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Review: ADJ Ikon Profile Fixture

The Ikon Profile has an impressive amount of brightness for such a small fixture, CPM’s reviewer finds. And with no gobo or filter in place, it puts out an impactful beam of white light.

Review: Chauvet Ovation E-910FC LED Profile Spotlight

The Ovation E-910FC uses 91 red, green, blue, amber, and lime LEDs to produce “almost any color.” Although similar in appearance to many other LED lekos, this new unit offers features that are unique compared to its competitors.

Review: Arri L7-C LED Fresnel

Once you begin actually using the Arri Fresnels you quickly realize why they’re found on so many television and film production sets.

Review: Martin Professional Rush MH 6 Wash Fixture

CPM’s reviewer was immediately impressed with the light output of this little fixture—even in broad daylight.” Add in excellent color capabilities and a reasonable list price and you’ve got a recipe for success in the church market.

Review: Mega-Lite Drama LED W50 with DMX Controller

Considering its petite size and light weight—only 14.5 inches long and less than five pounds—we were blown away by the light output of this little guy.

Review: Vectorworks 2016 Software

"Vectorworks is a cross platform Computer Aided Drafting or CAD program that allows you to design in both the 2D and 3D environments."

Review: Arri SkyPanel S60-C LED Soft Light

"A good analogy might be to think of the SkyPanel as the Swiss Army knife of lighting…."

Review: Avolites Arena Lighting Control Console

"The Arena is clearly a powerful console, and I am impressed with its construction, ease-of-use and stability."

Satura Profile - LED-based CMY Moving Head with Framing

This energy-efficient CMY color-changing moving head features intense output from a 440W cool-white LED engine and houses a host of creative design tools, including zoom and internal framing.

Elation Colour Pendant – Dynamic Downlighting Solution

This highly capable wash luminaire allows churches to dynamically control stage and house lighting levels with an energy-efficient intelligent downlighting solution.

Catching Rays: A Moving Light Selection Guide

With an ever-growing feature set and falling prices, it’s a great time to add flexibility to your worship environment with moving lights. Find out what’s new in LED, hybrids, and compact moving head fixtures.

First Impression: Arri Skypanel LED Soft Light

The Arri SkyPanel certainly got our attention when we saw the new introduced last year.

First Impression: Avolites Arena Lighting Control Console

The Avolites Arena Console is being marketed as the new “Big Daddy” of the live entertainment market. We expect to start seeing it in large churches with a high number of moving lights.

First Impression: Philips Showline SL Beam 300FX and Punchlite 220 LED Fixtures

Small, powerful lighting fixtures that should prove to be quite useful for the worship market

Philips PLFRESNEL1 MKII LED Luminaire

Philips introduces the PLFRESNEL1 MKII LED Luminaire, a general-purpose lighting fixture for theater, small studio, and display lighting applications..

Mega-Lite Axis Beam 2R

Mega-Lite launches the Axis Beam 2R, a “pencil sharp” moving head beam fixture.

ElektraLite ElektraBar Mini

Following last year’s launch of the elektraBar, elektraLite announces the elektraBar Mini, a linear LED strip measuring 23.6 inches.

Elation ACL Series

Elation introduces its ACL Series, which comprises the ACL Par 200, ACL Bar, ACL Curtain, ACL 360 Bar, and ACL Matrix.

Chauvet Strike 4 and Synapse 4

Chauvet Professional presents the Strike 4, a warm white LED blinder with an output of 640 lux at five meters.

Review: PRG ReNew Retrofit LED Light Assembly

CPM's reviewer finds the PRG ReNew a cost-effective way for houses of worship to convert their older ETC Source Four’s into power-saving, maintenance free fixtures.

Lighting Consoles: New Options for 2016

CPM queries major lighting console manufacturers about their latest lighting controllers for houses of worship. What did we find? New, more affordable options for expanded creativity.

Lighting Solutions for Small & Portable Churches

A sampling of major lighting manufacturers’ offerings.

First Impression: Vectorworks 2016

Vectorworks 2016 could offer a big leap forward for church scenic design and lighting teams. The Spotlight module is optimized for designing entertainment lighting, audio, scenic, and general stage design. Renderworks module allows for photorealistic rendering of the finished designs.

Review: Strand Neo Lighting Control Console

It comes with one DMX universe, but fixtures from the Philips group of lighting companies do not count against your channel count. This is brilliant marketing.

First Look: ADJ COB Cannon LED Wash Fixture

Throw out your assumptions about inexpensive LED fixtures. This unit is bright—very bright—over a wide area. And it comes with three lens options: 80, 50 and 40 degrees that improve on its flexibility.

Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus Delivers Innovative Color Creation for Every Application

Building on the key features of its predecessor, the adaptable new Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus utilizes powerful quad-color LEDs and a lie-flat design, giving end-users access to a wider UV-enhanced color pallet for effects that enhance worship.

COB Cannon Wash Tailor-Made for Modern Worship

Ideal for use in houses of worship, ADJ’s versatile COB Cannon Wash utilizes a powerful 150W quad-color COB LED source and a wide but variable beam angle to ensure atmosphere-enhancing washes.

First Look: ImageCue Image Server

In the production world, simple is better. In the church production world, simple can be vital. A.C.T Lighting is now distributing a little box that is as simple as it is powerful. It’s called the ImageCue, a DMX-controlled content server that won’t break the bank.

First Impression: Arri SkyPanel LED Soft Light

What makes the Arri SkyPanel special is the quality of the shadows it creates. There are no strange LED artifacts, just clean light with a single soft shadow.

First Look: Elation Professional WW Profile Fixture

When comparing WW Profile Ellipsoidal with the standard 3,200K tungsten halogen leko we found the color of the flesh tones look identical.

Review: Jands Vista 2.3 Lighting Control Software

A great rig for a portable church, youth room, or multipurpose room.

Scalable Lighting Control Solutions

A lineup of low-cost software-based lighting control solutions for every need in your facility.

Review: MA Lighting dot2 XL-F Lighting Console

The new dot2 is easier to learn and use than MA Lighting's larger grandMA2. The dot2 is designed to anticipate what you want to do and guide you to the correct screens automatically.

Review: Ikan WS-F200 | White Star 6-inch Fresnel 200 Watt Light

It can hold its own alongside name-brand lights like ARRI and Litepanels, and can find its home in many church applications.

Review: Zylight F8 LED Lighting Instrument

Although it draws only 100 watts, its peak output is equivalent to the illumination from a 1,000-watt tungsten light.

Review: Chroma-Q Studio Force V 12 Phosphor LED Fixture

From 12 feet away, one fixture completely washed our test area with a very even beam. Much nicer than what I get out of my higher-end Fresnel fixtures.

Review: Chauvet Professional Ovation ED-190WW Ellipsoidal Spot

What makes the Ovation ED-190WW such a trailblazing fixture is its ability to be controlled off of any conventional dimming and control system.

Shining a Light on LED Invention

LED lighting has only recently become “legitimate” for theatrical applications. LED lighting for video applications is also coming of age. Here, a primer on when and potentially when not to go with the latest technologies.

First Impression: MA Lighting dot2 Console

The new dot2 is intended for smaller venues where the GrandMA2 would be overkill. And it is the likely the only console with a "Please" button.

First Impression: High End Systems HedgeHog4 Expanded Range of Consoles

Churches no longer have to pay for features they don’t need, but are able to unlock them through simply buying an upgrade code.

PR Lighting XRLED Spots

PR Lighting introduces two new spots, the XRLED 1200 and the XRLED 700.

Elation Cuepix PAR 300

Elation Professional announces the Cuepix PAR 300, a full-color LED PAR wash light that uses seven long-life 30-watt three-in-one RGB COB LEDs and 4,500 lumens of power.

Chauvet Amhaze Studio Haze Machine

Chauvet Professional introduces the Amhaze Studio haze machine, which produces a 1,700 cubit feet per second output.

ADJ Mega Par Profile Plus

ADJ presents the Mega Par Profile Plus, which builds on previous multi-LED par fixtures such as the Mega Par Profile, by offering an added UV LED for two-in-one effects.

First Impression: Elation Professional Colour Chorus LED Batten Wash Lights

Elation Professional has come up with an LED array pattern that quite effectively spreads the colors to create a wonderfully smooth field of colored light.

Review: Jands Stage CL Lighting Console

The Jands Stage CL is a self-contained console designed to operate up to 24 fixture groups (512 channels) of LED lighting. Offers an attractive form factor: large enough so that the controls aren’t packed in too tightly, but small enough to not take up a lot of precious tech booth real estate.

Mega-Lite Idol Lite

Mega-Lite introduces Idol Lite, a wash fixture featuring a 25-degree lens angle, and 24 12-watt Penta (5-in-1) RGBWA LEDs.

ETC Eos Series Upgrades

ETC announces upgrades to its Eos Series of lighting products, including those it has made to the Nomad and Nomad Puck, mini-controllers designed for on-the-go lighting.

Chauvet Professional Rogue RH1 Hybrid Moving Head

The new, multi-use Rogue RH1 Hybrid moving head light from Chauvet combines a powerful beam and spot effect in one compact unit.

ADJ VF400 Fog Machine

ADJ announces the VF400 fog machine, a 400-watt mobile fog machine that creates more fog and leaves fewer residues than other machines in its class, according to the manufacturer.

Portable Church Lighting Done Right

What the experts and manufacturers recommend can help you achieve memorable portable lighting—with much less trial and error

Lighting Console Options: Latest Models Ripe for Church Use

Sometimes called the "musical instrument" of the visual artist, lighting consoles for churches are evolving. Here is a list of the latest offerings targeted towards houses of worship.

First Look: ADJ Flat Par TW12

The Flat Par gets its name from the shape of the fixture. Far different from a traditional Par can, this LED fixture is just 4.25 inches thick and weighs only 7.5 pounds, but it still manages to impress—in multiple uses.

First Impression: ADJ Fog Fury Faze

It’s a cross between fog and haze (Faze, get it?). ADJ claims that their new machine will quickly and efficiently create a long-lasting haze effect using only water-based ingredients.

Platinum SBX a Spot, Beam and Xtreme Output Fixture in One

Designed for a wide variety of stage and special event applications, the Platinum SBX does the work of three luminaires in one.

Review: MA LIGHTING GrandMA 2 OnPC Lighting Control Software with Command Wing

The chance of GrandMA2 OnPC not being able to handle your rig and show is pretty much zero.

First Impression: Mega Enlighten 4.47 Lighting Control Software Update

The upgrade makes programing shows much easier and intuitive. Screens can be custom configured with icons for simple touch control programming.

ADJ Inno Beam LED

Energy-efficient LED Beam Moving Head takes lightshows to the next level

Elation DW Fresnel and DW Profile Dynamic White Light LED

Features color temperature control, zoom, beam shaping, and quiet, flicker-free output.

Lighting Console Basics

An overview of features and options for small and traditional churches for under $5,000.

Review: Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Spot

It’s bright enough to be used in a larger room and will look spectacular in a smaller room.

Review: Avolites Tiger Touch II Lighting Control Desk

One of the most appealing features of this software is how you can create your own visual icons on the touch screen.

First Look: GLP Volkslicht Spot

The Volkslicht Spot features an RGB LED color-mixing engine that’s rated for 20,000 hours and can replace a 575-watt, arc-lamped moving head, but it performs well beyond pure economics.

Advancements in Moving Light Technology

Churches are hugely influential in the theatrical lighting market. Did you know you and your peers are driving new and innovative feature sets?

First Impression: ADJ Inno Color Beam Z7 and Z19

The 10- to 60-degree motorized zoom is what sets these units apart.

Review: High End Systems Hedgehog 4 Lighting Control Console

We found the console to be ideal for building up a large number of scenes or cue lists, and combining them to get a variety of looks that can be used dynamically throughout a concert or service. It feels very logical.

ADJ Dotz Panel 2.4

Super-charged wash/blinder effect gives far-reaching smooth color washes and pixel mapping to enhance worship.

ADJ Inno Spot Pro

Powerful and feature-packed 80W LED moving head, available in black or white casing, gives more styling options to churches.

ADJ Inno Color Beam Z7

Compact but versatile moving head offers big flexibility for small spaces, helping smaller churches offer a big lightshow.

Take Things Sky High with the ADJ WiFLY Series

Built-in DMX and battery power lighting give churches freedom to flourish.

Elation Offers New HedgeHog 4 Lighting Console

Compact console in industry-standard Hog family now part of Elation control product line.

Satura Spot LED Pro Brighter and More Efficient than 575W Discharge Fixtures

Moving head's long-life LED engine also consumes half as much energy as traditional fixtures.

Elation 6mm EZ6 LED Video Panel

Elation's panels interlock to create a high-definition, easy-to-install LED video screen.

Profiling Profile LED Fixtures

An evaluation of some of the leading LED-powered profile fixtures on the market

ADJ Inno Spot Pro LED Moving Head

Size and weight ideal for churches with limited weight bearing lighting positions

Elation’s Platinum Profile 35 Pro with Framing

High-powered, energy-efficient moving head features flexible framing system

Review: ADJ WiFly Par QA5 Wash Fixture

Adding the amber LED allows it to mix a nice variety of reds and ambers, as well as punching up the yellows and creating nice warm whites.

Review: Mega Systems Baby Color Q-70 LED Fixture

It's hard to believe so much light can come out of such a tiny package.

Review: Philips Showline SL Par 150 Zoom LED Luminaire

Philips Entertainment has built the fixture to last

Shedding Some Light on Brands

Who are the leading lighting manufacturers, and what fixtures do they recommend most for a house of worship?

Review: Lightronics 5-in-1 RGBAW LED Fixture

Color consistency among the best we have ever tested.

First Impression: PR Lighting XRLED 500 Spot

Powerful new LED, moving head spot is distributed in the US by San Antonio, Texas-based Mega Systems.

Review: Elation Capture Polar Lighting Visualization Software

Capture Polar also makes a lot of sense for churches with lighting fixtures that are rarely moved from their positions.

Review: Litepanels Sola ENG Flight Kit

The best part is [that] the 30-piece kit fits in an FAA-approved, carry-on-sized Pelican flight case.

Review: Chauvet Professional Colorado 1 Tri-7 Tour

The Tri-7 has 52 features and capabilities that let it keep up with its larger competitors just fine.

CHAUVET Ovation C-640FC CYC Fixture

Create any color while consuming less power

Lighting Console Evolution

A look at the latest products in lighting control for mid-sized churches

First Impression: K9 Lights Bulldog2 LED Par 64 Fixture

What also makes this fixture really attractive is its price. With a street price below $500, K9's competitors may have to step up their R&D.

Review: Chroma-Q Force Compact LED Lighting Fixture

The color is excellent, deeply saturated, and very bright for the size. They also looked great on video, which can be an issue for some LED fixtures.

Elation Professional Platinum Spot 35 Pro Moving Head Fixture

Feature-packed new moving head spot fixture is designed for larger stages, amphitheaters, sports arenas, and major concert tours.

Philips Vari-Lite VLX Software

Inspired by the success of the VLX3 Wash, the software update is applicable to all existing VLX fixtures.

Robe Robin Pointe Moving Head Fixture

The light source is a 280W Osram discharge lamp; special characteristics include features like the zoom, linear and circular rotating prisms, and rotating and static gobo wheels.

PixelFlex Colored LED Curtains

Videos and images can be sent to the PixelFlex colored screens using any computer with a DVI-D connection.

Martin VC-Strip LED Strips

VC-Strips are fully pixel-level calibrated on brightness and colors, and are driven by Martin’s P3 Controller Series.

Philips Vari-Lite VL Series Luminaires

The new VL3015 and the VL3515 Spot luminaires feature a 6:1 zoom optics system, along with CYM color mixing, and a six-position color wheel.

First Impression: Capture Lighting Design Visualization Software

With visualization software, you can see if the lighting fixture you choose will have the correct photometrics for that particular throw, if the light will accidentally hit any masking or scenery, and if the angle of light is correct.

Mega-Lite Target Q190 Color-Changing LED Fixture

New unit has three rings of control creating a bulls-eye effect, and 19 ten-watt RGBW quad-chip LED's.

Blizzard Lighting Blade RGBW Moving Head Fixture

The company says it offers smooth RGBW color mixing and “previously unseen 1.1-degree beam angle.”

ETC Eos Titanium Lighting Control Desk

First Impression: Eos control software has garnered raves from lighting designers. The new Eos Ti features customization that makes it even more user-friendly.

Tutorial: LED Fixtures

LED fixtures grew out of a simple design … gang multiple LEDs together for higher output. What are they growing into now that church tech teams need to know about?



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