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Color Matching Cameras for IMAG

Churches often struggle with cameras from different manufacturers, formats, and of course, degrees of quality. How do you get them to match?

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IMAG and Video Production Cameras Take Center Stage

4K was “so 2013.” So what’s new for 2015?

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Do You Have Mad Skills?

Where do your skill come from -- trade school, a degree program, the school of hard knocks? Those experiences helped, but that's only partially right.

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Run a Mile in My Shoes

- New experiences can stretch us beyond our comfort zone. It can take all we have to finish or make it through.

Connection vs. Static

- How do we cut through the static to connect via social media? It has to do with relevance, simplicity, ease and strategy.

Mary and Martha were both right: A Devotion from Luke 10:38-42

- Should we adore Christ or serve Him?

We’d “do Christmas” Much Better if We Did It More Often.

- Our natural inclination is to only work on areas that need improvement, so they get the most attention. Wrong. We need to document what went right so we can repeat it.

Open door policy ...

- Keeping doors open to the community is a mandate for modern churches (as well as publishers). Tell us how you do it....

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