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Review: Jands Stage CL Lighting Console

The Jands Stage CL is a self-contained console designed to operate up to 24 fixture groups (512 channels) of LED lighting. Offers an attractive form factor: large enough so that the controls aren’t packed in too tightly, but small enough to not take up a lot of precious tech booth real estate.

Review: MA LIGHTING GrandMA 2 OnPC Lighting Control Software with Command Wing

The chance of GrandMA2 OnPC not being able to handle your rig and show is pretty much zero.

Review: Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Spot

It’s bright enough to be used in a larger room and will look spectacular in a smaller room.

Review: Avolites Tiger Touch II Lighting Control Desk

One of the most appealing features of this software is how you can create your own visual icons on the touch screen.

Review: High End Systems Hedgehog 4 Lighting Control Console

We found the console to be ideal for building up a large number of scenes or cue lists, and combining them to get a variety of looks that can be used dynamically throughout a concert or service. It feels very logical.

Review: ADJ WiFly Par QA5 Wash Fixture

Adding the amber LED allows it to mix a nice variety of reds and ambers, as well as punching up the yellows and creating nice warm whites.

Review: Mega Systems Baby Color Q-70 LED Fixture

It's hard to believe so much light can come out of such a tiny package.

Review: Philips Showline SL Par 150 Zoom LED Luminaire

Philips Entertainment has built the fixture to last

Review: Lightronics 5-in-1 RGBAW LED Fixture

Color consistency among the best we have ever tested.

Review: Elation Capture Polar Lighting Visualization Software

Capture Polar also makes a lot of sense for churches with lighting fixtures that are rarely moved from their positions.

Review: Litepanels Sola ENG Flight Kit

The best part is [that] the 30-piece kit fits in an FAA-approved, carry-on-sized Pelican flight case.

Review: Chauvet Professional Colorado 1 Tri-7 Tour

The Tri-7 has 52 features and capabilities that let it keep up with its larger competitors just fine.

Review: Chroma-Q Force Compact LED Lighting Fixture

The color is excellent, deeply saturated, and very bright for the size. They also looked great on video, which can be an issue for some LED fixtures.

Review: Litepanels’ Croma Light

Litepanels’ Croma light is a prime example of a camera-mounted LED light designed to adapt quickly to a variable and changing lighting environment.



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