April 2018

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Design is not a series of disparate elements. Change one thing and you affect another. And this is a concept your church clients may not necessarily grasp without your counsel.

In writer Dan Daley's Up-to-the-Task Audio Systems, source Nick Dressler of Clearwing Systems Integration finds, “We get many churches coming to us and saying they need a new sound system, [but] what they really needed was a new set of microphones, or else they had systems that had never been properly tuned."

Likewise, in cases of extremely wide seating configurations, new LED video walls have required supplementation with secondary LCD screens so people sitting off-axis could see, reports Ford AV's Mike Jarnagin in LED Display Design Smarts.

From audio to video to seating—to anything, really—every element of design is connected, as you will rediscover in this April edition of Cover Stories.


Carol Badaracco Padgett

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