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Visioncasting for Techies

Vision casting is critically important if you want to keep your staff motivated and moving forward in the right direction.

Is Your Tech Team a Family?

Trust me, I am an introvert. I actually thought that serving in the tech booth would keep me from having to open up.

Riding The Tides of Tech Ministry

Life in tech ministry is much like swimming in the ocean. If you try to fight again the natural ebb and flow of your church calendar it can end up spitting you out angry and disillusioned.

Blessed are the Peacemakers. Are You One?

Conflict that goes unresolved for any length of time can turn into bitterness and anger. These situations are not healthy for any organization, especially a church.

Shaping Tech Team Culture

How do you respond when people make mistakes or don’t follow through on their commitments? Do you ever find yourself sounding frustrated or harsh? Here's how to lead with humility, gentleness and patience.

BackTalk: Don’t Delegate the Spiritual

Am I regularly seeking God’s presence and supernatural provision, or am I content to rely on my own understanding and talent? As a tech team manager, it’s up to me to model an example of reverence and humility for my team.

Using the New Year to Grow Your Team

There are two kinds of growth: deep and wide. As you grow the width of your team (sheer numbers), make sure you are also helping them to grow in depth.

Exodus 31: When Art Challenges Technology

What drives the creative process? Is it the limitations of the technology, the artistic expression or something else?

From “I Have to…” to “I Get to…”

As production directors, we are naturally cynics. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll know this to be true. Unfortunately, this can taint our outlook on our jobs...and more.

Owning Up to Your Mistakes

We all make mistakes, but for some reason we tend to make excuses or pass the blame onto something or someone else. When we take ownership of problems and mistakes it actually causes people to trust us more.

Leading by Serving

How would your situation be different if your only responsibility on Sunday morning was to serve your team?

Cure for the Snarky Soundman

If given the option of giving a straight answer or a sarcastic one, too often many of us choose the biting remark. James the brother of Jesus, compared the tongue to a small spark which has the ability to ignite and entire forest fire. Are the words that you speak starting forest fires or are they helping to put them out?

How To Be An Encouraging Leader

Our influence doesn't stop with those on the tech team. How about encouraging the worship leader? The senior pastor? The children's minister?

A Lesson on Trusting God’s Timing

If God is able to create our skills and our desire for service, surely we can trust His timing.

Exodus 31: Putting the Art in Tech Arts

Your acts of service are a gift to God. It’s more than mere button pushing. It can help change people’s thoughts on churches, help change people’s opinion of Christians, and can help change people’s relationship with their Creator.

What is Excellence?

Chronic inconsistency is a product of our busy, complicated world. It's not the lack of great results but the inability to repeatedly provide those results. Excellence, therefore, is found in religious consistency.

BackTalk: People vs. The Product

No longer is church production about the gear, the process or the presentation excellence. We need to feed sheep.

A Church Tech’s Guide to Self-Care: Part 3

Realistic Expectations: Church techs can struggle with anxiety and burnout more than others who serve in the local church. How can we prevent that? Start with healthy boundaries.

A Church Tech’s Guide to Self-Care: Part 2

Why is self-care important? We need to be equipped and ready when we are called on to help carry the burdens of others.

BackTalk: Forgiving the Artist

I’m learning to allow my internal artist the freedom to create, to learn, and to fail, without allowing my internal engineer to pronounce judgment.

Top 5 Ways to Retain Volunteers

Volunteers need know that you care about them and not just about the skills they bring to the table.

BackTalk: Awkward Moments (What Church Techs Do to Make Guests Feel Unwelcome)

Panic mode will scare your guests if they spot it. This and other snafus to overcome—and keep your visitors coming back.

Sarcasm as a Spiritual Gift

The old adage "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" couldn't be further from the truth.

Church Tech: Frying Your Soul at Christmas?

When Christmas is over, will you still be in the race or will you and your team have fried your souls in the pursuit of a Christmas program?

The Intentional Technical Director’s Holiday Season

Being intentional means having a plan about how you’re going to handle what you know will be a demanding season.

Top 5 Strategies For Connecting Your Teams

Both tech and worship teams are essential, but they don't always get along. Let's bring a few of the tensions out into the open.

BackTalk: After the Disaster

Don’t let failure be the first serious conversation you have with your church leadership.

Top 3 Ways to Treat “The Least of These”

Sometimes we get so caught up in our check lists we forget about those who serve behind the scenes in ways that go unnoticed.

Rebooting Your Teams

In our pursuit of excellence, I sometimes thinks we've forgotten the human element.

Comfort Zones: A Guide for the Introvert Tech Director

Are you making decisions based on a preference to stay in the background? Getting out of our comfort zones is always rewarding, though rarely easy. I know this from personal experience.

Using Your After-Easter Downtime

I have found that downtime doesn't really happen unless you make it happen. You still have plenty of things to occupy your time over the next several months, but here are a few ideas for that post-Easter lull.

Mary, Martha, and the 15 Mins Before Your Services

Martha seems to have done what most tech directors would do, she got busy making everything perfect. She was cooking, cleaning, adjusting the lighting and making things just right.

Who is Greatest Among You?

As a technical director, it's easy to think we're pretty important. We wield a great deal of power and responsibility to make the service successful or an embarrassment.

BackTalk: Right-Sizing the Ego: Serving as a Response to God

As individuals on a team serve out of their love for Jesus, then "excellence" doesn't need to be preached any longer.

Respect: Is It the Missing Link on Your Team?

Whatever is your job...mixing, directing, preaching, we are all different parts of the same body. But do we even act like we’re on the same team?

A Biblical Blueprint for Developing Volunteers

The problem that we face is that we are not always known for our relational skills and we would often rather do things ourselves than get out of our comfort zones and recruit and train up new volunteers.

Leave Your Ego at the Door

It's good to have a healthy, honest opinion of yourself. The problem occurs when you deny your shortcomings, your failings, and you view yourself as better than others.

Winning at Christmas

Leading yourself well is the first step to leading your team well. You can’t expect to lead your volunteers in a healthy process if you aren’t living one yourself. It is important to create a plan that has margin and is sustainable over the course of the set-up and rehearsal process. Your team and your family will appreciate some flexibility.

Managing Tech Team Conflict

The key to dealing with these problems is addressing them.

Pushing Your Tech Team To A New Normal

Doing something incredible every week can’t be sustained, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go after the dream every now and then.

The Perfect Weekend = Normal

From a tech perspective, the ideal weekend is when every lighting cue is on time, every piece of equipment works flawlessly all weekend. To everyone else, that is what’s supposed to happen every weekend. That’s supposed to be normal, not the ideal.

Making the Most of Your “Down Time”

Coming out of Christmas, I was tired and worn out from months of endless demands, and instead of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I was looking at Easter barreling towards me. I became so focused on getting ahead of the next round of tasks that I forgot what my job is all about.

Tutorial: Training New Sound Engineers: Three Crucial Areas

It's not just tech training; you're also training a unique form of ministry. They should also learn their purpose and non-technical skills.

What the Lakers Can Teach Your Church Tech Team

Successful teams have three things in common: talent, good coaching and chemistry. Successful church tech teams rely on them too.

On Leadership and Team Development

Learning how you best communicate and interact with others can be a key to making you a better leader for your church.

Mixing Techniques: Training New Sound Engineers

Training new audio engineers is possibly one of the most difficult tasks the church tech faces.

Technical Training: Developing a Tech Team’s Sense of Purpose

Technical skills have their place, but their purpose must be found within the nature and ministry goals of the church.



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