Andy McMillan

Bio: After spending almost a decade as a FOH engineer and integration specialist, Andy McMillan left his FOH position and is now student pastor at Turning Point Church in McDonough, Georgia.

Focusing on the Big PictureAs production fatigue sets in and the long hours pile up, it’s time to remember the Reason we’re doing all this in the first place. more


Even if you have a staff member with rigging experience, you should think twice. One of the greatest benefits to using a certified rigger is that they are licensed, insured and bonded. more

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Focusing on the Big PictureAs production fatigue sets in and the long hours pile up, it’s time to remember the Reason we’re doing all this in the first place. more


We must constantly be asking, is this a tool to draw people into the message, or is it simply a distraction? more

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While every AV guy wishes he or she had more help, for the most part we end up avoiding the recruiting process. If you do decide to go looking for volunteers, more

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Communicating with A/V civilians can be difficult. But we can be our own greatest obstacle--especially when we are irritated or stressed. more

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Everyone else’s schedule seems to lighten up this time of year, yet ours intensifies. Despite the demands, here are three reasons to be thankful. more


Does serving really have to burn us out? Not if you keep a balance of your time with God and time you serve. By spending time with your heavenly father, what seems like work will once again become a fulfilling. more

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If you're treating it just like any other job, then you're almost guaranteed to burn out. more

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Tired of glitches in your services? You know --- those missed cues. Here is a way to create consistent, seamless video and lighting transitions. more

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“Dude you just don’t understand, my amp has to be that loud.” more

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You could just use a camcorder and a computer. Or you could produce a webcast that represents your church, and attracts a regular viewing audience. more

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Since most church vocalists are not trained professionals, we can improve the level and blend of the vocals in our audio mix by adding compression to each vocal channel. But compressors take time and energy to learn. They can be your best friend o... more

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Becoming a disciplined, habitual learner will inspire those around you, and help make your job more fulfilling. more

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It may come as a surprise to us gear geeks, but many of the people we work with --- the volunteer on camera one or the guy who runs the lighting console on Wednesday nights --- are passionate about the church, but they are not necessarily passiona... more

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Creating great-sounding low-end may be more than half the battle of producing a phenomenal mix. These four steps will help create that clean, distinct low-end we all pursue. more

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“Can you have a healthy passion for production without it ruining your other relationships?” I believe the answer is yes. Here are a few thoughts to help balance your two marriages. more

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While you can tune your snare down, you can’t tune your cymbals. A drum shield is usually the "go-to" solution, but options exist for managing your worship band's loudest instrument. more

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The fact is, an ever-improving production requires on-going investment in equipment and people. Many senior pastors are visual learners, so don't just tell them what you want, show them. Find pictures or video of the equipment you want "in action,... more

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Special effects, and high SPLs can be divisive to a congregation. Are your production values consistent with the vision of the church? more

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“We loved the Gio’s programming software. It is so simple to learn that most anyone with a little training could be programming the desk in no time.” more

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