April 2022


Our next great generations

The Fuller Youth Institute in Pasadena, California, focuses on one thing: young people. And the institute’s tagline is “We equip leaders and parents so faithful young people can change our world.”

How’s that for letting go of control? And how’s that for empowering the next generations to make us—and the church—even better examples of Christ’s abounding love?

Here are four key things the institute suggests about teenagers from its 2022 studies and a report by writer Brad M. Griffin in January 2022. 1.) Young people wrestle with anxiety more than ever. 2.) Young people see a values gap with the church. 3.) Young people are piecing faith together themselves. 4.) Young people need us to be the people who welcome their questions. Find the full report here: Fuller Youth Institute Report.

Enjoy this edition and its focus on design for God’s kids.

Carol Badaracco Padgett, Editor

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