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Top 5 Products for Churches from LDI 2016

Because it's all about visuals, LDI is an important event for technical artists who support lighting and staging at churches with rotating sermon series.

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Called to Put Family First

We read blogs and listen to podcasts about growing our technical or leadership skill. But do we put that same effort into growing as a parent or...

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Mosaic Moves

4K gives more creative freedom to this Hollywood-based church, but ultimately provides the tools for reaching more people via the internet.

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Run a Mile in My Shoes

- New experiences can stretch us beyond our comfort zone. It can take all we have to finish or make it through.

Has work—even church work—become a rat race? 4 proven ways to recapture meaning in the daily grind

- Most of us started serving churches based on the desires of our heart rather than our desire for a paycheck. (After all, there are more lucrative production careers out there.) But when faced with frustrations and long hours, that drive of the soul can evaporate. If you find that you’ve lost the sense of meaning in what you do, here are four proven ways to get it back...

Mary and Martha were both right: A Devotion from Luke 10:38-42

- Should we adore Christ or serve Him?

Christmas Production Work in January? Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

- Christmas Production Work ... in January? Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

Open door policy ...

- Keeping doors open to the community is a mandate for modern churches (as well as publishers). Tell us how you do it....

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