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How to be Confident in a Crisis

For the first twenty years, my life was smooth sailing. Then in my twenties the unexpected happened.

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Top 5 Products for Churches from NAMM 2016

Of the thousands of new products released at this year's Winter NAMM, here are five that are sure to become staples in the church market.

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What Are You Praying For?

Peter and John could have prayed for many things. In Acts chapter four, their only prayer is for boldness.

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Run a Mile in My Shoes

- New experiences can stretch us beyond our comfort zone. It can take all we have to finish or make it through.

Make your church “smart” for just $5.00

- With all of the talk of Smart Buildings and the Internet of Things, Amazon has just made it easy to make your home or church "smarter."

Mary and Martha were both right: A Devotion from Luke 10:38-42

- Should we adore Christ or serve Him?

Stop by and visit us at WFX-Nashville

- Church Production/Church Designer will be at booth 707!

Open door policy ...

- Keeping doors open to the community is a mandate for modern churches (as well as publishers). Tell us how you do it....

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