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Optimize Your Stage Design with Modular, Reusable Components

Here's how to fill your staging toolbox with materials that can be used now and repurposed for your next design.

Stage Design: Developing The Concept

One of the biggest problems with stage design is just getting started. We often tell ourselves, “I’m not a creative person.” Not only is that false thinking, but it limits our ability to expand our mind and profession.

Andrew Stone’s Stagecraft Survival Kit

Andrew Stone prefers not to use headlamp-style flashlights. They mess with his spiky hair.

Practicing Good Stagecraft: Not a “Should,” but a “Must”

You're never too small to start practicing proper stagecraft technique. Doing things 'right' doesn’t have to be expensive.

Creative Fixture Selection and Placement for Staging Design

Stage lighting can help create multiple atmospheres, not just one. Here's how to use creative fixture selection and placement to maximize your looks.

Church Stage Design: Lessons in Form Following Function

What we are trying to communicate with our church stage design? Throwing up eye candy, dangling tchotchkes and hoards of wooden pallets may fill the space, but is it serving our purpose?

Connecting Stage Design and The Message

Consider the culture. What speaks to them? All great presenters consider who they are speaking to and tailor their presentation to that audience for more effectiveness. This same approach can be used for stage design

Ready, Set, Go!

Tips and tricks for creating an awesome Christmas staging design.

Designing Versatile Stages

Advice for building simple, safe and volunteer-friendly stage designs.

Top 4 Elements of Stage Design

Like theatre, a worship service is an art that occurs over time. So the composition of a quality stage set can change from light cue to light cue.

USITT Celebrates 2015 Rigging Safety Day

Organization hopes to make Arbor Day an annual way to support rigging safety programs and raise awareness of backstage safety.

Staging, Set Design and Safety

The adage “well that’s how we’ve always done it” is not credible in an situation that is constantly evolving.

Practical Stage Design for IMAG

Next to lighting, set design has the biggest effect on the quality of your church's IMAG

Last Minute Scenic Fixes for Christmas

Many box store purchases can add extra warmth to staging areas quickly and inexpensively

Quick Staging Tips for the Holiday Season

Your congregation is probably used to seeing the same basic staging and lighting all year during. So the most effective thing you can do is to shake it up a bit.

Stage Design 101: Practical Planning and Execution

Top 5 steps for laying out your Holiday design, and making sure it's do-able.

Avoiding Stupid Accidents: “Is it OK if I Swing From Your Truss?”

Changes in production designs occur all the time. That is the nature of stage production. Any change in the design can have a ripple effect that affects the entire production. This not only can this have negative affects on the aesthetic of the production, but also on the safety of the entire rig.

What “Cirque du Soleil” Can Teach Your Church About Rigging

We are all used to doing things a certain way. But what if you learned how to do something the wrong way?

What Your Church Needs to Know About Rigging and Winches

Your day can go from good to bad if you break the winch while loading your ATV on a trailer. It can go from good to deadly if it breaks while holding equipment over people’s heads.

Staging Ideas for Easter

As you prepare for Easter (or just another week of worship), quit taking your staging for granted and consider making some changes that will give your service or program a new and unique look.

Using Truss as a Scenic Element

While truss is still the go-to tool for holding lights, don’t forget that it takes light well and can add to the overall look of the stage.

Set Design on a Budget

The key to creating effective stage designs on a budget is to use your imagination. Simplicity and honesty is usually much more effective than the most expensive stage set.

The Basic Elements of Stage Design

The mood of a production can shift throughout the play.The best way to do this is usually through lighting. However, the set designer must create a scene that takes and reflects light so that the lighting designer can use it to project the mood to the audience.

Do-It-Yourself Rigging: Is Your Church Prepared for the Liability

Even if you have a staff member with rigging experience, you should think twice.

Rigging Made Easy: How to Use Crimping Tools and Swages

Remember that a great-looking set is only a success if it is also presents a safe environment. Ensure you are use the proper tools to assemble and fly your scenery, and make a commitment to constantly improve your rigging skills.

Creative Scenic Design for Churches

The goal for the scenic designer is to create an ambiance, an atmosphere, a unique concept --- an expression that aids in the Great Commission.

Rigging Made Easy: Using Aircraft Cable and Cable Gliders

One reason churches often have great difficulty with scenery is that most of us don’t use it enough to continually get better at making and using it.

Rigging, Truss, and Pipe: How to Keep Your Congregation Safe

Anytime that you hang something above head height there is always a risk of injury or death if the item decides to fall. Incorrect rigging could fail and cause the lights hung with the rigging to fall.

Tutorial: The Inside Scoop on Live Event Planning

Experts estimate it takes a team 25-30 hours of planning and prep work in the weeks before hosting a concert or major event at a church. That is time spent coordinating volunteers, and working with tour personnel and outside vendors to ensure a well executed event.

Tutorial: Staging Experts Speak

Performing arts centers and many churches have much in common. Major differences can include staff size and level of expertise, size of budgets and a commitment (or lack of) to routine maintenance. Our team of experts explore these and other facets.

Tutorial: Do-it-Yourself A/V Installations: A Recipe for Success or Disaster?

As a church leader, would you rather have energized, fully-engaged and excited or tired, disengaged and aggravated staff? Sometimes it’s a smart call to let your highly qualified, fully capable tech staff leave at 5PM while someone else does the install.

On a Wing and a Prayer (and a Wire!)

Helping angels take flight at First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale’s Christmas Production



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