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Review: Wowza Streaming Cloud

Creating a quality live stream has often been reserved for churches with their own internal IT staff. For churches without this kind of support, Wowza designed the Wowza Streaming Cloud service.

Review: Extron SMP 351 H.264 Streaming Media Processor

It's a powerful tool for combining, recording and streaming video. The fact that it can help a church save on man-hours means it’s worth its weight in gold.

Review: Digigram Aqilim *Fit/LE Encoder/Decoder

While it may not be the most affordable option for getting your church streaming ministry up and running, there’s much to love about the Digigram Aquilm *Fit/LE. In practice, cheap is rarely the best investment for churches anyway.

Review: Matrox Monarch HD Professional Streaming and Recording Appliance

Simultaneous streaming and recording in one device for a decent price

Review: 1Beyond StreamMachine

Featuring the Matrox VS4 HD-SDI Capture Card and Telestream Wirecast Pro

Review: Digital Rapids Touchstream Video Streaming Appliance

The video streaming “Leatherman” can be utilized, not just by our IMAG pros, but by volunteers as well.

Review: ViewCast Niagara 2120 Streaming Appliance

A Flash Encoding workhorse for high quality encoding onsite or in some remote location



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