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Streaming From Mobile Devices

You can podcast from your smart phone. You can even take video and edit it on your tablet. But, does this mean mobile devices are good for live streaming? Yes and no.

Simple Next Steps for Streaming Ministries

How do you get from where you are to where you want to be? Here's a hint: Start with audio.

White Paper: Is the Cloud Your Best Bet for Streaming Your Church’s Message?

How do you ensure your church’s live streaming solution is flexible enough to adjust with the shifting technological landscape, is easy enough for non-specialized staff to manage, and delivers the best possible experience to your audiences?

What’s New in Streaming Hardware?

Streaming technology continues to evolve to the benefit of both high-end, production-oriented churches and those that are just getting started. If you are new to streaming, or just need an update on the protocols and acronyms, here’s a quick look at the basics.

PTZ Cameras: Are They Right for Live Streaming?

Shop carefully, not only for resolution, remote controls and fluidity of motion, but also for the right control protocol. The choice of control protocol may make the difference between a system that’s a delight to use and one that no one wants to touch.

How Many Cameras Does it Take to Live Stream?

It can be difficult to find the right balance between too few cameras that bore the viewer and so many that you’re wasting money because you don’t use them all.

Streaming Ministry: Dealing with a Continual Tweaker

So how do you deal with a “tweaker” who wants to “makes things better,” but in fact makes things worse?

The 10 Keys To Shooting A Great Video Interview

Most video interviews are boring and lacking emotion. Rule #1: Be as lean and mean as possible. The bigger the set-up, the more nervous an interviewee becomes.

Top 5 Ways to Encourage Online Community

The more intentional you are about engagement, the more "real" your online community will become. Here are five ways to encourage engagement in your streaming ministry.

Making Your Live Stream Surge

Tips for streaming live— and seeing unmistakable results.

Simple Improvements to Make an Average Live-Stream Better

Start by watching your live-stream (or even a recording of it) with the sound down, paper in hand. Look for things that you can improve. Come up with what’s possible to fix right now, but feel free to dream about the future as well.

Video Streaming and Time-shifting on a Budget

Streaming to an online audience, streaming to a satellite location with time-shift, and creating video on demand (VOD) all presented challenges for this Dallas-based Grace Bible Church. Time-shifting to the second sanctuary turned out be the toughest.

White Paper: Operating an Online, Streaming-Based Ministry

Here are some practical considerations and solutions to make live streaming work for your multi-sites and remote locations, as well as your online attendees.

Top 12 Misconceptions About Live Streaming

Misconceptions can be technical, artistic, or financial. Regardless, they often deter churches from starting to stream, and in turn keep churches from being as effective as they could be.

How to Promote Your Church’s Live Stream

Simply having a live stream doesn't guarantee that people will watch. You have to tell people that your live stream exists and guide them to it.

Lighting Your Live Stream

In the future, cameras may be accurate enough to see what your eyes see. But right now we still need to compensate for their short-comings. Lighting is vital.

Streaming Solutions: Is Your Church Settling for “Good Enough”?

While the standards aren’t yet set in stone, UHD looks like it’s going to be the next step in the growth of television. And it presents an opportunity for churches to position themselves as early adopters.

Directing for the Live Stream

Balance the needs of the audiences you serve. Each shot you take comes at the expense of others. Close-ups provide detail for the live audience, while wide shots provides context for the internet viewer.

SD, HD or 4K? The Future of Live Streaming and Why

Some churches might be willing to take the plunge to invest in 4K streaming today. Should they?

Improving Sound for Your Live Stream

Don’t let poor audio get in the way of building your online audience.

Attendance is Down. Blame the Live Stream.

What’s going on if attendance has dropped, but your online congregation has increased?

Streaming Best Practices: Creative Ways to Expand Reach

Watch parties, mini-campuses and pastor-sharing are just a few of many new innovations.

White Paper: Bringing Congregations Together with Video Streaming

The use of HD video streaming is a growing trend that can connect multiple campuses under a shared worship experience. This paper provides a framework for understanding and aligning the variables at play, and guides you through workflows for time-shifted video, real-time broadcast and bi-directional, interactive experiences.

Best Practices: Separating Your Live Stream from the Crowd

Better production quality is one way to separate your live stream from others. But there are other strategies for getting noticed.

Streaming Media

First Ask "Why?" Then Ask "How?"

Streaming Best Practices:  Protecting Your Congregation

It's a sad reality that churches need to think these thoughts. You just have to be intentional and minimize risk to make sure that your live-stream helps people while not hurting or revealing those who are vulnerable.

Choosing a Live Streaming Host

Choosing a host isn't easy. Do you choose ease-of-use or power? What about low cost versus customer service?

30 Day Worship Sound Tools Videos

Worship M.D. audio expert Doug Gould's collection of 30 instructional videos presented by PreSonus

Best Practices: Streaming for Mobile Devices

With LTE quickly becoming the standard, it’s easy to forget that there are still a fair number of 2G and 3G devices out there.

Accelerating Your Video Production Work

How your video card’s GPU system can make your video production work more efficient

Tutorial: Streaming Strategies

Solution oriented approaches for the success of your online ministry

Live Streaming: How to Reach TV Audiences

Getting internet content into the living room has been something that a lot of companies have toyed around with for some time. To figure out how to get your church’s service onto a person’s TV live, you need to figure out which box or TV is best suited to make it easy.

Why Free Live Streaming on YouTube Could Cost You More Than You Think

Why should you pay for hosting on another provider when this free system exists?

Tutorial: A Techy’s Guide: Preparing for Easter

And helping senior leadership realize and embrace your vision.

Churches Without Walls

Tactics and strategies for building a successful live streaming ministry.

Streaming Media: Overcoming The Technology Naysayers

Leaders can ease congregations into accepting streaming by starting with low-cost or no-cost video conferencing technologies.

Tutorial: Going the Extra Digital Mile

How to Maximize Your Streaming Ministry

So Your Pastor Wants to Start Streaming Video

You could just use a camcorder and a computer. Or you could produce a webcast that represents your church, and attracts a regular viewing audience.

Video Streaming 101

Your church can look great, or it can look bad. You can improve your chances of it looking great if you consider--and address--these important questions before streaming content live.



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