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Church Filmcraft Films

  • The Art and the Artist.jpg

    The Art and the Artist

    A short film about how God, the Artist, paints each of our stories, the Art. But even when our stories seemingly conflict with His path for us, He uses those contradictions to draw us closer to Him. Read more

  • Peter Mangi's Story

    Learn how God led a boy from the slums of Africa to newhope Church in Thika, Kenya. At newhope he became the children's minister, leading others away from a path that leads to death and towards the One who gives eternal life. Read more

  • Heather bennett.jpg

    Heather Bennett's Story

    Hers is a journey of faith and miraculous healing. Unable to find a proper diagnosis after numerous physician consultations, Heather and her husband uprooted their family in pursuit of a cure. What they didn't expect was how the cure would come. Read more