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Church Production Weekly

A must-read for the church tech in charge of product selection, production planning and tech team leadership. This all-inclusive e-newsletter provides insight into what’s new for the house of worship marketplace, plus inspirational articles for the tech director. Frequency: Weekly

Technology-specific Newsletters

Audio-, Video-, Lighting- and Staging-specific — the focus deepens on each major technology category in the church. Contains technology-specific insights into gear selection, installation and application. Frequency: Monthly (each subject)

Trade Show Spotlight

An advance look at the new product introductions and other conference events that impact the house of worship. Frequency: Published for NAB, InfoComm, WFX and LDI



Weekly encouragement for your entire technical team.

Hot Gear

Editorial enews bites featuring new, interesting and innovative gear that our editor’s think are perfect for houses of worship.

Cool Topics

Editor’s picks of topics, advice and opinions that can help the church tech become more effective.

Tech Tips

Our editor’s tips for the church technical production professionals and volunteers.

Frequency: Weekly

Partner Communications

Content Marketing Newsletters
Developed with selected marketing partners, these sponsored newsletters bring you content and commentary from the leading suppliers to the house of worship marketplace. Frequency: As available


Church Production LIVE! Events

Get the latest news, videos, and more about upcoming Church Production LIVE! events coming to you. 

Tribe – The Tech Team Development Summit

Regardless of the size, church production teams are often faced with similar challenges: long hours, high expectations, minimal resources, volunteer team development, keeping up with technology, spiritual maturity and leadership and stressful home life due to the demands of their jobs. This makes them a tribe. The Tribe Tech Team Development Summit is designed to help church production staff and volunteers with the personal, technical and spiritual elements of working in church production.

tribe/trʌɪb/: a group of people with a common culture and dialect


This is only gathering of its kind focused on filmmakers, videographers, editors, graphic artists and related creative and technical personnel in the church market. Attendees with gather for the purpose of gaining ideas, learning new techniques, networking and viewing content from other churches and seeing new products.