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Streaming From Mobile Devices

You can podcast from your smart phone. You can even take video and edit it on your tablet. But, does this mean mobile devices are good for live streaming? Yes and no.

Cables vs Wireless: Options for Video Signal Distribution

Here’s a quick and simple guide to cables and wireless options that could work for your budget and facility.

Video 101: Visual Storytelling

Whether viewing on a smart phone or an IMAG screen, an understanding of visual storytelling can help promote deeper engagement with your viewer.

White Paper: Is the Cloud Your Best Bet for Streaming Your Church’s Message?

How do you ensure your church’s live streaming solution is flexible enough to adjust with the shifting technological landscape, is easy enough for non-specialized staff to manage, and delivers the best possible experience to your audiences?

Finding the Right White: A Primer on Color Temperature

Sometimes white is not really white. Understanding the difference is critical to getting the best look from your camera to the screen.

PTZ Cameras: Are They Right for Live Streaming?

Shop carefully, not only for resolution, remote controls and fluidity of motion, but also for the right control protocol. The choice of control protocol may make the difference between a system that’s a delight to use and one that no one wants to touch.

Creating Immersive Environments for Christmas

Obviously, projectors can be used to display words for songs and sermon notes. However, with a little imagination and some carefully selected content, they can create amazing environments including sets for dramas, or, believe it or not, just light.

A/V Workflow Advice for Small and Medium-sized Churches

Most small and mid-sized house-of-worship productions can attain a more productive workflow through the application of tapeless, file-based recording technologies capable of operating on a network.

How Many Cameras Does it Take to Live Stream?

It can be difficult to find the right balance between too few cameras that bore the viewer and so many that you’re wasting money because you don’t use them all.

White Paper: Digital Asset Management and Storage

Churches are turning to video to get their message across. While this content facilitates communication and outreach, it also presents a challenge: How do you store and catalog it?

Story is King: Strategies for Better Video Interviews

Working in video production at a church whose name is Lives Changed By Christ, my team produces a lot of life-change interviews. Over the years, we have learned a few things about what works and does not work when planning, shooting, and editing these stories.

Projection for Small & Portable Churches

For smaller churches, selecting screen size and location, and projector brightness and orientation (front or rear projection) are huge decisions. Here, some meaningful advice for churches just getting started in video production.

Dirty Power: Avoiding the Evil Within

Dirty power has become the go to word to describe any oddity or instability in the incoming electrical quality. It often involves voltage fluctuations, frequency changes, and other variations that cause the power to be unstable. These fluctuations can range from the annoying to the deadly.

Calibrating Video Displays

DLP, LCD and LED technologies each have a unique affect on the image being displayed. And the variables don’t stop there. Calibration is the only way to create a consistent viewing experience.

Video 101: Getting Started Shooting DSLR Footage

Learning the manual settings on your DSLR is not an easy art to master, but if you want to be an effective visual storyteller it's crucial that you put in the time to really figure it out.

The 10 Keys To Shooting A Great Video Interview

Most video interviews are boring and lacking emotion. Rule #1: Be as lean and mean as possible. The bigger the set-up, the more nervous an interviewee becomes.

Essentials of IMAG Lighting

By combining these three essentials of IMAG lighting, you will be able to make sure that the investment you made in projectors, screens, and cameras was worthwhile.

Projection Screen Technology: Are You Sending a Clear Message?

Recent innovations in screen technology are producing better-than-ever results. This CPM report delivers projection screen intelligence specifically geared toward the church end-user.

The Medium for the Message

Missionary filmmaker strives to proclaim, advocate, and recruit with film

Story Telling in IMAG

Live video production is storytelling. Tell the camera operators to get their eyes “out of the viewfinder” to allow good stage awareness. Then create an environment where it is OK to make mistakes, as long as they learn from them.

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Video Display System

Achieving “great” video requires all the pieces of the puzzle working together. Remember you aren’t HD just because you purchased an HD projector and HD cameras; the entire signal chain must be capable of processing in high-definition.

Invisible Tech: The Key to Satellite Campus Success

Video quality at the remote site may play a more important role than video on the main campus.

Using Motion Backgrounds

If the background takes center stage, then it is no longer a background, its foreground. Think of the background as a musical underscore to your favorite movie; unnoticed but critical for the moment and element.

Video Streaming and Time-shifting on a Budget

Streaming to an online audience, streaming to a satellite location with time-shift, and creating video on demand (VOD) all presented challenges for this Dallas-based Grace Bible Church. Time-shifting to the second sanctuary turned out be the toughest.

Top 7 Ways to Create “Moving” Videos

If you want to create really compelling videos or films, get your camera moving.

The Basics of Power Distribution

The great benefit of electricity is that it can be manipulated through voltage and amperage trade-offs to accomplish almost anything that the system designer wants to achieve. And therein lies the potential danger.

Transformers Explained: Solutions for Cleaner Audio and Video

Sexy features on digital consoles often steal our attention away from basic signal integrity. Who can blame them? They are a lot more interesting than passive coils of wire wound around metal cores. Or so it would seem.

A Projection & LED Video Display Technology Update

Church staff should consider both LED and projection technologies for large-scale displays. Both are evolving—and both are very different depending upon your intended application.

Shocked! Advice for Church Techs on Electricity

Electricity can pose an unseen danger of our job. Here are a few steps to make sure you don’t end up injured, or worse.

Color Matching Cameras for IMAG

Churches often struggle with cameras from different manufacturers, formats, sensor sizes and of course, varying degrees of quality. How do you get them to match?

Want Better Video? Improve Your Lighting

Our congregations are accustomed to seeing great lighting for TV. Why should they expect anything less from their church?

Selecting Cameras for Filmmaking and IMAG

Cameras for IMAG and filmmaking can be very different. Keep in mind that the camera is just one piece of the puzzle you need to build a great system

HDMI and BNC: The Good, The Bad and The Practical

HDMI is great in certain applications, but it's not right for every situation that allows for it.

Directing for the Live Stream

Balance the needs of the audiences you serve. Each shot you take comes at the expense of others. Close-ups provide detail for the live audience, while wide shots provides context for the internet viewer.

Practical Stage Design for IMAG

Next to lighting, set design has the biggest effect on the quality of your church's IMAG

A Simple Primer on A Visual Technology Mainstay

Do you know your way around a video switcher? Here’s your start.

Six Tips for Church Filmmakers

People love watching movies. So why wouldn’t you use this tool to advance the Gospel?

Video Through a Lighting Designer’s Eyes

How a veteran lighting designer incorporates video into his lighting designs.

Tutorial: Using Projection to Strengthen Engagement in your House of Worship Environment

Capturing members’ loyalty through regular, positive opportunities for engagement

Projection Connection

A tech veteran writer supplies must-read tips for extending your onstage set to pull in and surround attendees at your Christmas production. Learn new ways to think about projectors as light agents—and gain fresh thinking on set design

The Importance of Clean Wiring

What you don't know could hurt you, your workflow and your signal quality.

Projecting Christmas

How environmental projection and using projectors as lighting instruments can extend your onstage set this Christmas.

White Paper: Cutting Edge Video Display Technology

A look at major technological developments, from projectors to LED for large-scale displays, their distinguishing factors—and their production promise for houses of worship

Trickle-down Effect: High-end features make their way into projection systems for smaller churches

Demand brings once-high-end features to more cost-effective projectors, as a wider range of projector products are needed to address each new worship environment.

In the Pursuit of Good Video, Audio is King

With a little practice and some attention to detail, your videos can improve in quality by simply paying attention to the audio side of your video shoot and post-production work.

30 Day Worship Sound Tools Videos

Worship M.D. audio expert Doug Gould's collection of 30 instructional videos presented by PreSonus

Riding The Display Wave

A look at new LED display technology and how the church production world is navigating its options.

Projection for Connection

A veteran church production director shares his take on video projection, IMAG use, and communication challenges in the modern church.

Accelerating Your Video Production Work

How your video card’s GPU system can make your video production work more efficient

A Journey to Digital Content Management

Northwoods Community Church shares its process of making the move to networked storage

Top 5 Reasons Your Video Director Shouldn’t Be a Volunteer

Cuts and dissolves to a director are like periods and commas to a writer. It’s a visual grammar that has rules...

Tutorial: A Techy’s Guide: Preparing for Easter

And helping senior leadership realize and embrace your vision.

What Makes Great IMAG Video?

There is a time and a place for all styles of directing. Knowing when to use them at the right moment is what makes for great video.

Digital Dogma

What every church needs to know about digital signage

Is an LED Video Wall in Your Church’s Future?

If you’re considering an LED screen, be sure you don’t “over buy” on pixel pitch or brightness

How to Train Volunteer Camera Operators

Operating video cameras is like playing chess. There is a huge difference between knowing how the pieces move and being a real chess player.

Techniques for Your Video Arsenal

How to push your limits and get better footage from your camera

Throwing Light on New Technology

A focused look at cutting-edge projectors

Switcher Trends

A look at the latest, most promising developments in video switchers

High Gain

Screen technology advancements give churches more options on shape, location and quality of video images

The Art of Comm Chatter

Talking on comm is all about the ABC’s, your communication needs to Accurate, Bold, and Concise. But it's also about fun and encouragement.

How to Automate Your Services

Tired of glitches in your services? You know --- those missed cues. Here is a way to create consistent, seamless video and lighting transitions.

What Makes Content Compelling?

Creating great content is an opportunity for churches to communicate the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Many times this opportunity is missed, because of the normal timetable in which most weekend church services are planned.

Top 5 Ways to Improve Video Directing Skills

You should never set out to make your IMAG look like church X, especially when you don’t know what church X’s circumstances are. Instead you should look at what church X does and try and figure out why they do it that way. The “why” is far more useful knowledge.

The Big Picture: A Closer Look at IMAG for Houses of Worship

“IMAG needs to be done well or not done at all,” says one expert. Poorly done IMAG has the potential to be a huge distraction.

Tutorial: Telling Stories with Video

Video production tips for capturing—and sharing— compelling interviews with your attendees

Tutorial: Do-it-Yourself A/V Installations: A Recipe for Success or Disaster?

As a church leader, would you rather have energized, fully-engaged and excited or tired, disengaged and aggravated staff? Sometimes it’s a smart call to let your highly qualified, fully capable tech staff leave at 5PM while someone else does the install.

Tutorial: Shopping for Camera Bargains

Video camera selection can boggle the best of minds. But thankfully, our reporter finds that “there has never been a better time to shop for a new, cost-effective pro HD camera.” Here, find some on-target options and their corresponding price points.

Video Streaming 101

Your church can look great, or it can look bad. You can improve your chances of it looking great if you consider--and address--these important questions before streaming content live.

Review: First Impression: Ross Video’s New, More Affordable Carbonite 10 Video Switcher

The Carbonite line has been very popular both inside and outside the church, and for good reason. It includes incredible processing power; plenty of inputs; multiple DVEs, frame synchronizers, and keyers; plus the ability to be upgraded with new functionality via software.

Creating Continuity For Multisite Churches

The goal is to limit variables. Like with everything else in life, we can't over communicate.

Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Video Projection System

Your video is only as good as the weakest link What's yours?

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Video System

Your video is only as good as the weakest link. What’s yours?

Review: First Impressions: Nikon D7100 Digital SLR Camera

Designed with the HDSLR videographer in mind, the new D7100 could change the benchmark for SLR cameras. A host of new features could bring a new level of creativity to church videography.

Projector Shopping In 2013: So It’s Been A Few Years, Eh?

Prices have plummeted, resolution has soared, and all of those old familiar analog signal interfaces are fading away, replaced by digital inputs and outputs. We chronicle the ways projection technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past decade.

Planning for Portable and Small Projection Systems

As it turns out, technical aptitude takes second place to a positive, can-do attitude.

Review: First Look: Honestech nScreen Deluxe Wireless Video Presentation System

The nScreen Deluxe can help a church send a video source wirelessly to any video display or projector with a composite or HDMI connector. CPM finds this product capable of saving churches both money and installation time when retrofitting new gear.

Review: Video Review: Epson PowerLite Pro Z8455WUNL Multimedia Projector

"With the name Pro Z you expect a professional-level projector— and Epson delivers."

How to Shoot Better Footage Manually

Understanding the manual operation of your video camera can help you achieve optimum results at video shoots

Review: Video Review: AJA Ki Pro Rack Tapeless Video Recorder

Its volunteer-friendly interface and very high quality video offer a fantastic replacement for the standard VTR

Projection Screens: The Latest Developments

Projection screens are an often overlooked and, more frequently, misunderstood component of video projection systems.

Review: First Look: Matrox DualHead2Go Digital ME Multi-Display Adapters

Turn two displays into one extra-wide display on your DisplayPort- or Thunderbolt-equipped Mac

Case-Study: Multiplication of a Multi-Campus Ministry

Florida’s Christ Fellowship of Palm Beach Gardens uses technology to grow

How To Guide: Video Projectors

In the market for a new video projector? Here's what you need to know to make a smart buying decision.

Tutorial: Color Correction

Make poor footage look good and good footage look great.

Video Projectors: The Latest Developments

Even many traditional churches are using projection systems in ways that were considered innovative just a few years ago. Manufacturers are responding with advances, improvements and lower prices.

Review: Video Review: Gefen EXT-AVCONFS A/V Conference Room Processor

"In many ways, this switcher/scaler is similar to other units on the market. However, it does have a few key features that will make it a great fit for your situation, or they will rule it out completely."

The ABC’s of Video Presentation Systems

What to consider before you buy your first video projection system

How I Learned to Love HDMI….(Or At Least Tolerate It)

Say good-bye to VGA. Display connections are going all-digital. Say hello to automatic setup of displays, higher bandwidth for 2K and 4K image resolution, easier interfacing with structured wire and optical fiber and more.

How-to Guide to Choosing a Video Camera

Live production, post-production, archival purposes, or a combination of all three?

Choosing an IMAG Switcher

A good choice will serve you well. A poor choice will frustrate you until it is replaced.

Tutorial: Lighting for Video: A Must-Read Q and A Conversation for the Church Tech

Our panel of experts discuss lighting for different camera angles, depth-of-field, color temperatures and simple design

How’d They Do That? Using a Media Server for Digital Scenery

You may picture a media server as a piece of rack-mount hardware, but in simplest terms it’s just a software program that allows you to send multiple image layers to a single projector or multiple projectors.

IMAG: A Tech Directors’ Roundtable

Sadly, some churches still want to do video for the wrong reasons.

Video Review: Roland V-1600HD Video Switcher

"Great in a volunteer-heavy environment. It’s simple to use—anyone can learn how to use it in a few minutes."

Video Review: Analog Way Eikos LE Multi-layer Seamless Switcher

"The two main differences from most other switchers in its class are its flexibility and its ease of use."

Projectors: A Manufacturers’ Roundtable

A discussion of current products aimed at the church market, and what their companies do to stay competitive.

Video Review: Blackmagic Design Atem Production Switcher

The new Atem switcher produces excellent video with minimal latency. It functioned flawlessly while we used it.

Getting Started in Video Projection

Churches often install three different systems before they “get it right." How to get it right the first time.

Projection Screen Primer

When we asked a panel of experts what makes churches unique from other users of projection screens, several consistent themes emerged: aesthetics, budget and time constraints, the frequent issue of ambient light, and the tendency of churches to jump on the first product that fits their budget without fully evaluating the situation.



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