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Why Tech Directors Should Reconsider Purchasing the iPhone 7

There is nothing wrong with having the latest and greatest gadgets. It's more of an issue of what priority does this have in your life?

What Paul Teaches about Garbage-in Garbage-out

Your gear needs the right input, why do you think you are any different?

Are You Focusing on Gear or People?

At the end of our lives, bowing low before our Savior, I have a strong, compelling conviction that Jesus will not be as concerned as we were regarding how dialed in our mixes were, how in focus our cameras were, how on time the lyrics were, or how robust our infrastructures were.

Following the Great Commission…Digitally

Some church techs might feel a twinge of guilt as we hear, "Go and make disciples...." Most of us plan on staying right here at FOH. But you need to know that your efforts may be going farther than you know.

BackTalk: Worship Wars & Conflict Resolution

It’s human nature that where opinions are strong, conflict is often close behind. However, how we treat each other when we have disagreements is one of the surest ways we can demonstrate what it means to be Christ followers.

Grace and the Messy Tech

How do you respond when a congregation member tries to tell you how to do your job? Doing tech can be tough, thankless and a focal point of criticism. The problem with this is that we sometimes deny our own humanity.

Spiritual Oversampling

God sees across a much larger image than we can possibly understand .

Blessed are the Peacemakers. Are You One?

Conflict that goes unresolved for any length of time can turn into bitterness and anger. These situations are not healthy for any organization, especially a church.

Shaping Tech Team Culture

How do you respond when people make mistakes or don’t follow through on their commitments? Do you ever find yourself sounding frustrated or harsh? Here's how to lead with humility, gentleness and patience.

Are You More Than a Tech Director?

What do you want others to see in you? Do they see someone who sacrificially loves others? Here are three things we can pray for as we serve as tech directors.

Is the Joy of the Lord Your Strength?

Many people face the “Monday Ministry Hangover.” You've served hard and accomplished great things and now you feel like you are getting hit from the left and the right. It's like you have a target on your back that says, “kick me” and you can't seem to fight it.

The Secret to Contentment

Paul says, “I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation…” Have you? Understanding the "Amen Life" and putting it into practice is the key to relieving stress and living a life that God intended.

Techs Leading Worship?

Most of us assume a worship leader someone who leads the music. Romans 12:1 suggests otherwise.

The Danger of Attending NAB

Cameras, tripods and drones, oh my! In the world of church production, it’s easy to get caught up in the technology. Let's be careful about putting the method before the message.

Were You Called or Chosen?

Being chosen by God to serve in tech ministries, or any other ministry for that matter, is by far the most rewarding thing you will ever do with your life.

Easter: A Power Supply Moment?

The crowds are gone. All the hard work is behind. Next weekend is just a "regular" service. The day after a powerful weekend is a good time to reflect on our connection to our power supply.

What is the Thorn in Your Flesh?

Managing volunteers, long hours, last minute requests, outdated equipment…all can be thorns in our sides. Are we responding like Paul?

Preparing your Heart (and Gear) for Easter

Pray for each ministry that will be serving that week and that they will all show God's love to every person that walks in your doors.

Tech Redemption

Are you an overworked tech in need of a renewed mission? Remember we're not just in tech ministry, we're in a ministry of reconciliation and redemption.

Not Sure You Fit? Think Lego Church.

God is fitting us together, just like those iconic bricks. From the brick's (and the church tech's) perspective, however, it might not seem like we are all part of the design.

How to be Confident in a Crisis

For the first twenty years, my life was smooth sailing. Then in my twenties the unexpected happened.

What Are You Praying For?

Peter and John could have prayed for many things. In Acts chapter four, their only prayer is for boldness.

BackTalk: The Necessity of Rest

Would you feel like a traitor saying “no” to next year’s Christmas production? If your work load reduced this past year’s Christmas celebration to a single day, perhaps it’s time to take pause and pray.

What Are You Hiding Backstage?

We all have a place where we stash stuff. It's also where we hide out when we don't want to be seen. Jeremiah 23 has a lesson about hiding from God.

May the Force…

The Force is the religion of that "galaxy far, far away." If we study God’s Word, we find that God is nothing like a distant and impersonal force.

This Finish Line

This can be a bittersweet moment for production crews, musicians, actors and pastors. All the time, energy and preparation to proclaim the birthday of our Savior is now just a fading memory. Was it worth it?

Christmas: Restoring the Awe Factor

When was the last time you were really in awe of something? We may have called it awesome but it's probably more "geeked out" than "awe struck."

Staying Focused on Christ in the Holiday

For church techs, “The most wonderful time of the year” can easily turn into the most demanding and stress-filled time of the year.

Lessons from WFX 2015: Strength in Weakness

WFX keynote by Kyle Idleman reminds us of this upside down kingdom we are a part of --- one where the last shall be first and the weak shall be strong.

BackTalk: Yuletide Superman

Too often that desire to be the Christmas hero can lead us to start using people to build our ministry, instead of using our ministry to build people.

A Thank You Note from Your Creative Arts Pastor

We understand our technical world and how it supports the worship service, but, can we point its affect in people's lives? The kind of feedback can be hard to come by.

Revival on the Tech Team?

Every tech person is pursuing great sound, video and lights, but are we pursuing the face of God? James 5 tells us a righteous person's prayer can produce great things. Even if you aren't on stage your prayers can do great things for the Kingdom of God.

Mission Command and the Introvert Tech Director

What happens when the opportunities to "go" seem too big and you feel incapable, inadequate and afraid? It’s easy to have faith when you can control the outcome…but then if you can control it, what’s the point of faith?

Living Life On Mission

Living life on mission is greater than how you serve in your local church.

How To Be An Encouraging Leader

Our influence doesn't stop with those on the tech team. How about encouraging the worship leader? The senior pastor? The children's minister?

Working and Worshiping

How does someone whose job is helping create worship experiences stop working to worship?

A Lesson on Trusting God’s Timing

If God is able to create our skills and our desire for service, surely we can trust His timing.

In a Storm, Do you Panic or Pray?

Why does God allows us to go through such chaos when we work so hard to serve him?

Whose Agenda?

A three-step program for heart maintenance

Church Tech: Work as Worship

I feel like I am giving my best when I am directing IMAG. That's when I feel I am connecting with God. That is when I feel like I am really giving the best I have to offer. The fact that I am doing something I think I am good at makes a difference.

Relying on Technology or Prayer?

As techies, we often fall into the trap of focusing on technology instead of the ultimate goal.

BackTalk: People vs. The Product

No longer is church production about the gear, the process or the presentation excellence. We need to feed sheep.

BackTalk: The Church Tech Ministry Lifecycle

The job you perform is just a temporary one. It should be viewed as just a stage in the growing process that God has designed for you.

Making Your Tech Team a Community

You have been entrusted with leading some of the brightest and smartest minds in your whole church, although they may also be some of the more introverted and socially awkward as well. What can you do to help them to grow in their relationship with Christ?

Finding Strength and Joy in Ministry

Many of us start seeking God only when things get hard. We're looking for the vending machine effect. That's not how this works.

Tech Ministry: The Importance of Prayer

Matthew 21:13 says, "'My Temple will be called a house of prayer,' but you have turned it into a den of thieves!" Did you catch that? He didn't say his house would be a house of moving lights and slick videos.

Serving When You Don’t Feel Like It

Ministry is hard. Being a tech director is hard. Combine the two and you have a situation many people cannot really relate to.

BackTalk: When the Path Changes

A veteran tech director is called to resign and start a new church. His words of wisdom on whatever God may call you toward: "Count on the fact that it will take faith to leave your comfort [zone]…. "

A Church Tech’s Guide to Self-Care: Part 1

Self-care is important because when we get “squeezed” whatever is on the inside comes out.

Love, Joy, Peace and…Tech?

Technical ministry is rarely described as being full of love, joy, peace, patience, and self-control. Mostly it's the opposite. How do we change that?

What Makes a Great Tech Director?

Even if you were hired by people that don't fully understand what it takes to be a great tech director, you can still grow into the best one you can be.

BackTalk: Awkward Moments (What Church Techs Do to Make Guests Feel Unwelcome)

Panic mode will scare your guests if they spot it. This and other snafus to overcome—and keep your visitors coming back.

Being Productive vs. Being Present

Most people are never really engaged with the present. They are looking forward to what is next in their life or they are looking back to the past.

Stress on Earth?

Americans spend nearly 42 hours on Holiday preparations. It shouldn't surprise us that tech directors spend five times that amount...if not more!

The Miracle of Christmas Extends to the Tech Booth

I was up on a 12-foot ladder with my head in a ceiling tile when it hit me. I was a hypocrite.

Marriage, Family and Tech: How to Honor Your Wife

Are you making more effort to be superman to others more than you are to her?

Church Tech: Frying Your Soul at Christmas?

When Christmas is over, will you still be in the race or will you and your team have fried your souls in the pursuit of a Christmas program?

The Intentional Technical Director’s Holiday Season

Being intentional means having a plan about how you’re going to handle what you know will be a demanding season.

Conditional Thankfulness

It's tempting to celebrate Thanksgiving one day and complain about our jobs and the Holiday workload the next. Resist the urge.

Bonus Points for Ministry?

Surely God understands that since we attend so many church services we don't really need to read His Word or pray like other people do. Right?

Faith Lessons for Tech Directors

Faith means believing in what we are told from God and acting accordingly, rather than what makes the most sense to us.

The Intersection of Ego and Under-Appreciation

If a job well done means the technology works seamlessly with no distractions, why do we get so frustrated when our efforts aren’t acknowledged?

Marriage, Family and Tech: Setting Priorities

How do you put God first? Is it your hours of service? Is it by being in church whenever the doors are open? Don't fall victim to the trap. Don't get so busy serving others that you neglect the ones that depend on you. Prove your love for God, by becoming a great husband and father.

The Biblical Case for a Fog Machine

Is that camera really necessary? Why do we need those lights? Sometimes those questions can be ill-intended, but they're often fair and justified.

Lessons from Proverbs 2:4: Searching for Silver

What are you passionate about finding? Praise from your friends or peers? Recognition for all those long hours you've been putting in?

Mixing Fish

I remembered that set because I mixed it and I left disappointed in how it turned out. Now, here was God showing me first hand that His definition of excellence, not mine, is what matters.

Self-Made Man or Branch of the Vine?

He is the one that has given you the capacity to grasp complex technical systems and understand things that make other people's eyes glaze over.

Moses, Aaron and the Lone Ranger Tech Director

Sometimes we think that just doing our job is good enough. As long as everything gets done at the end of the day that's all that matters.

Overcoming Stress in Ministry

We know things will go wrong, but we have the ability to change the way we respond.

The Land Between Egypt and The Promised Land: Lessons from Numbers 11

I gave up a better paying career in the “real world” to work in the church. That choice should gain me a few free passes right?

The Trap of Pride and Arrogance

Being great in God's Kingdom doesn't have much to do with what we do, it has more to do with how we do it

Breaking the Grip of “Tech Envy”

You know that “gotta have it” feeling? God wants us to be satisfied and content in Him. He doesn't want us to be caught up in a never-ending chase of the latest and greatest.

Encouragement for a Sometimes Thankless Job

Ever feel like no one notices what you do unless you screw up? That does not make you less important.

What Do You Do…and Why?

I twist knobs for a living. How about you? Is it fun and challenging...or is there a deeper meaning?

Comfort Zones: A Guide for the Introvert Tech Director

Are you making decisions based on a preference to stay in the background? Getting out of our comfort zones is always rewarding, though rarely easy. I know this from personal experience.

How to Create a More Balanced Home and Work Life

What you do is important, but you need to make sure that your life is balanced and your pace is sustainable for the long haul.

Mary, Martha, and the 15 Mins Before Your Services

Martha seems to have done what most tech directors would do, she got busy making everything perfect. She was cooking, cleaning, adjusting the lighting and making things just right.


Four Ways to Combat Burnout

Most of us struggle with burnout or anxiety. Let's not focus on the reasons. Instead, focus on where to look and what to do when it comes.

Rescue from Tech Director Island

Do you know the tech person at the church closest to you? Do they even have a tech person? Maybe they have a volunteer that is doing the best they can and is feeling overwhelmed.

What Are You Dwelling On?

If you fill your thoughts with God's Word you will end up being a Godly person. It's more than about social skills, or just being positive. It's about taking on the attitude of Christ.

The Problem With Focusing On The Possible

Feeling frustrated, irritated, overwhelmed? When something seems impossible, or I’m feeling ill-equipped, or when the facts of the reality seem overwhelming, what does Jesus say? Bring them here to me.

Does Your Faith Need a Boost?

I think working in the church sometimes holds us from stepping out on faith. We take God for granted.

A New Understanding of Matthew Chapter 8

If God would have removed my burden early on, my faith would be much simpler than it is now, and there would be so much less glory for Him.

Too Busy to Hear from God?

God has a lot to share. Are you too rushed to listen?

A Tech Director’s Guide to Peace on Earth

Peace is often thought of as a world without war --- where everyone gets along. For some people peace simply means a lack of noise. This is not the peace that Jesus gives.

The Power of Tech (or Not)

I used to believe that if I only had the new "Epic Commander 8200" (or insert some other fictitious name representing a piece of impressive gear we might all desire to have in our arsenal) then I would be able to help people experience the good, kind, loving God that I have come to know.

In Search of Immanuel

Like many of you, I’m up to my eyes in Christmas production. Looking at my calendar this month I have a hard time finding a day where I will get home before dark. Everything is happening so quickly we risk missing (cliché alert) "the reason for the season.”

How’s Your Prayer Life?

I know. We're just really busy and we forget to stay in touch. Believe me I know; I do it to God....and my mom

Do Your Best, Trust God

“Pray like it’s all up to God; work like it’s all up to you.” We live in this tension every day. It’s probably why we love it so much.

Don’t Think Your Ministry Goes Unnoticed

People are watching and extra effort is always appreciated, even when you don't think so.

Remembering Why We Do What We Do

If you're treating it just like any other job, then you're almost guaranteed to burn out.

Finding Happiness in Your Present Situation

The tech team you're on, and the church you're in may hold the exact opportunity God wants you to use to find your happiness.

Does God speak…to me?

As a tech person, I tend to find myself back in the booth just trying to facilitate what other people have heard from God. Hearing from God is something that happens to other people.

BackTalk: God Sees Your Service

One problem with serving behind the scenes is that you are, by definition, invisible. Most of the time, we technical artists are OK with that.

A Tech Director’s Guide: Making Spiritual Development Part of Your Process

Spiritual development is much like learning methods for technical production; you never stop.

Are You Ministering With Technology?

Are you part of a tech team, or a media ministry? If you're serving in technical arts, you've already answered the question

Can You Worship While You Work?

Working in the tech ministry, it's easy to think that worship is optional --- something to do if you have time.

Has “Pray Without Ceasing” Been Replaced With “Work Without Ceasing?”

It's time to see prayer differently. Do not let your prayer time be limited to a time or a place. Prayer is the most powerful connection God gives us.

Are You In This For the Long Haul?

When I feel beat down and worn out, I often find myself looking at the grass on the other side of the fence. Why do other churches seem to be blessed with so much, when I can’t seem to get a weekend off?



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