Andrew Stone

Bio: Professional audio veteran Andrew Stone is production manager and audio director at Tulsa, Okla.’s Church on the Move (

I’ve had great wins, some brutal defeats, the occasional bouts of loneliness, apprehension, sacrifices … all of it has been vital to who I am as a man and who I have become in Christ. more


I feel like I know this Eeyore. In fact, I feel like I know quite a few Eeyores, and most of them are involved in the production and technical side. more

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Years ago, I could never figure out why I was having to make so many frantic mix adjustments during the first song of the set. How could things have changed so drastically in just a few hours? Quite by accident, I figured it out. more

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I was immediately impressed by how much output and clarity was available from these preamps. more

Mar 12, 2014 7:23 PM Gear 1 Comments

The coverage is impressive. It truly opened up the sound field like nothing else I’ve heard in this price category. more

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Getting a great drum mix isn’t always up to the audio guy. It starts at the source. more

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Even if I don’t have anything else figured out, establishing a preliminary schedule gets me in the right headspace to operate to my strengths. more

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The tech team you're on, and the church you're in may hold the exact opportunity God wants you to use to find your happiness. more

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Nothing in my Technical Director’s Handbook says I should use the church resources to create a personal gear playground. more

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The benefit of these five essential items is that they’re attainable. They can be collected without any type of budget, planning meeting, or approval. more

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Can you have a healthy passion for production without it ruining your other relationships? I believe the answer is yes. Here are a few thoughts to help balance your two marriages. more

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Deceptively simple to set up and get going. more

Jun 26, 2013 8:51 PM Gear

It's often easy for production personnel to stay in the back and remain completely disengaged from the spiritual side of an event. more

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True to form, dbx has put some thought into this product and provided yet another tool for the audio engineer to do what they do best—only better. more

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Employing an effect can be more than throwing reverb on an input. It’s finding a voice that remains transparent while enhancing and accompanying an input source. Easier said than done. more

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When a mic sounds good, you look good. But there are a myriad of mic types available, and sometimes pastors can be finicky. While headset mics are our reviewer’s favored option, we offer up a range of product types to cover a host of scenarios and... more

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Getting to the point where I’m truly happy with an audio mix can be quite a process. Over the years a strategy of sorts has shown itself that not only helps me delete unknown variables prior to mixing but gives me a great platform to build a truly... more


What throws this console into another category is the implementation of Midas programmable preamps on each input channel more

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Right out of the box, this didn’t resemble a console boasting an MSRP of just $2,899.99. more


Rehearsals are not a time for the us and them thing. more


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