How can you increase your ability to see what others don’t? How can you capture more compelling shots? Here are three important keys to “seeing” at a higher level. Read more



Crystal Nowoc

Pre-production planning and building volunteer-based church filmmaking teams is a focus and a passion for this director, producer and script writer. Read more


As filmmakers, we all want to be creative. And yet, simply capturing the pastor's teaching may be the link that pulls in an audience and makes a connection. The lesson here: your pastor's teaching shouldn't take a back seat to other media. Read more



Image: Phil Coffman

Very few volunteers find their way into ministry without a personal invitation. Most are there because of a film team leader who made a simple, easy and personal invitation. You can be that leader. Read more


People love watching films. So they're an excellent way to spread the Gospel. These tips are designed to help you make your church's films even better tools for Christ. Read more

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Filmmaker Alex Schwindt spills ideas and insights on the content creation event happening at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas in August 2020. Read more


The video director contends with 19 campuses in Charlotte and a handful of others, all in a day's work. Her favorite part of the job: helping others connect with God. Read more


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