Editor-in-Chief & Publisher
Brian Blackmore
p 919.325.0120

Carol Badaracco Padgett

Associate Editor
Deidra Blackmore
p 919.325.0120

Editorial Assistant
Madison Kreifels
p 919.325.0120

Art & Production

VP Marketing & Production/Creative Director
Terri South
p 919.325.0120

Art & Layout Assistant
Madison Kreifels
p 919.325-0120


Kathleen Mackay, KM&A Associates
Key Accounts
p 516.409.4693
c 516.724.0639

Michael Mitchell
Key Accounts
p 631.673.0072

Joe Palombo
Key Accounts
p 914.447.4614

Business Operations & Circulation

General Manager
Rebecca Stahlbusch
p 919.325.0120

Administrative Assistant
Madison Kreifels
p 919.325.0120

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1249 Kildaire Farm Road, Suite 306

Cary, NC 27511

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