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    Learning Your Camera Lenses

    Simply put, the better you understand different camera lenses, the better your church photography, videography and filmmaking will be. more

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    How to Add Graphics to Your Live Stream

    If you want to add professional-looking graphics to your church's live stream, figure out your objectives. Then look around you. You might already have some of what you need to make it happen. more

  • ben-konfrst-759418-unsplash.jpg, Ben Konfrst

    A Christmastime Wireless Mic Checklist

    A must-read -- hitting topics from battery life to locking controls to clear 600 MHz spectrum -- to help you prep your wireless for Christmas services. more

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    Keeping Joy in the Christmas Chaos

    In the world of church production, the inevitable month of December is upon us. more

  • tech praying christmastime.jpg, Matheus Ferrero

    Peace and Perspective During the Christmas Production Season

    Christian author C.S. Lewis ("Mere Christianity" and "The Chronicles of Narnia" are just a few of his titles) is well known for statements that help us keep perspective. Here, CPM staff shares a few that speak directly to the church tech. more


    The Top 15 Streaming Upgrades Any Church Can Do

    Is your live stream everything you want it to be? If not, it's likely that budget is part of the reason why. Here, some simple (inexpensive) improvement measures. more

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    Live Streaming for Churches

    Industry trends and best practices from the experts. more

  • kyle-glenn-678324-unsplash.jpg, Kyle Glenn

    6 Ways Church Techs Inadvertently Blow it with Leadership

    Church technical leadership takes a high degree of practical skill, but no one trains you how to navigate the political, emotional, and social awareness issues. Most of us learn it by accidentally stepping on someone’s tripwire. more

  • alex-iby-402914-unsplash.jpg; Alex Iby

    Time to Shed the Tech Director Mask

    Masks are fun at Halloween when kids and adults get to pretend to be something other than themselves. But in the world of church production, it's just best to be yourself--and to shed the mask you may sometimes wear. more

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    What Will Your Tech Legacy Be?

    Let’s use every opportunity to pass on not only our tech knowledge, but our love of Christ and others. Because at the end of the day, even though the church could and would survive without us, it can be better because of us. more

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    Tech Leader Insight: 5 Minutes With Adrian Lopez, Gateway Church

    CPM caught up with Adrian Lopez, lead director of live production at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, for a compelling Q&A any church tech can learn from. more

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    Review: Audio-Technica 3000 Series Wireless Microphone Systems

    A notable feature of the 3000 Series is the ability to set a backup frequency, either manually or via group/channel, and assign it to the function button on the transmitter. more

  • rawpixel-1067085-unsplash.jpg, @rawpixel

    Why Your Church Needs a Strong Filmmaking Team

    Church filmmaking requires investment. There's no getting around it. But it's difficult to get leadership to green light that investment if you can't fully explain why a larger team and adequate gear is vital to your church's mission. more

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    How to Mic Right

    Experts estimate that as much as a remarkable 30% of overall sound quality can be attributed to the proper selection and position of the microphones on stage. So when it comes to mic’ing drums and instruments, it pays to get it right. more

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    3 Ideas to Help Keep Your Pastor in the Loop

    Tech directors and pastors rely on each other for their church's ultimate success. But as you know, getting both busy parties speaking the same language can be challenging. Use these tips to help get the communication flowing. more

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