you, as a leader.

Why WFX?

The world is complicated and the WFX Show helps church leaders parse a new landscape of communication and community.

“Becoming” a Healthy Team Culture

A healthy organizational culture doesn’t come from having the right meetings, or having the right core values, or having the right motivational posters on the wall. It comes from how well the life and values of the leadership are represented in the behavior of the team or the organization. Healthy leader behavior leads to healthy team culture.

At WFX 2015, a Behind-the-Scenes Role Takes Center Stage

A look at the Tech Directors Essentials Learning Module at WFX 2015 coming to Nashville's Music City Center

Your Tech Team: Just the Means to an End?

If we change the desired outcome from technical excellence or growing the church to building people, then we can use ministry as the vehicle used to accomplish the vision.

How to Gain The Trust of Senior Leaders

Trust should guide and guard our communication through a disagreement so we reach our common purpose together.

Top 8 Strategies to Improve Productivity

We can feel very busy. But by the time we respond to everyone else's needs we may or may not have produced anything for our core job. Think about it.

Church Tech: Money Pit?

Don't allow this perception to handcuff the ministry God has called you to. Use it as a launching pad into a new way of doing ministry.

Managing the Stress of Ministry

Enjoy your jobs and ministry work, but don’t make them your highest priority. The most important ministry you have is your family.

LeadLab: Equipping Leaders

LeadLab creates a space for church techs to gather and tackle topics such as communication, passion and vision.

The Seven Day Sound Check: The Key to Stop the Last Minute Chaos

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out during sound checks? The change begins by starting your next sound check now.

Secrets to Productive Tech Team Meetings

I have to admit that I went into so many production meetings just waiting to shoot down ideas.This put me into a very negative space, making me a pretty bad team player. Then one day, I turned a corner.

Are You Controlling Technology or Vice Versa?

For the first time in history we have at our fingertips nearly all of the information in the world. So I ask the question, “Are you using technology or is technology using you?”

Searching for Meaning After Ministry

I never questioned the significance of my work when I was in ministry, and I wasn’t honestly prepared to have to search for it when I left.

Five Reasons You Should be at InfoComm 2015

InfoComm is more church-specific than ever and it’s coming to Orlando this June. Here are five reasons church techs need to attend.

Programming Tips for Pastor, Worship and Tech Teams

Despite what might be a fantastic teaching ministry, attendees will often "connect" with a church (or not) based on musical portion of the services.

Surviving Change

Regardless of why change is happening or what the change is, we all need to come to grips with the fact that change is coming, and figure out ways to deal with it.

Expectations vs Reality: Why Techs Get Grumpy

Techs are often labeled “dream killers” because we always say no to our pastor’s ideas. No wonder there is an undercurrent of distrust between the tech team and the rest of the staff.

Are There Concert-Quality Expectations for Your Church Services?

Start by debunking what concert-quality means. Face it, they have hiccups too. So it may be time to right size your expectations and define what is excellent for your team.

Easter Planning: Rising to the Occasion

What can you do now to prepare your team for Easter? As a veteran techie notes, "There is no need to bear the weight of the world on your shoulders."

Hey, Can We Talk?

Top 5 steps to help ease the transition when you lose a key team member.

Not Resolutions, Foundations for 2015

It's easy to get caught up in the to-do’s of being a technical director. But if I lose sight of the people actually making it happen, then I’m not doing my job at all.

What We Learned from Christmas 2014

Instead of Christmas being the exception, maybe it should be the proof that we are in the habit of doing things right.

Philippians 4, and the A/V Tech’s Guide to…Plumbing?

Phiippians 4:5 says “Let your reasonableness be known to everyone.”

Are You Too Focused?

Technical staff and volunteers have to be focused. This isn't a bad thing. But we all have a gorilla (or two) in our work that we probably can't see because of our focus.

Five Reasons You Need To Be At the LDI Show

Here are a few key reasons why it’s worth the time for those with staging, video, sound and lighting responsibilities to attend.

What I Learned When I Walked Away

After five years in technical ministry, I'm proud of the result. There are things I would do differently though.

Yes, You Are Part of the Band

The relationship between a band and a tech will follow very closely to the relationship modeled between the tech director and the worship pastor.

WFX Post-Show: Sustaining the High

While I learned that I really want a brand new SSL audio console and that the laser projectors are really cool, my biggest take away from WFX is that my job is so much more than gear. It’s about relationship and people.

WFX 2014: “Go Ahead, Touch the Gear”

While the WFX expo is much smaller than NAB or InfoComm, the room completely caters to the church and its needs.

WFX 2014 Pre-Conference: Tech Leaders Retreat

I came into the Tech Leaders Retreat at WFX thinking I had real "issues" at my church. God began to show me that we all have “issues” and that’s why Church Technical Leaders is so important.

300+ Reasons to Attend WFX 2014

WFX is a national conference and expo for church leaders who are seeking education, services and products to help grow their ministries. The event will be Dallas this October 1-2.

Improv and the Art of Church Tech

If we hope to create life-changing moments through the creative and technical arts, we must embrace improvisation and diplomacy.

Top 4 Steps to a Stress-free Soundcheck

Maintaining a stress-free sound check does not simply mean that everything is working technically. It's also about keeping a professional, clean and relaxing environment.

Top 3 Reasons TD’s Don’t Ask for Help

It takes a big dose of humility for most techies to admit that they don't know something. Leaders should always be learning. And good leaders should always be demonstrating humility.

Defining a Successful Church Service

The success of a service isn't defined by the quality of the technical production. If it was, then we'd be at church for all the wrong reasons.

Let It Go: Grieving a Technical Mistake

I was as prepared as I could be. Most of sound check went well. I was just starting to feel like things were going to be fine when it happened.

You Work Hard. But Are You Passionate?

You know the ‘knobology ‘ of our gear and the technical routine to make the service happen. We consider those to be our gifts. But I believe an oft-neglected aspect of our gifts is a God-given passion to use them, invest in them and grow them. I think that as a group we need to do better.

The Tale of the Territorial Soundman

Ever run into a soundman who doesn’t really know what he’s doing, but refuses to allow anyone else to touch his rig?

Why We Must Love the Constant Complainers

Working in technical production, we are sure to hear our share of complaints. But, what about those who seem to never stop complaining?

The Secret to Effective Troubleshooting

The guys who immediately go into into panic mode are usually volunteers who have never set up a rig.

What’s New for WFX 2014

This year, WFX will offer a more guided approach to the way attendees learn

Five Steps for Better Volunteer Training

One of the biggest mistakes that ministry leaders can make is to put a volunteer into a role without adequate training.

Leadership 101: Leading People Who Are Smarter Than You

So what happens when some young geek shows up that proves to be smarter than you are?

How to Work with Highly Artistic People

I could say this article is about dealing with highly creative people, but that wouldn't be accurate.

The Excellence Paradox

We must constantly be asking, is this a tool to draw people into the message, or is it simply a distraction?

A Successful Plan “A” Needs a Plan “B”

Plan A can only take care of the things we can plan for. What about the unplanned for things? Plan B.



The Purpose and Vision of Church Tech Leaders

Foster Community. Equip Leaders. Serve the Church

How to Implement Change in Your Tech Team

Change will always be difficult for some people. Here are three crucial steps to help assure changes go smoothly.

5 Things Tech Directors Need to Protect

Here's how to protect yourself, your gear and your family. Why? Because sometimes we can let the production world become a kind of idol.

How to Develop a Successful Audio Team

If I could hand them the most annoying and monotonous jobs, the least visible positions and the menial, tedious stuff and they showed back up next week, I knew I had a winner.

More About Church Technical Leaders

Church Technical Leaders is all about fostering relationships, equipping leaders and serving the church.

LeadLab:MULTISITE Announced

For churches exploring or executing multiple campuses, LeadLab:MULTISITE is focused on delivering the answers needed.

LeadLab Coming to California in August 2014

LeadLab is coming to two California cities the second week of August 2014. Registration is now open.

Woe Is Me: Eeyore and the Plight of the Church TD

I feel like I know this Eeyore. In fact, I feel like I know quite a few Eeyores, and most of them are involved in the production and technical side.

Top 3 Ways to Simplify Your Tech Department

Sometimes you may sacrifice a little bit of control for ease of use. But keep in mind, one of the biggest reasons people drop out of technology ministries is because they simply couldn't understand it.

The Busiest Guy in the Church

I see too many guys taking on every assignment from their church because they think it is exactly what God wants for their life. Dude. It's just a gig. Do it well, but it's not your life.

Leadership 101: Leading Your Leaders

Part of a tech director's responsibility is to lead leaders effectively. It's a tricky skill that takes some practice, but is well worth the effort.

Tech Director Torture: The Engineer in the Audience

Don't judge me. You do it, too. Admit it. You no longer just hear the song, all you focus on that ringing snare or the acoustic guitar that's ready to feed back. Two things happened that changed my attitude when sitting in the audience.

Leadership 101: Leading Peers

Leading your peers is more of an art than a science. Here are 5 steps to working with other ministry leaders who are looking to you for support and advice.

Leadership 101: Leading Those Under You

It is easy to get hung up on the word “leader.” Remember your job is to serve them first.

Recruiting the Right Volunteers

While every AV guy wishes he or she had more help, for the most part we end up avoiding the recruiting process. If you do decide to go looking for volunteers,

Top 5 Things Attendees Won’t Tell You

Your congregation wants technology, but they want it to be transparent. They know it's there but they don't want to see it. That takes an added measure of skill from you and your team. But it is well worth the effort, and your congregation will thank you for it.

Becoming a Technical Interpreter

It is very important win the trust of your church leadership. They need to realize that you are not just chasing the latest shiny object, but that your goals are to reach people in the most dynamic and effective way possible.

Christmas Production Work…in January?

Come next holiday season, you don't want to hear yourself say, "oh yeah, we had this same problem last year." Be pro-active, have a plan, and enjoy the next Christmas season.

Lessons in the Art of Communication

Communicating with A/V civilians can be difficult. But we can be our own greatest obstacle--especially when we are irritated or stressed.

Top 3 Keys to a Successful Tech Rehearsal

Our’s is a work of translation. Our mission is to take whatever is in the pastor, worship leader or director’s imagination and make it real. We take whatever they are envisioning and give life to it. We have to make their vision jump off the stage and into the audience. That’s your challenge. That’s the skill. That’s where you find excellence.

Thanks or No Thanks?

Everyone else’s schedule seems to lighten up this time of year, yet ours intensifies. Despite the demands, here are three reasons to be thankful.

Beating Burn Out

Does serving really have to burn us out? Not if you keep a balance of your time with God and time you serve. By spending time with your heavenly father, what seems like work will once again become a fulfilling.

Christmas Planning…Before You Have The Plan

Even if I don’t have anything else figured out, establishing a preliminary schedule gets me in the right headspace to operate to my strengths.

Avoiding Burnout: The Discipline of Learning

Becoming a disciplined, habitual learner will inspire those around you, and help make your job more fulfilling.

Leading Volunteers to Excellence

It may come as a surprise to us gear geeks, but many of the people we work with --- the volunteer on camera one or the guy who runs the lighting console on Wednesday nights --- are passionate about the church, but they are not necessarily passionate about technology.



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