Membership FAQ

Where can I log in?

You can log in on any page of our website. Just click on our logo in the lower right-hand corner of any screen, and you’ll be prompted for your email. Enter it, and follow the instructions. When logged in, you can also click this button to access your account settings including newsletter preferences.

The other place you’re most likely to encounter a login button is when you attempt to read a story and are not logged in. You will see a button that says “Continue with a free membership.” Click that, enter your email, and follow the instructions.

Do I need a password to access my account?

Nope! Our registration system does not require a password. Instead it uses a password-less login system called a magic link. By default, when you enter your email address it will tell you to check your inbox. Go to your email provider, open the email and click the link. will open up exactly where you left off, and you’ll be logged in. 

I don’t like the magic link. Can I create a password?

Absolutely! Many people like the magic link system since it’s one less password to remember. But sometimes you prefer not having to go to your inbox. To create a password, simply log in once using the magic link method and then click the logo in the right-hand corner. Select edit profile, and create a password there.

PICO Membership Sample

Once a password is set, our registration system will always ask for your password instead of offering the magic link -- and you can still use the magic link whenever you want. 

I don’t like either of these options. Is there any other way?

Yes! Our login system is integrated with Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Just click the button of the service you prefer to use, and if you’re logged there you’ll be logged in on

Do I have to log in every time I visit the site?

No. Once you’re logged in on a browser, you’ll stay logged in on that browser unless you clear your browsing data. You will have to log in if using a different device, or a different browser on the same device. 

Remind me: why are you making me login?

We ask that you login so we have insight into the kinds of content that you want to see. It helps us plan our editorial content, ensuring our writers cover every facet of the topics that interest you.